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Post by Lori » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:18 pm

The original thread on bow comp was locked before I had a chance to respond to Tom. Busy work today.

Yes, the person standing in front of the archers with arms and cloak wide was me. No, I don't think I've done it before either Tom.

Sorry. Feedback taken. I will try not to do it again. If I do, remind me not to.

At that point in the fight, things were so devastatingly not going in our favour that when I saw 6 or 7 people down, with healers on them, being challenged by a line of archers, I put myself between them and the archers in an attempt to get the archers to go away and loose their arrows at some standing targets, of which there were some off to the archers' left and right. I did not image people would keep trying to fire at the prone targets behind me. As you said, you moved off for something else to shoot at.

(As an aside, PD have allowed cloth coverings on shields to hang below the shield to protect legs from arrows. Aparently, someone found it was historically accurate and there is some clever name for it. It does, effectively, make the shield sizes even bigger and suggests that heavy cloth or hide was considered by ancient warriors to offer at least some protection from arrows.)

No, it might not have been a fair move. I was only trying to stop the wounded, dying, and healers from being pin cushions at a point when more people were down than were up fighting. Unless I am mistaken, those people on the ground being shot at were no longer having fun. In fact, I think shortly thereafter I responded to Mendac's "if someone doesn't do something soon, we are all going to die out here" with a Mass Smite, Mass Heal. I don't use that skill lightly, since I know there are some players who dislike that I have the skill at all and I was asked not to use it for most of the first year I had it and it is now very restricted. The despiration of the battle had people asking me to do it and by the end I did it three times Sunday (I was asked four or five times actually, but I can't 're-prepare' it easily).

Anyhow, apologies for my failed tactic with the archers and please do let me know about anything else, so I can try to remember to take on your feedback.

And Tom, thank you do your points. I especially like the points about not shooting at crouching healers (leave them for the melee fighters) and not shooting at people in melee fights. I'm the same. As a result, I often find it hard to find a target I am happy to aim at. Personally, I had decided not to bring my bow to the one dayer because of the cold, the potential wet, and the nature of combat heavy one day events. Plenty of other people decided differently.
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Re: Apology

Post by Dan L » Wed Jan 16, 2013 5:43 pm

Feedback too has been taken on the fun of this game, refs, the rules, the archery stats and indeed the monsters. As a result, I don't believe there is anything further than needs to be said on the subject. Feel free to continue discussions on more esoteric conversations, the progression of the game and how we can improve however, as ever.
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