July 2015 Bests and Worsts

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July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Jul 13, 2015 5:03 am

BIG BIG thanks for Jason and Lisa for stepping in and making an event happen. Without their willingness to herd us like the cats we are no-one would've had an event and I hope all the stress was worth it in the end. Also thank you to all the 'behind the scenes' people whether it be you guys who sit in GC all day or anyone who wrote plot for this weekend.

Best IC:
Steps in the right direction towards Pack cohesion.
Steps in the right direction towards inter-group relations again.
Knowing that the Green Knight sword and armour IS out there. Now to chase down that obnoxious, mouthy Green Knight and get them back.
On a whim getting a really cool/useful item crafted and passing it off to the female Alpha, hope you enjoy your new shiny Gill.
Level 7 Guildyness and going on a potion crafting spree. I blew 18 uses of Triple Blade venom during the battles on Sunday and boy were they needed.
That flask! I enjoy having Mass Knockback WAY too much...
Telling Dash to his face in front of the witnesses at the Trial that I was still angry he had a part I killing a friend.
Getting to give my 'why can't people work together' speech after the Trial of Dash.
Giving one of the more weird sermons I have ever given which ended on ' Just kill it all'.

Worst IC:
Talking to Trash and Niabi. Trash telling me he thought the Pack would never be as strong as when Kargath was around and Niabi telling me she didn't feel safe as Mae died.
The 'Green Knight' vanishing and talking the sword/armour with him...We'll get you next time gadget!
Not being able to save Surefoot from being chopped in half by the green Knight.
Learning Fenton ate someone's hand and everyone starting to look at him like he'd gone mad.
The Trial of Dash and him almost getting executed 3 sentences in. The outcome was as good as he could be expected and I'm gutted I missed the scarring (see worst OC) in the evening.
ALL THOSE SHIELDS and spear on the Sunday afternoon...damn you guys make it difficult for claw users ;)
Forgetting to use my Weakness Blessing at all during the entire event...

Best OC:
In general the event so much more casual and relaxed than other events.
Managing to get some crazy chanting and banishing spirit mojo going whilst exorcising Jason out of the Green Knight Armour...Apparently I don't like this dark reflection of Aki much.
Taking Stephan's Jackdaw off for disposing of (no we didn't eat him) and having Matt turn up to save what he presumed was his captured friend only to heroically run into the clearing, discover Stephan was dead and promptly take a combination of SMITE, BALL3 and 2 Silver Double Throughs...His banditing days ended abruptly.
Seren having her own important part of the Beastkin linear which included singing to a skunk to put him to sleep when he had been cursed to be awake. Don't worry Mephet we'll find Sharp Claw soon!
The monsters on the Beastkin linear you were all awesome (and hideously efficient).

Worst OC:
MASS KNOCKBACK - Pushes you back 5 steps and puts you on the floor for 5 seconds...not one step back and crouch - my only rules gripe of the event.
The heat exhaustion. I feel really bad about it. I put myself out of action from about 6pm on Saturday, delayed a linear until the following day as well as just in general became a burden for the evening. I don't get sick or ill very often so being waylaid due to that actually annoyed me more than anything else. Thank you to everyone who looked after me or checked up on or who sat with Seren whilst I was cooling down. By all accounts she had fun off on a Healers linear with Uncle Connor and Andrea anyway :P
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by dantony » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:03 am

Best IC:
- Finding the White Heart and protecting it from the animal spirits after it, still a lot more work to do though
- Doing a lot of trading
- Making blammy items cause I could
- NWTC having a successful job with the degan, looks like a group cohesion coming along
- Totally managed to convince everyone I ate a Jac-Dor's hand when I did something soooo much worse

Worst IC:
- Having some... issues with the wife, all sorted now though
- Something I obtained being lost by someone else (grumbles)
- People thinking Fenton was weird for eating someones hand
- Banish spirit not effecting the big grizzly thing Saturday night

Best OOC:
- Great weather
- Great relaxing (at times) event
- Loved being able to play a little bit of Joel as well
- Managed to get a good but balanced vetpick for Joel that still makes sense

Worst OOC:
- Really really warm, so much so I didn't want to wear all my fear in worry of getting heat stroke. I think I made the right cool due to the three people who did get heat stroke
- I have no voice. Never at a larp event have I walked away with out being able to talk normally. I guess when you have pain and are starting to get more of the cool, more blammy, piety skills you wanna shout them more, and it really hurts your throat after
- Molly getting injured
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by smallbluething » Mon Jul 13, 2015 9:58 am

Best IC
• Degan B'earth Plot
• More Degan B'earth joining the fold
• Furthering myself in the Healers Guild
• More contracts, even the minor ones.
• Getting the book!
• New alliances

Worst IC
• Being asked to look after my own by an outsider - Kallista was not best pleased.
• Going down a few times. Need better armour.

