September Best/Worst

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September Best/Worst

Post by jwhitehurst7 » Tue Sep 06, 2016 12:23 pm

Leave your best/worsts for your IC/OC, feedback is important if we want our game to be more awesome than it already is.

I want to just thank everyone at the game, I've really struggled the last two events and this one has seen me take a slight turn for the up. Thanks to GC, Refs, writers, crew and other players for being hella fly.

Best IC:

The reunion of El and Octavia, thought she died, was good to see her and get her settled into the Malkon.

Getting Elm's influence for the war to come.

Seeing Trash! The last two times I've seen him its been impossible to catch up and we finally made it!

Incredibly useful spirit walk

Getting back from a challenge to find the Malkon got Tathar out of the vault and knowing where to take it from here to help Darkwood.

Serious Palkon love!

Solatai's book.

Worst IC:

Fenton's death- I was super sad to see him gone, I tried to make him rest comfortably, he died a hero and he'll be missed. I was super gutted to miss the trip to Fid Nemith to say goodbye properly but I made sure I planted a tree from him in the Grove of Heroes so I got to say goodbye there.

The Grove of Heroes always makes me sad, it's always sad seeing Ember and Kano's trees and even worse when every time I go there it's to say goodbye to another friend.

Learning of Erik's death- He was a new friend and died in battle but another friend gone.

Losing the Greenman's stake, feels bad.

Losing Sil due to Cael's stupidity.

Subsequent fallout of Cael's stupidity.

Painful visions from Elm

Best OC:

Standard of RP was great

Rob's Frank voice was brilliant

Monstering Peryl was very fun!

Food was lovely

Hot water in the shower!

Worst OC:

Starting to feel some of the IC drama is becoming a bit more OC than IC, hope its not the case but it was a bit of a downer to have it cross my mind.

Getting rapped across the teeth on Sunday, 100% an accident but it didn't half smart!

Long first half on Sunday meant we got a shorter fight in the afternoon which was a shame.

While the monsters stuck to their brief and thought a way around it (which I have no issue with) the "stealth" challenge was a wonderful idea and very fun until I felt it was a "non-game" and as a result I missed the Malkon linear which was apparently awesome.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Hamsterbag » Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:18 pm

This event was such an emotional roller coaster that threw myself - and probably the rest of the Silurians all over the place this event. Also, apologies to all of those I squealed at the moment they tried to pick me up (don't pick me up). Good job everyone!

IC Best:
  • Hearing back from a deal made some many months ago and receiving pleasing results - and now knowing the goal for the Silurian people.
  • Helping Ezikeal in his ritual.
  • Dealing with the Dwarven Machine.
  • Having Avery get Havedra on side during the final battle and walking off.
  • Allies, hurrah!
  • Mutual agreement with the Malkon of "We're done here. Agreed? Agreed."
IC Worse:
  • Realising that the Silurians had been involved in Necromancy after it had been done - though being able to clean that up with the Sidhe and labelling it as "Please never ask us to partake in this again."
  • Silurians being banished from the Dragonlands. Learning what we would have to do to earn forgiveness and rectify it.
  • Learning the Red Dragons felt as if Sil was unable to keep a promise he made to them that he would return down the mountain. Now have to find a way to ensure his promise is kept.
  • Loosing the chance for Sil to influence the upcoming war.
  • Having to deal with the backlash and keeping the Silurians in line.
  • Hearing mumbling of someone stir the interfaction pot of making life difficult - now to find out who.
  • Loosing the challenges over all to the Tor'Keth. Best prepare for the approach of Marakas and drive her out.
OC Best
  • The general good atmosphere around.
  • Starting to settle into the feeling of leadership - thank you guys for baring with me as I learn.
  • The various R&R sessions across the weekend (Thank you Kes and Matt).
OC Worse:
  • Aches and pains, kind of took the edge off me by the end.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by LouisH » Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:46 pm

Best IC
[*]speaking for my people at the war council Friday night. Felt extra orcy by eating fish pie at the time.
[*] spreading smiles to people by drumming and singing. Got to try out new songs that went down really well =]
[*]getting the peril group together and helping kit them out (cheers to friend Eric and others for the strategy tips)
[*]loved my surgery and Maku's new love of poppy =]
[*]new alliance with awakened spirits, new Orc and people wanting to join the Foe-born!
[*] training with mages and learning from Kainz
[*]speaking with Horrik about a future for the orcs

