April 16 Best & Worst

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Nick » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:08 pm

Best IC: Mead, Ja-Gar and Song. Slaying a second Strayman in single combat. The spar I very narrowly won against Trash Sharpest Claw, Champion of the Beast-kin as he should now be known. I enjoyed drinking with the Si-lor-Ians and watching their warriors have contest on the first evening. Drinking, Singing and general merriment with Mabon and Broc the second night. Befriending Scale The Knowledgeable. I like these Beast-Kin, Midgarders and Siliorians their ways seem more like our own. Meeting the Auger from Midgard that seems to be one of more clever in these lands. Leading what I think these New Worlders call a Ritual, and getting the desired result. Hearing the voices of the people of Sanctuary united again gave me a glimmer of hope in this otherwise bleak world.

Worst IC: The honorless savagery of this land. Heathens the lot of them. Not one enemy warrior issued or accepted challenge. Hospitality is scarce. When the ways of the straymen of this land are most similar to your own then I feel it says something of the place.

Best OoC: Overall Loved all of the culture clash RP between the Wyldfire faction and the rest of the playbase, loved learning about the people, races and factions of the new world from a fresh perspective. As always love seeing everyone. Our IC area looking rather sexy if I do say so myself, and with a dry floor to boot! Baring one indecent Sunday morning I didn't see any unsafe fighting. Monstering as the Ratmen on Saturday morning was the most fun I've had while monstering. Having a few sweet HeroFights and from relatively new players! Passing the torch. Having a PC devoid of political responsiblity. Weather wasn't even that bad. My feet stayed dry, I stayed warm and I'm not adverse to a bit of mud wrestling. The Refs did fantasticly with what they had to work with. Harri, Rob, Glen, Emma and the rest, you smashed it.

Worst OoC: Sunday Afternoon fight.
Mahesh ullah Ardshir ben Jau'an Shaghal

IC: King Isaac Neville: Son of Saint Alistair, The Sword of the Just, Head of The Order of the White Rose, King of Afacia

IC: Lord Daitengu Komainu: Loyal to the last.

OOC: Nick Pasieka

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Logs » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:03 am

Best IC: Meeting all the people who wondered into the Fae Camp.
The singing and instrument playing Sidhe on Saturday night, talented people!
Being given a little rope by a small beastkin so I can sling my flagon of beer over my shoulder- wearing my beer prevented many absent minded 'where did I put my beer' moments on Saturday :)
Sneaking my beer into the Fae ritual.
Fighting, though a little more used to bar fights, I certainly enjoyed beating the snot out of people, especially once I had established why we were beating them up. Though I may have to get some armour next time *eyes up Ezekiel's silver tea set*.
Cream tea :D

Worst IC: Having to get into a ritual circle- though I didn't blow up, which is something.
- That was pretty much it, so long as I have beer, entertainment and nice people to talk to, I'm a fairly happy fae!

OC niggles (please take as feedback, not a whinge!): Not that skills particularly bother me, it was more the principle- Not being able to take my skill pick for Saturday (along with the rest of the group I came with). Not having been told beforehand that it needed to be taken ON Saturday and when explaining to gc that we weren't aware of this, being told 'it has always been that way' left a bit of a nasty taste. I haven't been for years- and at least one of our number had never played.
We came with IC tents and stuff to make an IC area- I realise that there were restrictions on space, but this could have been handled more politely (one of our group overhearing a moan about it didn't help). - perhaps a booking in system for IC tentage may prevent future stress for Gc and players?

OC good stuff: It was great to catch up with people, and to meet some awesome new people.
Emma did a great job as Fae ref, the ritual was great and very atmospheric!
I really enjoyed all the combat, I felt that the monsters were perfect at keeping us on our toes.
Packing up in the dry is
always nice.
No hangover all weekend!
Cream tea :D

Monstering: Great fun as always, got plenty of excercise, never a dull moment.

Thanks to Pat for inviting us along to join in with the Fae, I hope we didn't give Ezekiel too much of a headache.

Great game guys, will pop along again when time and funds allow.

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Molly » Thu Apr 14, 2016 8:13 pm

Admittedly mine is a little late...