Best OOC/Monstering
• Most of it!
• Seeing all my friends I've not seen in so long.
• Dinner mission to McDonalds with Stefan.
• Epic fighting with Rob Hughes! Keep it up dude!
• Hero fighting without calling singles.
• Patrick's lunch time cream teas and coffee!
• My easy pack up, being done before time in on Sunday.
• Bluebells wings going to a good home.

Worst OOC/Monstering
• Couple of head shots, some at me, some of my own and some my fault, but I did apologise when it was my fault.
• Being too tired to stay up and drink on Saturday night.
• Milk overload = overgrown painful boobs on Sunday. Will remember to bring pump next time..
• Lack of caggles! You guys were seriously missed!
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:08 am

smallbluething wrote:• Bluebells wings going to a good home.
How could I have forgotten this! Seren loves them and kept wanting to put them on. I had to explain we needed to attatch them to something first :P

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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by Kainzthemage » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:41 pm

Great event nice to see everyone in a more relaxing atmosphere special Thanks to Lisa and Jason and Harri and the ref's you make it awesome thats why we enjoy it so much.

~Getting to play as my Scholar on friday night early saturday not just a npc but a actual player
~ Healing as my scholar, wished i could of learned more :P and loved my healing kit
~ The Mage Cannon being more succesful in both aim and power
~ Speaking to the few Mages and finding out they feel the same way as Kainz does
~ Knowing that people can rely on Kainz
~ Having elemental ball 1 was fun to use :)
~ Having a mage's dual on the saturday even if it did cost me most of my spell rips
~ crafting 3 Mages flask

Worst OOC
~ Didnt give the scholar a memorable end
~ Eveytime Kainz asked to trade for bitterspice others seemed to think Kainz was planning something horrible (you could tell by reactions lol)
~ Being repeatedly reminded where Kainz stood in the NWTC, Kainz understands but doesnt like others speaking down to him.
~ Kainz being Cursed that was fun...not :P
~ The big green monster spirit thing which was basacally immune to everything it seemed
~ The big argument in the ritual circle to close/open the door to the other world. ((I personally really enjoyed this for the roleplay side of things))
~ Losing my squire Q_Q

Best IC
~ The food on Friday night, just fantastic so much thanks Pat and RobS and that Gammon just wow.
~ Thanks to Marc DanK DanT Owen and Molly For food and hospitality as usual you people are epic.
~ The song DanK Pat Kes..and oh i am sorry forgot th wonderful sillurian's name but the song you four sang was so amazing hope there will be more in the future.
~ Nice seeing new people and speaking to those who i havent really spoken much before but have now.
~ The general feel goodness with everyone
~ Future linear ideas might occur for Kainz
~ From what i am aware No drama yay
~ Speaking to Rob a few times helped with confidence thanks RobS :)

Worst OOC
~ Had trouble sleeping made me abit sluggish during the day
~ Need to carry more water with me
~ When i use the command spell and the person i use it on just stands there looking confused
~ As Stephen said about Mass Knockback
~ A few other things but not worth mentioning

Overal i had fun in whatever iw as doing this event, hope more sanctioned events occur and looking forward to september :)
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by Molly » Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:21 pm

Kainzthemage wrote:
~ Being repeatedly reminded where Kainz stood in the NWTC
Sorry about that, Ember isn't exactly a ray of sunshine without her Seelie twin to calm her down ;)