Worst IC
[*] getting mullered by mist walkers
[*]Tor'keth lies
[*] not getting to fight Might's challenge yet
[*]losing friend Eric who helped with my surgery

Best OOC
[*] new faces, new friends
[*] delicious caggles grub
[*]having our own IC area to hang in and entertain
[*]excellent crew with engaging and entertaining npcs

Worst OOC
[*]sweating so much in the mask made me a grump at times. Apologies if I was gruff with you.
[*] Not feeling particularly orcy, especially in fights. Seem to Burn through my rips and end up a bit useless.
[*]Shamilier taking an injury and missing the Sunday fight.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by mickeyin » Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:57 pm


So let's get this party started! Going to be starting with Worsts first and getting them out of the way.

Worst IC:

Not being able to work out to save the circle or do the challenge and feeling like the weight of everything was ontop of me to make a decision. I am so happy I didn't have to choose between the two.

Having Theodore lose his magical abilities *But very proud of his selfishness*

Feeling rather useless compared to other mages. Mainly Menal with this one, we all need him as he is able to do so much and I am able to do so little BUT I AM WORKING ON IT!!!

Feeling uncomfortable around the people attempting to Banish Lady Death. Since I myself am an Undead this felt REALLY WEIRD and did make me question a lot about myself. Would it have just been easier to go back with her?

Fighting the Iron Dwarves and having to do slightly unfavourable things to Havedra...but I will admit it was funny as hell!

Seeing how frustrated people were getting with the challenges set to them.

Feeling as if there was too much to do at the same time but everyone that would have been needed was split and had to go elsewhere hence leaving us with no alternatives. Not a fun feeling.

Having New Harvest shouting at us after the ritual, also thinking we had LOST said ritual. Just makes me think there are things going on to help us remember what it really is to be a mage.

Best IC:

Saving the circle


Having so many people coming up to me after the challenge saying what they felt and thought about it all and how well we all did. All the fuzzy feelings!

Having people asking my opinions on matters.

Using Shockwave :P

I will admit I don't have the best confidence when it comes to mage matters...but I feel like I grew a little bit this time round :)

Teaching a certain someone the Cecil story ;)

Worst OOC:

Truth be told there was a lot of time where I wanted to pack it in and call it a day with my character and that is NO fault of the system. It was all down to choices I had made, had to make and just how I was viewing my character. But this is what friends and other characters are for, you guys helped me more than you probably know and I think Le'Sar will be sticking around a bit longer.

Seeing the other pub BUT IT CHANGED TO A BEST OOC, this is one that isn't really known to anyone but yeah. I had my own pub but I started seeing people being really excited about the new one and truth be told they were running theirs so much better than I was. I didn't want to bring her in and fail against what they have done which did help amongst the choice to sacrifice the pub. Everyone is free to do what they want and bring in what they want, I just felt a bit deflated that others were favouring it over mine is all. Yeah I was being a small child :P

There was SO MUCH GOING ON that I felt extremely overwhelmed, but at the end of the day it's how we perceive things and deal with it. Thanks to so many people out there who listened to my problems and helped me relax more though :)

Best OOC:

The Pub


Seeing everyone again and even talking to new people.

The RP with people as I was monstering! fumbling love you Bea!


Having really cool friends

My new tent being a success in the whole I learnt how to put it up AND IT WAS GOOD!
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Kjarrett402 » Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:07 pm

Best IC

preforming exploratory surgery on maku
having people in general recognise me as a healer
Being the 2nd for Silurians during the war talks

Worst IC

getting Maku addicted to poppy
losing the trial of might due to a simple mistake
fighting to keep Ira? alive during Ezekiel's ritual
patching up Ezekial, Arethane & Ieda (promise i will get your name right one day) after seeing them all badly wounded

Best OC

made a few new friends
watching Nick's (Mahesh) reaction to drinking an absurdly strong rum #SorryNotSorry
had some really good fun Monstering for the players especially the "Shatner Wave" & trying to attack Jacob getting knocked back multiple time

Worst OC
the Silurian camp felt a bit isolated
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by LeonGregory » Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:53 pm

Best IC
Hectic peril triage...
Blocking sword attacks with a dagger while knelt by my patient before going back to healing them.
Working closely with all the other healers to heal an impressive amount of damage although we still lost 2 i think i was told :(

Being even a small part of Ezekiel's ritual which i'm so glad went well.

