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July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 4:46 pm
by RobertH
Jason and Lisa have done it again! I had an absolutely brilliant event, thank you to everyone who made it possible.

Best IC
-Getting to be the armourers guild master for the weekend was great. Would definitely do it again.
-Finally defeating Lady Sullivan. My only regret was not capturing her. She brought us to the New World and I'd hoped she would be able to take us back to Sanctuary.
-Learning more about the spirits of this world, and furthering my goal of becoming a Spirit Smith.
-Seeing Lenin, Baba, Honoured Elder and the Chenned Kea again.
-I feel like I'm starting to make a name for myself as an armourer, getting a few commissions from different groups.
-Trading a single zinc for a star metal. I can merchant good.

Worst IC
-The diplomatic incident at the armourers guild meeting. I was half expecting to come back and find that I'd been impeached. Glad we managed to smooth it all over.
-Killing a whole bunch of the Alfar only to discover that there was a non-violent way to stop them. I wouldn't go so far as to say that I feel guilty, but it was quite sad.

Best OC
-I absolutely loved the final battle. Skirmishing in the main clearing while being attacked from multiple angles felt really dynamic
-The weather. Why can't all LARP events be like that?

Worst OC
-Coming to the event on the train. Never again.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 5:25 pm
by StephenReynolds
Best IC
- Political discusions late Saturday night
- Exchanging of gifts Sunday morning
- Scale doing something for Scale instead of something for the Free People's

Worst IC
- Honestly I don't think I really had one that wasn't related to my OOC mess ups.
- Although upon seeing Robs best I guess having to trade a Star Metal for a Zinc was extreme :P

Best OOC
- Seren once again getting some little plot she could help
- Seren killing 5 goblins
- Everyone being so great with Seren (especially after my injury)
- I've put a long list of thank yous in the Skully Facebook group already but I am going to repeat it here. Skully at times is like a family and I'm thankful people were there to look after me. So:
Jason, Lisa, Rob, Emma and Glenn as always a pleasure to by reffed by you all. Adam and Sarah thank you for driving me to and from the hospital. Jony, Charlie and Andrea thank you for looking out for Seren and/or me when I arrived at GC. Thank you Peter and others who helped me limp my way to GCm, especially when I satrted going into shock and became very heavy. Thank you Jen and anyone else who came to GC to check up on me. Thank you Ellie for mead that was well enjoyed when I returned to the field later that evening.

Worst OOC
- Well I'll state the obvious here buggering my ankle annoyed me no end. Made my game worse, made it worse for people I interacted with. Basically messed up almost my entire game. Through my own frustration on Sunday I then did something which in hindsight I shouldn't have and I apologise to the refs for doing so, it wasn't my intention to take the piss but I can appreciate that I shouldn't have used one of my abilities to aid someone else. I always play fair and I'm sorry one of you had to come talk to me about something that was at best dubious. Being such an active character as Scale made it difficult for me to not take part but I think in hindsight I should have either come monstered as a water carrier or stayed behind to pack down my camp.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:00 pm
by Smileygoth
Best IC: Putting together some pretty tasty new Alchemy recipes with Avery. Chilled out chats with the Silurians giving Metis the chance to learn more about their culture. Being able to leave something behind that should help the Islanders after we'd gone. Interesting new herbs to play with. Being asked to help out with the Hungry Jackal's dolmen stuff.

Worst IC: There were a couple of moments where Metis was made to feel very much the outsider - by both the Free Peoples and the Otherworlders - but they were either brief or quickly squashed by those with her. So not much this weekend! Her worst trouble was hearing the call to battle just after she'd refilled her goblet ...

Best OC: The glorious weather - despite my grumblings! Relatively few bug bites and awesome hospitality from the Silurian bunch. Thanks guys! Plus it's lovely to get an event so soon after the last - cheers to Jason and Lisa for coming to the rescue! Getting more OC fae gossip - Emma you're an evil genius! And seeing those Traumatic Wounds come back was awesome, and the balance seemed much better this time too.
Oh, almost forgot - Jake's Traumatic Wound in the final fight was hysterical ... "Please help me, I could lose the use of my limb!"

Worst OC: Seeing a couple of people carted off to hospital is never good. But glad they were both minor-ish things, and glad that they were just random accidents and not unsafe fighting. Best wishes to Steve and Dawn, hope you both mend up super fast.

And many thanks to the entire crew and those who came to monster, especially since you didn't get as many as you expected, you did an amazing job!

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:14 pm
by LouisH
best IC
Loved playing the malevolent spirits against the sidhe. Got to make full use of forest trickery and lead folks through the woods.

No worst IC, loved all the monsters I played. Only shame was I thought you'd be more scared of the ghosts. You courageous heroes you ;)

Best ooc
The over side of the fence is safer! Crew is fantastic and everyone should do it! Especially for Lisa and Jason, they planned SO much for us to do!