- The NWTC continuing to grow and kick butt
- IC chats with Kainz and the Mages council
- Spending time with my dad at his hospital and helping with the patients (Ant, sit down or I swear I will knock you out!)
- Campfire shenanigans
- Ember and Anteran! Gonna call this bromance Embanter because the banter was real. It was really hard RPing when Ember didn't like Anteran and his horrific people skills because Owen is a nice boy but after he went down in battle to protect her and almost lost a leg and she nursed him back to health (well, held him down during his treatment, made him a Cuban and refused to let him get up) her opinion of him changed quite quickly
- Mage cannon!!!
- Sitting by the fire with Ant during ritual circle shenanigans, hearing the quiet and planning the new political structure now everyone else was dead (we accepted your deaths very quickly, I'd be high Queen and Ant would take what he wanted and leave if you're interested)

-Ember had a terrible time, where do I begin
- Ember and Fenton's first fight when he got mad at her for being hurt after the mage cannon became a target. Ember does NOT take being told what to do very well, at all. Fenton then thought it would be a good idea to say "someone's on her period" to which Ember stormed off to go and stay with her father
- Ant spotting someone circling the camp from his sick bed and having to grab my sword and go alone, realise it's an archer and I'm out of mana and then have a stare off with him (must have worked though he didn't shoot) until Jackson came to save the day
- Jackson having a cold iron dagger in camp and having to leave because the mere presence of it was horrible
- Ember and Fenton's second fight, when he couldn't understand why she was mad about the first one
- Finding out Valek had lost the bloody cold iron dagger and someone, somewhere can easily kill myself, my sister, my father and my daughter
- Finally forgiving Fenton for the second and first fights, asking him why on earth he ate a hand and finding out he actually brutally murdered someone in a horrific and fully described fashion.
- Ember and Fenton's third fight being interrupted by Jackson who had to take Ember away and give her a strong talking to about calming down, which p*ssed her off further!
- After their long long chat, Ember forgiving Fenton fully but still worrying about him and her child
- Anteran being taken out protecting me and then Fenton being dropped whilst running to save me :(

- Cooking with my group was fun!
- My whole group are awesome and make me happy emotional
- Monstering as a goblin for Friday was so so so so so fun!! Even if it was dark and I tripped over a stump
- Long chats with Marc on Friday yay
- Josie's reaction to a bolt eleven
-Linears were fun and Lisa and Jason are awesome
- Pop up tents are so great and anti stress
- First event I wasn't cold!
- Whispering to the Silurians was so so good, especially when I almost got Wilhelm to join the dragon
- Emma and Jules are angels
- RPing drama is SO FUN. Ember and Fenton had their first big fight (and two more) before we had ours hehe

- Man down :( Knee injuries are not fun, panic attacks because of knee injuries are just not okay
- Being non com isn't fun
- No sister or daughter :'(
- Losing my sword
- Saturday evenings post-panic feeling of "I care about literally nothing but could also cry any second"

Thanks so so much for this event it was beautiful ♡♡♡♡
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by Hamsterbag » Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:41 am

Ohmy! Thatwasafunevent!
My turn I guess?

Best IC:
  • The Silurians, they are expanding!
  • Helping out the Red Dragons. It was a merry adventure consisting of a cocktail of peoples, Silurians, Afacians, Lizardman and a few other little bits. Talk about a bonding experience!
  • Helping out Forbidden Knowledge and the Silver Court. Hopefully got some unexpected things now sorted!
  • The discussions with the Other World-er's on the subject of gods/spirits, and their general honour based ways. It's going to lead to some culture debates. Still, we like you even with your honour duel stuff that may normally get you killed.

Worse IC:
  • Being nominated Thane of the Silurians - Fallon doesn't like responsibility.
  • One of the Red Dragons having to be killed in the end.
  • The whispers of temptation and the unknown of what it is.

Best OOC:
  • Being nominated Thane. It's pretty funny and will probably be used in ridiculous ways such as, "Silurians, your Thane is hungry/needs more port," or "Help, your Thane is being harassed."
  • The Silurian Linear. Now I can put it into words outside of overjoyed gibberish: Thanks for the crewing and giving us a good time, the rest of us players had a lot of fun. Special thanks also for giving us the time to have it run. It was awesome!
  • Having a lot of sit down and chill time, it allowed us Silurians to gather our thoughts, make OOC/IC plans and see what does and doesn't stick.
  • Knowing what I do have to improve on - i.e. shouting in a loud voice without wrecking it.

