Social Media as a form of OC/IC contact

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Social Media as a form of OC/IC contact

Post by Jalik » Fri Aug 02, 2013 12:09 pm

I'm old
No surprise there then and I can remember a time when LRP didn't have these forum type things you younguns like so much. In those dark old days if you wanted to get something done in between you waited for the pub evening( which there were a few) and there you discussed what you wanted to do next time but normally everyone from that club was there so more difficult to hide stuff.
My role playing club from where Fools Gold LRP started had a room and a ref put aside every week for IC issues and party hiring. I know the other Kent LRPs such as Quest and Drat all had similar as I did those too with some other older players from Skully.

Don't get me wrong there was a lot of politics back then too but it really was less OOC orientated and much more IC based. I should know I was shived my fair share of the time and believe it or not if people wanted a quiet sneaky job doing they would ask me but all this was IC and no bad feelings were had that I remember.

Come the modern age and all this easy way of keeping in touch with each other, fine but from experience the written word can be interpreted in different ways when read by different people and I find can cause loads of hassle that was not the intent of the message.
From my time as a NPC with LT I have had to spend many many hours trying to sort out problems caused by Facebook messages, Live Journal, texts, and forum posts. I have not always been successful but sometimes I have managed to sort things out.
Only recently I have had several things to sort out and have tried via Facebook and the like and even the phone and still stuff has been misunderstood, things have been asked of me on facebook for skully but I have said to all deal with me IC at an event and credit to those people they were just sounding me out before approaching me IC or have said they respect my view and will see me at the events IC.

What is the point of all this? I hear you say.

Well I just wanted to share my views on this sort of thing and hopefully it might make you think about the things you write on forums or ask different people online to do. Maybe remind us that we are in a game and that hopefully we can all remain friendly to each other even if last week my character stabbed your favorite character to a bloody death whilst laughing my lungs up. Think about others feelings before you do stuff and don't use the age old excuse of it's role playing it's what my character would do.

There is obviously more in this old mind but I can't seem to drag it out at the moment.

No offense is meant to anyone but if you have taken some then maybe you would like to speak to me at an event or if it can't wait then PM me and I'll call you and chat.

Take care all and I'll post this on the Skully Face book too in case no one see's it here

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