Worst ooc
A few crew failed to show, so we had to respond quite quickly. Super fun, but a bit tiring.
Apologies to the people I spooked with a shield crash in last fight. Glad no one was hurt, honestly did not see the shield (think a few of you spotted how confused I was)
1 point for folks to consider, I did a frenzy run and was grappled in a big multiplayer hug. Only problem was after screaming and running, I'd lost my breath, and the big pile on made it hard to catch my breath again. Had to ask for some space.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:51 am
by Hamsterbag
Best IC:
  • Chill event of not doing much, this Thegn deserved some R&R time.
  • Late Saturday night discussions.
  • Enjoying the general feel good atmosphere.
  • Worrying over a revealing outcome for nothing. Seems there's approval thus far!
  • Gift exchange.
Worst IC:
  • Being called "Your Majesty" or "Your highness" or any Queen related discussions. Much awkwardness. Much wanting to avoid it.
  • Mahesh fight. Not one I expected to win, but done never the less.
Best OOC:
  • Fighting Nick. While the above is obvious, it was a good moment of exhilaration. Just hope I gave a good show back.
  • Alcohol. Food. Warm and dry. Rinse. Repeat.
  • Matt for giving me some drill before going off to duel.
Worst OOC:
  • Hindsight is glorious here: missed the opportunity to play Tiny! Otherwise no complaints from me! :p

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:31 pm
by Kjarrett402
best Ic
receiving a letter of recommendation from Ezekiel (even though i can't read it IC :))
scouting the woods for herbs with Avery, Katashimi, Vorlaith
and seeing my idea of splicing the herbs being attempted

best OOC
was a nice relaxed atmosphere
getting to wear Chain mail for the first time
seeing the traumatic wounds appear again

Worst IC
while working with ezekial unable to stop a traumatic wound from bleeding because of a cursed doll
seeing Fallon lose her fight with Mahesh

worst OOC
forgetting i had brought marshmallows for smores

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:54 pm
by Marco Bladen
Like the rest of the Silurians (in fact probably moreso than most) I had a really chilled event where I just hung out and killed goblins.

Best IC
The Malkon unexpectedly showing up to give us the thumbs up for ascending Sil was a pleasant surprise. Playing the overprotective dad card on Fallon's suitors. Also getting the crowd going listing Fallon's deeds before she duelled Mahesh was a lot of fun.

Worst IC
Nothing really.

Best OC
I got to try my hand at spear combat, which was a lot of fun, and it was tremendously gratifying to see all the stew I'd prepared disappear (okay, there was a little left on sunday, but I'd deliberately made a a bit too much in case we ended up entertaining). Mostly, however, it was a just a stress free event which is exactly what I needed.

Worst OC
Really just my longsword failing weapons check in a away that isn't easily fixable. Truly, that sucked donkeyballs...

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:41 pm
by pat
Best IC: fae coming together as a farm stead. getting closer to the leagle standing over owner ship of the tallest mountain. correcting some of his mistakes. the hospital being so well used. The generosity of the sliorans and house fortuner on a matter. Every one I asked to help me save my self in a ritual said yes. the deals with she of many faces going well.

Worse IC: being shot by the malcone (by mistake). The mistes mocking me.

Best OC: game as fantaic and having the hospital recognised and so well used made it all worth wile.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:34 pm
by PeterOg
Best IC
The last fight was particularly great, having monsters coming at us from all directions was absolutely fantastic.
Wilhelm was great at getting everyone involved in the armourers stuff, it was cool to be taking part in linking chains for the beacon.
Meeting more people is still great, my second event so it means plenty more to come!
Getting involved with the New World Trading Company was great.

Worst IC
Being the "only Nosque in the village" was a shame, but couldn't really be helped. Being the only Nosque meant no faction work for me to do, and, while getting involved with the NWTC was great, we were too small to be going on a linear so I suppose that lead to slightly less heads to bash in than Carrack would prefer :P

Best OOC
Weather was great!
Crew were brilliant, those monsters were worked so hard and were fantastic sports all day!
Meeting more of you guys!

Worst OOC
Just embarassing! I was SO excited the first time I got to use my new divine knockback call that I accidentally yelled MASS knockback. Fortunately it only affected two monsters and I just told the one of the pair I got it wrong :) then proceeded to bash in the other :)
Not having any other Nosque around
Being called a c**t for walking through the empty McGuffin pub - having come back from getting Stephen to GC for help after his trip - wasn't really on. It's one thing to say "oi mate, we'd rather people weren't using this as a pathway" (like you could have all day, or to everyone else as well for that matter) and quite another to aggressively hurl abuse OOC at me.

Overall it was a smashing event and I had bundles of fun. Props to Jason and Lisa for getting it together and cheers to you all for a another great weekend away!

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 1:40 pm
by Adran
Best IC - We didn't actually appear to do anything wrong for a change. I'm pretty sure we weren't responsible for the loss of the red potions, or the other things that happened.

Worst IC - Not really one.

Best OC - Thought the event was nice and relaxed, and I spent a while chatting with groups and trying to work out what the beacons were made from. Then Chatted with several of the groups and found out all the other things that they had been doing. Wow! there was a lot of things going on. Top monstering from the crew, really good, and in all the fights, we seemed to be kept very occupied.

EDIT - Also really enjoyed preaching the Arkane Sermon of remove paralysis to a beastkin. Got to love a captive audience.