Worse OOC:
  • The heat! It was hot and despite all the drinking it didn't help a lot. Still, thanks to GC for looking after us all.
  • I keep forgetting I have skills that I can use. Like bless. Dang it.
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by Katie » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:55 pm

Guess it's my turn!

- Nadira seeing Medved again, she’s missed her Bear-Man friend.
- Watching Mahesh antics, causing fights between Dougal and the Edain.
- Being gathered for another feast, and eating all of the yummy, yummy food alongside friends.
- Helping the people of Sanctuary once again, these spirits seem to have a real thing against you guys!
- Following the Auger straight through the Dolman without a batting an eyelid or a thought – it’s what us Huntsman do! So was cool to have that involved with the ending of the standalone Wyldefire system.

- All of the Elm love.
- Asha having her trusted Malkon beside her once again, and furthering ideas, plans etc. Got the feeling that the Malkon are a tight unit once again, working together as a team rather than a group of individuals.
- Seeing Derren once again, nice to have a familiar face wandering around!
- Buster receiving the Blademaster’s sword, guy deserves it and it’s nice to see some Malkon items emerging after such a long time.
- Helping out some more in Afacia and tightening up the White Rose/Malkon bonds – even when tested! (Damn you Stefan!)
- Steps taken towards improving Pack relations – having them with us to beat up the Bronze Court really helped with Asha’s views on the situation.
- Getting to beat on that demanding ritual circle and having an actual effect on her.
- The feeling that everyone wants to just get on with fixing the world, and being friends now, rather than bitching about stupid poo over and over again.

- Hearing about, and then seeing a fellow Huntsman in such a state, having his soul ripped apart and tortured couldn’t of been fun.
- Baba falling over after a bang, and her obsession with the exploding box that caused her falling over.
- Gwen being unimpressed with the herbs, foliage and earth used to stop the bleeding from Baba’s stomach.
- Being split from the others after walking through the Dolman.

- Matthew informing the Malkon that he had taken a contract out on one of us before his death – although Asha respects the honesty, it took absolutely all of her self-control to not fly over the table and beat him with her tankard, which undoubtedly would’ve undone all the work of building bonds with the White Rose.
- During the trial of Matthew’s murder, the “…because I was bored” phrase coming out of Dash’s mouth. Asha was ready to witness something quite nasty when she saw Isaac’s face.

- Having some old school, dungeon style linears come out. Loved our Malkon one (thanks Arun!) even if there were shambling zombies all around.
- The ‘across-the-board’ attitude of monster one, play one. Made monstering a fun experience, and playing better when you know you’re going to get the same in return!
- Really annoying Scales with some awesome dodging ninja skills when he was trying to get his blammy poison hit on my beast. So funny watching the frustration brewing!
- That food – can’t say enough how yummy that was! Thank you again Rob and Pat for cooking.
- The weather – even though I did NOT stop sweating with all my kit on it was great to have some nice weather again which made pack down easier and the washing not so unbearable.
- The pace of the game meant we could have some downtime to sort our poo out.
- Having an event, after all that happened it was nice to have an opportunity to say goodbye to the Wyldefire characters and for those who wanted to, to get involved in the Skully world. THANK YOU Jason and Lisa.

- The heat, even though it was nice…. SO much sweat.
- As others have stated, reactions regarding Mass Knockback.
- Some pretty bad shots, I can take a hit but some of what happened was just plain stupid.
- Some serious dropping of being IC when in IC areas. Little annoying when trying to have IC conversations etc. when the guy across from you is talking about how much his beer cost from Asda this morning, or how their new computer game is so awesome. Just gets frustrating is all when trying to stay IC.

This was an awesome game, and just what we needed when it comes to organising our Admin, Guilds etc. I liked that we had some downtime to sit and talk, even just everyday IC chats brings for an awesome atmosphere. Thank you very much Jason and Lisa for putting it together, and to those behind scenes, and of course to my fellow players who make the game what it is. :)
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by StephenReynolds » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:00 pm

Katie wrote: - Really annoying Scales with some awesome dodging ninja skills when he was trying to get his blammy poison hit on my beast. So funny watching the frustration brewing!
You don't stand still enough...took me three tries to tag you with that bloody thing :P

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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by RobertH » Thu Jul 16, 2015 1:33 pm