Getting to draw on my characters concept when attuning to the 'mage cannon', justifying my actions through it and sorting out what element my magic uses. The more i fill all this stuff out the more 'real' my character feels to me which makes them easier to play as i know what they'd do or want.

Worst IC
Running hopelessly from the wild hunt and eventually scattering, having to abandon the others to get away. Especially knowing others stood their ground for their brethren :(

Best OC
Being held magically while monstering then being 'run' through by spear before exploding. I like that i was trusted to roll with it / glad i didn't screw it up. Felt pretty cool to do.

Making new friends and feeling ever more part of the whole thing.

Worst OC
Being woken up at 3am , 4am , 5am and then 7am by people walking through the OC campsite talking loudly. I'm easily woken and the lack of sleep made me dumb / grumpy which i then worried caused me to make a bad impression on folks.

Kept cutting my hands and bleeding on stuff :S
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Katashimi » Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:44 pm

IC BEST - The best ic moments for me was spending time with the fellow Silurians and fighting as a group. Also hearing tales and drunken chatter throughout the night, the plot for the Silurians was awesome I loved every part of it I'm very much enjoying the tasks we've been set amongst other things.
IC WORST - The worst ic moments were probably finish out we had been somewhat cheated with the bringing back of the dead which is unnatural and almost dying on the battlefield.
OC BEST - seeing everyone having such a good time and going in full with their characters it's such a pleasure to be able to fit in somewhere and not have to be cautious with what I say or do, and of course seeing such an awesome bunch of new and old friends :D
OC WORST - There was only one OC bad thing for me and that was ruining my ankle the last day it buggered me up for a few days but apart from that everything was awesome!
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Vorlaith » Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:15 am

IC Best -
-After everything that has happened, years of mourning and loss and loneliness, I feel I finally have a purpose and a clear path, and a chance to honor those before me.
-Possessing the sword of the Just.
-Being in the mists, making progress
-Finally on the torketh wavelength, better late than never!

IC Worst
-Hell is genuinly poo, and there is nothing romantic about it.
-Fenton dying, being powerless to influence.
-failing to protect fae from wild hunt
-Walking into stealth trap, it being overcomable had I been clearer to others with us.

OC Best
-Scary monsters, wild hunt are the scariest monsters we've fought in my 6 skully years. Mist walkers are the second scariest monsters we've fought.
-Hell as sad and intense as that experience was, the RP from it was amazing. really nice how so much OOC stress got let out in the couple of hours post it. Really helped with work!
-Having a chance to chat to Rob and Harri, though not scale-able was really helpful and cleared things up. Wish you guys had more time!
-Proposed lammy system, on board with the idea and the fine tuning discussions we've seen make a lot of sense to me. Agree with Nathan Hoyle's suggestions around kits whole heartedly.
-excited to see how guilds are going innovate to fill the gaps in peoples gear.
-Being woken up by Akarne to have a quick chit chat.
-NPC costume standard felt solid this event too, feels in this area the game is iterating really well.*caveat see later comment.
-Interesting ways people are making IC money!

OC Worst
- Realising that as an Afacian, solitude, human I've almost never had Glenn reffing me! haha.
- I think forewarning about the lammy system MAY have helped, it's always a lose lose on these things, and wouldn't be something Id say was a failure, but perhaps a couple of weeks notice, and time to go through a bit online could have helped, equally, could have changed the reaction in no way.
- A personal frustration is that with crafted items I'll be caught a second time, firstly with the expensive reflect network being removed due to reflect (get why) and then expensive items like cold iron daggers, true silver piercing daggers being superfluous to requirements due to mandatory ultra light armour for solitudes (perhaps immune through too depending on preference) as solitude needs them to stop the glass cannon. It's for the betterment of the game overall, and always gonna agree with short term pain to help make the game better for players and ref's, none the less in the short term it's still frustrating.
- It's always annoying when OOC you could help, but RP you can't and seeing people get IC frustrated with how I IC behave, it's RP and everything is always fine when you clear it up afterwards. I think it's probably something to make sure that everyone who attends makes sure that worries or sadness are quickly checked to reasure it's just IC as a matter of RP etiquette.
- limited value of currency at the moment.