Nobody I loved died
Fenton and I didn't have a screaming match, I'm as shocked as all of you are
Enya has formed an attachment with somebody her mother approves of
Seeing the fae grow in numbers and power - @fae kidnapper we're coming for you
Mage council didn't destroy the world :)
And my first major ritual!
I wasn't on death count a single time!
Ashleng has returned <3
Meeting the Sidhe

Ezekiel :( I mean Ezekiel himself is 10/10 would have tea with but the dying thing is 1/10 would not recommend
Being robbed. Especially when it was an IC/OC grey area.
The NWTC plot was super shady and ridiculous with Jackson getting my child dragged into dangerous things
Okay so I understand why the mute spell was invented, and it may be because I can't keep my mouth shut when around bling Nosque
Severe lack of Embanter/Bitterspice
Wheaton is a dick
Being whispered to by an invisible creature in battle, losing my grip on reality and having a next level shrieking fit
I love fae plot OC but IC Ember was a little frustrated to go and see the fae she thought could provide answers to important questions (Why is my immortal father suddenly mortal? Who kidnapped me and my child?) and just being told to work on finding the faerie farmstead, which is a low priority at the moment
My husband is stumpy now, which didn't upset me as much as I thought I would seeing as there had been a very real chance of him sacrificing his life

Erin and I making our fae den, complete with flowers and fairy lights, and being able to wander out the door in the morning and be mid fae camp, under the awning
Seeing Erin after so long <3
Tea parties with Pat
Lovely people
Doing Arko's make up :)
Stephen seeing me outside the hospital tent after my husband was de-clawed and coming outside to explain, me looking really confused and him asking "Wait, what bit are you angry about?" when I was only there to offer him nutella biscuits. I know Ember is perpetually angry but people now assume it before I speak, which makes me laugh because OC I literally do not care about anything.

The weather was horrible for me and I almost didn't go because cold+wet+mud making walking difficult=next level knee problems
I tired myself out on the Saturday and had to go non-com on Sunday because my pain was bad :(
Sleeping through Sunday morning fight
Cold nights :'( I've yet to get through a colder event without hating how cold it is at night
I had such bad heart burn-y acidic pain all weekend and on Monday found out I had a stomach ulcer, which actually makes me a PRO Larper for carrying on playing
I couldn't find my Skully keen before or during the event for no reason at all? Idk

There's most definitely more but I've forgotten everything
Fae court/Mage/NWTC Leader

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by pat » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:26 pm

Best IC: Seeing may new fae in the traveling people and old faces. Having distant kinsmen join us. The hospital doing so well and help in high respect. In the healers guild meeting the tent was full but no one sat in my chair. Finding a certain fae I need to have words with. Temporally be head of the healers guild, now acting till the vote. No loss of life. More healers, some full time. Getting a letter from scales.

Worse IC: finding out my time is less than I know and other fae know it (worse of all the fae I my care). The lost fae patience is running thin. Being watched by more people (some my falt). Scales going.

Point of note: I know we lost camp 3 and we did the best we could with what we had. To possibly help speed things us, when we do the who is coming or else where say what IC tents you have so camps can be planed.

Thankyou for all my great patents, the RP I got as I healed made my game.
Dr Ezeakiel of the traveling hospital and star courts


Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by StephenReynolds » Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:48 pm

Molly wrote:Stephen seeing me outside the hospital tent after my husband was de-clawed and coming outside to explain, me looking really confused and him asking "Wait, what bit are you angry about?" when I was only there to offer him nutella biscuits. I know Ember is perpetually angry but people now assume it before I speak, which makes me laugh because OC I literally do not care about anything.
You know what Scale has never witnessed you be angry...But Fenton is constantly telling me how angry you will be about stuff so I just assume Ember is always cross at what he does :P

It was pretty funny though...especially when you discovered he had no fingers...

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Adran » Fri Apr 15, 2016 1:39 pm

best IC
Well for a change I don't think we did anything wrong. We finished an event where I think we came away with the best outcome possible, and didn't destroy a circle/Town/Afacia in the process

Worst IC
Being tasked by your god always means extra work. I need to step up more. That and remembering all the questions I could have asked Arkane the day after he leaves us to do our job.

Best OC
I enjoyed the game, and thought he ref team did a great job. I would also like to say I think the wlydfyre group were amazing, the tent and them discovering how our world works is going to be really good. Lots of interesting roleplay coming up. The look on Nicks face when Arkane declined his hospitality was amazing.
I've at least worked out what I'd like as a vet pick now...