Wow, what a fantastic event. Thank you to Lisa, Jason Harri, GC and everyone else who made it possible.

best ic
Of all the possible worlds to end up in, I'm glad I came to one with a hospitable environment, friendly people and, most importantly, a well organised smith's guild.
Being invited on an adventure by the silurians
Dueling a dragon and surviving
Discussions about theology and spiritualism
Ancient Elven Drinking Game

Worst ic
The whole time travelling, dimension hopping thing: being separated from my friends and leaving sanctuary undefended.
Not being sure whether I'm in afacia by accident or if it is all part of the spirits' plan
Leaving many allies behind only to have the evil tree and Jackdaw's men come with us
I owe Joel a lot of gold
General lack of honour amongst our enemies

Best OC
The monsters! Both the permacrew and the player volunteers did a brilliant job this game. Heroic fighting, tense negotiations, creepy voices in the back of my head...all fantastic stuff.

Worst OC
Can't remember the last time I've felt this achey after a skully event
Being so shattered by Sunday lunch that I couldn't give the monstering slot my best effort.
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Re: July 2015 Bests and Worsts

Post by RobDFF » Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:00 pm

So here we go then!! Best and Worst!!

Just like to start things off with a huge and massive thank you to Lisa and Jason Boyle!! Who without their drive I don't think we'd have a game!! Also to all the crew and behind the scenes people who just don't get enough recognition for all you do so we can have fun in the woods hitting each other with foam swords!! And Harri of course :) Thanks everyone!!

Best IC
- Definitely one of the best things I did this weekend was that little excursion with Vor and our new Goblin friend Magpie, who despite my hate for Goblins I took a liking too!! (Probably cos it's Dan and he's awesome) It's was an awesome trek through the woodlands tracking down a thief finding his hideout and learning how to disarm traps thanks to the devilish "Dungeon Master", Jason. More little quests like this would be amazing!! And for something that apparently didn't take long to set up it was really exciting!!
- The Malkon linear, thank you Arun!! It was so much fun!! Loved the Zombies (you don't get many classic monsters these days so was a nice change of pace) and the classic Dungeon Crawl feel of it, it was perfect! The tone and setting and doing it in the night was amazing!! Also the tunnel system that was created in the fort was brilliant, it's always great when the settings around the campsite are switched up a little bit or made into something a bit more interesting. And once again the traps which I had the fortunate chance of learning how to disarm previously in the day were great to see back!! More things like this MORE!! It was awesome!! Necromancers, Boss fights was great!!
- Although I hate to admit it because he and Guil left on dodgy terms it was brilliant to see Derren back!! He is well missed friend and it's always great to see old faces, which has been nice to happen this year! See you in The Darkwood Derren! :)
- The usual suspects making it great to be in the Malkon, I think you all know who you are!!
- The White Rose, Pack and Malkon kicking ass against the Bronze Court, was just fantastic and exactly how an army should work, it was a pleasure and a privilege to fight by all your sides!!
- Receiving such a wonderful gift from Derren that will really help in the future!
- Finally getting that Armourers Guild Meeting!

Worst IC
- A trusted friend and ally putting out a hit on one of our friends. Was sad to hear it happened but I was grateful for the honesty and it's something that can hopefully make us stronger.
- Missing my Scholar friend Eldunari, was a shame you had to go and teach my children, haha.
- Not knowing when the next Armourers Guild meeting is!

Best OC
- With everything that's happening with me right now it's awesome to be around such wonderful people but in particular Nathan & Katie, you guys are awesome and thank you so much for your help and support!! Love you guys!
- Weather was beautiful if not a little hot!
- That feast on Friday night, thanks Pat and Rob. Although I wasn't really playing what I did experience of Wyldefire was amazing it's just a shame the system has ended.
- Monstering was real fun and I loved monstering for the Beastkin linear that was awesome, was an actual beast with claws and everything!! Sign me up for more!!

Worst OC
- Having to shower twice in one day cos of that damn heat!!
- Being so tired from real life poo that I didn't wanna do many late nights over the weekend and stay up drinking.
- Not having a cool box to have cold ales!! But that's my fault.
- Not being able to have seconds of that amazing feast on friday!!
- No Josh! Shame you couldn't come!!

That's pretty much it! Again huge thank you!! You guys ROCK!! On to September and November!!
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