Thank you to all involved.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:03 pm
by CharlieP
Best IC: got the stuff I needed for a recipe. Shot several bad guys - triple through is fun, monsters took the shots really well, especially Ryan, so thankyou :-)

Worst OC: 2 sent to hospital. Come on guys I've had several clear events, why change now??

Best OC: everyone came back from hospital same day which is always good. Thank you to everyone who offered help, got water, offered to drive, look after minors and the rest. As first aider I couldn't actually do a lot for either apart from recommend hospital check them over properly but everyone else's help made that a much less stressful proposition for myself and more importantly the patients.

NB: If you have been playing a while and especially if your life circumstances have recently changed e.g. starting or finishing uni, moving or changing phones please make sure your Skully details are updated.
Fortunately both the injured were fully with it and could answer questions but if we end up with another concussion and your emergency contact or address info is now wrong we might have a problem.

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 8:12 pm
by jwhitehurst7
Would like to take this opportunity to thank Jason, Lisa, Arun & Danny for being awesome. Also big shouts out to GC, Refs and dedicated crew- who through swiftly falling numbers put on a hell of a show. Oh, and also Glenn for plot too!

Best IC:

Once again I've not had a brilliant IC game, it seemed one thing after the next for the Malkon really. My little dedicated linear to grab some stuff for the beacons with Guil, Vor and Vaithr was good fun, was awesome learning how to dismantle traps and Pulu being a pain in the ass and snapping twigs and stuff was quite amusing once I'd worked out he was doing it. Mission to the mine with my stealthy's was great, good atmosphere and I was able to conquer my fear of claustrophobia too which was good, IC and OC. New friends, Torsten was great fun to hang around with and was really interesting to learn about the Iron Raven culture a bit more.

Worst IC: So much, oh my Gods where to start:

Entire Malkon sickness, some weird Mage messing with the beacons, Asha getting taken and not retrieved the same way, Jullietta's weird experiment which was bordering on the edge of necromancy- not dead and brought back to life, but should have returned to the cycle many years before. Eldunarí's visions, the laughing man, losing my sh*t and getting down talked as a result. The Dementor thing played by Louis and the traumatic wound received as a result, short spirit walk and the swift arrival of the Master. The fact She Who Hungers still lives, back into the Spiders nest I go then it would seem. The list goes on really.

Best OC: Katie and Arun's fight, Louis' Dementor thing-sick and awesome. My knee not actually be proving a terrible pain, two weeks ago I was on three different pain killers and now it seems much better- nice as it allowed me to have a game aside from a few moments! Glenn's bless from Darkwood and Ember was one of the nicest and awesome things that has happened to me at Skully, I was having a slight OC breakdown as it was all a bit much but that really helped me clear my head and got my back into character. OC chats with some new faces and getting to know some old ones better. Chilli!

Worst OC: An small internal spat within the faction led to an early departure which was a shame. Rob not appearing in the tent at all on Saturday night scared the crap out of me, apparently was too drunk to function but I worried none the less. Monsters- If you guys get tickets to crew please stay if you can, it was a shame to see the ones who were left on Sunday get run into oblivion because there were only about 8 left out of the 30 that were released or whatever number it was. Sad to see Stephen, Ellie and Brandon all end up non-com for one reason or the other, hope you're all better now!

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 9:26 pm
by Jalik
Just a quick note to Clarify crew numbers, we had 11 combatant crew,2 non combatant crew, 4 ref types (including Lisa and I) and then 5 crew not show at all with no reasons given by my reconing thats 22 crew tickets. Of course there was also God crew too.
By the Sunday we lost just 1 crew member due to injury so max monsters attacking at any one stage would have been 10 on Sunday.
We would like to thank the crew that were there this weekend as I believe they managed to keep you all occupied a hell of a lot of the time and Sunday's second battle, protect the beacon, managed to keep the preasure and tention on even when the were outnumbered nearly 5 to 1.
We didn't feel the need to ask players to do a 50/50 split which meant you all had full game time, if we could hand pick monsters or prevent monster tickets being booked by those who wont show we would but then that is out of our hands and pretty much untenable but we have noted who didn't show and those that bailed early last time.

All the best Jason and Lisa

Re: July 2016 - Bests & Worsts

Posted: Thu Jul 14, 2016 3:34 pm
by GarrickBad
Best IC:

Hanging out with different groups (Sidhe, Pack, Malkon, Silurians)
Investigating the Corrupted Beacon and doing rituals on it to ease the corruption.
Being able to pass knowledge between different groups.
Chatting with Brother Michael about how the beacons worked and where we were.
Deals with the McGuffins
Late night exploration of tunnels with the sneaky crew

Best OC
Pace of the event, There was loads to get involved with or not as you wished
watching Danny fight with my shield and realising he's getting good.
Whisky with Jason and everyone else on the Saturday night

Worst IC
The after effects of ritualising the beacon
No other Iron Ravens
Being one of the first to realise we could be lost in time and people not getting it when I tried to explain

Worst OC
Food. I didn't get back from working away until 9:30 Friday night so didn't have time to properly prep anything and ended up eating noodle/past pots all weekend. Couldn't be helped but would have enjoyed something nicer.