Worst Oc
the mud. The main parts of the game were run very cleverly to avoid the worst of it, but generally travelling about the site was tough.

thank you everyone for a great weekend.
Brother Micheal

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by GarrickBad » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:44 pm

Best IC

Relative planar theory over the entire weekend with Sula, Ira & Le Sar. 3 different perspectives and vocabularies to try and describe & understand what was going on.
The Visitor's conversation.
Iron Ravens!
Helping Afacia by providing a navy,
Chilling in the Sidhe tent. Very atmospheric.
Mages dousing adventure on Saturday night.
Leading Rituals on the Sunday.
Chairing the mages guild meeting.
Ryan making me look badass when he charged the mages ritual on Sunday

Best OC
Clan Boyle for providing the majority of my roleplay
Josie for being on the same wavelength
Some great fights whilst monstering. Including a shieldwall
Getting to shout about NIfleheim a lot during rituals.

Worst IC
The side effects of the dousing adventure.

Worst OC
Idiots jumping into shieldwalls
Dave Garrick. PID 701
Torsten Finehair
Iron Ravens

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Katie » Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:07 pm

- Seeing Elm again. It was great to have some time with him before the shenanigans of being back in Afacia began.
- Being named Defender of the Trees by Elm. Not just claiming to be anymore, its Elm official!
- Being back home in Darkwood, if only for a little while.
- Eldunari’s funeral rite. It was a beautiful moment back in Darkwood, excellent words and a brilliant send off for Ember and Kano.
- My buddy Isaac finally being crowned King of Afacia. It’s about time!
- The increase in Malkon, and their receptive and enthusiastic attitudes.
- Progression for Darkwood, being trusted by the Elm, the Emissary and the Wardens to help. Special shout out to Glenn for rolling out some awesome one-on-one RP for the Malkon, was awesome to see so many excited faces and gave us all something to be thinking/talking about while in Afacia.
- The Emissary’s help and trust in us is heart-warming, making friends is always good.
- Being the ones to fight with King Isaac defending his city, just goes to show how alliances are strong even when he is leaving the group to be a King.
- Hearing that the Beastkin managed to bring back Greenman. Another God means more stability for the world.
- Teamwork with the Pack. It’s been too long since the Malkon and the Pack worked together. Asha very much feels it needs to happen more often, she’s found a brilliant and trusted friend in Trash.
- Mahesh’s antics. Was nice to see someone in trouble that wasn’t me!

- Being in Afacia, again. Felt like there wasn’t a real reason for the Malkon to be there, considering the events from our previous meeting. Seems like there would be more important things to be dealing with for us.
- Tor’keth invasion. Thought we got rid of those nasty space elves for good, but hey ho looks like their back.
- Lack of organisation during the Saturday fight. Feel like we’ve lost the cohesion that we worked for with Isaac and Matthew. Hopefully this will change.
- The lack of those who call themselves Afacians in the defence of their own city. Felt very much like the Malkon may have been used as scapegoats.
- Almost dying as a result of a number of really tough fights.
- Some sneaky guild elections happening throughout the weekend. Felt a bit underhanded.
- Some theories Asha has slowly becoming more and more likely. Not good!
- Kael’s infection still being a problem. No matter what I do it doesn’t seem to work or change anything, Asha is starting to lose patience with it.

- Actually being at Skully. It’s been way too long!
- Being able to celebrate the (almost) completion of my degree with my buddies.
- So many new faces! Was great to see the amount of newbies around, really changed the dynamics of the game.
- The RP standard seemed to be on top form this game. Was very immersed and just casual IC conversations coming with ease, which is always a bonus.
- Monstering as those Ratkin was hilarious, and a lot of fun. JUUUUUULIE!!
- Lots and lots of character development and growth. Was brilliant to be part of it.
- The amount of new Malkon was awesome – the awning couldn’t contain us all!
- The awning, my glorious seat and the fire. Was lovely to be able to get out of the rain and cold. Might have to expand so we can actually use the set dressing I bought…
- Those that helped in our set up and take down – really appreciate it.
- HOT showers. Actually unheard of in my years at Skully.

- Mud. So much mud.
- The lack of space we could use around site as a result of it.
- The lack of space in the IC areas, maybe need to use somewhere bigger next time? Especially with factions/IC areas growing…
- Nathan’s first and favourite sword going missing – please check your kits guys, he’s very sad about it.
- The amount of physicality during fights (Mainly throughout the Sunday – whilst playing and monstering). I’m the first one to enjoy a bit of rough and tumble and cool RP’d fights. However, I don’t appreciate being grabbed and pushed about if you aren’t going to react the same way in return. Not cool.

I think it’s obvious that there were issues with Sunday and as this is a Best/Worst thread and opinions are being asked for I can only speak from my side of things during Sunday.
- The Sunday afternoon (as a monster) left me feeling pretty crap. I wanted to have an awesome time making my friends feel cool killing me repeatedly. However, there were a few things that sucked.
- Fighting in/near/around ditches. Never cool and was crap as we – as monsters – couldn’t fight you guys and it ended up just being a stand and stare at each other kind of thing.
- Amount of face/head/generally really hard hits – understand mostly accidental, but sometimes felt like it was intentional due to lack of quick apologies etc.
- The tension. Don’t know why it was so bad but felt very much like people genuinely wanted to hurt each other – which isn’t good.

Finally, I just want to say thanks to the crew that managed to pull off what was, overall a pretty good event. Thanks GC, Refs, plot teams (looking at you Arun!) and the tiny but awesome crew. See you guys in a few months!
Asha Smoothleaf, Leader of the Malkon.
Defender of the Trees.
Head of the Healer's Guild.
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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Vorlaith » Fri Apr 15, 2016 10:27 pm

Best IC
My Last friends getting happy endings, scales leaving and Isaac becoming king they're both happy which is nice.
Always overwhelming seeing Akarne
I manged to help people, which is all i ever want, that's nice.
Enjoyed the silurian camp, always keep to themselves, but deepend my respect and admiration for them.
Mages guild potentially turning around
More gods help everyone, good job beastkin

Worst IC
All my friends are dead or gone now, so I have to continue alone
There is no way for me to speak to Akarne
My home was invaded twice in one day
Too little co-operation

Worst OC
Difficult to articulate. Being as succinct as possible(i'm not succinct). The pacing of the Saturday in particular was break neck, and personally felt it came out of nowhere and particular the Elven diplomacy surrender an entire planet, based on the decision of a city state and then doing so in a couple of hours I found really challenging. It could be that signs were missed (or not shared by players). I fully acknowledge as a player I don't have an omnipotent view, that's just how it felt for me, sample of one.

Best OC
kit standard was immense. camps were a lot better, really packed. good hustle and bustle
Wildfyre group settled in interestingly, as have clan boyle (and garrick)
Multiple linears back to back Saturday night, heroic effort by the crew
Juicy apple was cool, really cool. Be great to see what it could become
I had an absolute blast, great people, lots of fires.
Aside from aforementioned diplomacy, my escapism this event was fantastic. Players, IC area, NPC's all great. Shout out to Big rob, you were another level this event, great job.
I have never been so keen post event, really look forward to see how the next couple of years plays out.

Thank you crew (inside and out side the hut) for a wonderful few days.
IC - Vorlaith
OC- Glenn, but not THAT Glenn. =D

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Re: April 16 Best & Worst

Post by Haven36 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 2:37 pm

Best OC
Seeing everyone once again.
How much people helped out with the set up and take down.
Hearing how many people have volunteered for perma crew roles! Thankyou all
The IC area getting better and better
All the new players and returning players from a few years back
Rat Fight :D
The Juicy Apple making an impact, I supplied a lot of the booze and not having to take any back, so thanks for helping me clear some space

Best IC
Getting plot for the Silurians
Rescuing Fallon. Bloody insane Dragons kept Commanding me..........
Singing Sil's praises in the fights and reminding Ser Matthew that Sil is a member of the Pantheon of Gods
Impromptu mini rituals for the Silurians; the burning of the Wolf Head and calling of Sil
The Juicy Apple making me some money!
Being given a Name by Mother Metis
Named Head Mad Scientist in the Alchemists and working out how to complete Scale's Challenge. Now to actually do it!

Worst IC
None that I can really think of

Worst OC
Jonny asked me about stuff on Sunday and I covered my issues then.
Adrenaline getting the better of me a couple of times in the fight which I apologise for again.
Unpacking 2 cars even though we took home less than we brought

Avery Bonaduce, Silurian trader
Tatunghut of Umhlaba, the City of Scholars. Exploring the duties of being a Ritual Circle(RIP)
Orik Ironguard, formerly Goldcutter. On a mission to make Dwarves cool again!! DONE!(RIP)
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