Neutral OOC
- opportunity/frustration is how solitudes don't pull together in the same way as other specialists do.Not being content to just sit and moan about it, Aaron and I will be making a concerted effort to bring these people together in this space to highlight some of the less frequently leverages strengths of a scouty scoundrel.
- Eaves dropping.*costume caveat I 'think' we've missed a real opportunity for some key information, and it's due to the challenges around quick costume changes, some of the similarities, fingers in the ear, and the difficulty in rp'ing things you don't have i.e enhanced hearing and eyesight. When trying to eaves drop for information rituals that were miles away IC were in reality 20m away, and making noise that IC shouldn't be there, similarly with costumes looking so similar for some NPC's trying to follow the right ones to listen to can be a night mare. Pick pocketing as an alternative didn't work either. It's annoying as I don't have a remedy, only the observation of something that's difficult, so hope that sharing here might enable someone else to share a potential work-around/advice for me as a player not just for ref's/npcs

I've tried to be thorough, as all feedback is a gift, but I want to be absolutely clear that I MASSIVELY enjoyed this event, I continue to enjoy them more and more every event, and that hasn't diminished in any way in spite of my above feedback.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Joeredd » Fri Sep 16, 2016 2:17 pm

okay this shouldnt be too long as it was my second event but hey ho lets do this.

Best IC
- Akarne being able to influence the coming war
- after a long painful weekend of being terrored i can approach my high preist without running away screaming

Worst IC
- Aversion therapy with the boyles and the people who made a shield wall
- playing with artifacts during the trail of might

Best OC
- meeting nice people, and going to see other groups and talk with them (i had good conversations with some healers, some silurians, some of the beastkin and the orc/fae tents
- the tea party where the tea was in fact whiskey
- the aversion therapy was kinda fun to RP and bravo to the folks who managed to plan that while three very sketchy members of house F where trying very hard to avoid the man

Worst OC
- dunno if its just me, but fighting on the front line during our perilous missions means that i find it hard to get the chance to loot (again dunno if thats just me and my inexperience)
- finding it hard to scrape together the silver it costs to upkeep the armorers guild lifestyle (as above could just be im still new, and struggling with experience)
- falling once or twice on the Saturday on some hard ground left my back and arm in a bit of pain the next day so in the first linear on sunday i didnt throw myself around as much as i should (apologies for that everyone who hit me with a knockdown that day, was trying to save my arm and back a bit)

Overall for my second event im still loving this and cant wait to see what happens next. XD
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by jamy » Fri Sep 16, 2016 3:49 pm

Worst IC: - Being given some plot about a village that was under the control of a mad wizard on friday, and promising to round up a posy as the bar to help, only to have said plot never materialize into anything and being told it was 'build-up fluff to the next game' by a ref. Unless the next game is also in that particular area of Afacia city, I somehow doubt this.
- Lack of player deaths
- The continuation of the same old tired and played out plot ideas. I've lost count of the amount of times we've had a 'series of competitions' to decide one thing or the other. This is a game, yes, but to then play games within the game (gameception) should be at best a distraction while the main plot lulls, not the plot itself.

Do something new, this is (was?) a prime opportunity for it. We are now like, 600 people in a world of millions? Why not scale down for awhile or now and then at least? Have us deal with a murder cult mystery in new afacia city? Or get trapped within a tunnel system filled with goblins where we legitimately have to find a way from cave to cave before it is overrun by goblins?

And please, stop being afraid to kill players, or wipe missions. If it is too hard, or they haven't prepared, then so be it. People will get into the habit of running when things look bad, rather than expecting the monster crew to scale down.

Best IC: - Roulette at the bar going so well we lost money on it ;)
- Wulfrar being fumbling heroes.
- Afacians coming together to tackle problems like fumbling heroes.
- Silurians holding the Malkon to account, like fumbling heroes.
- Kales betrayal, really added spice to the game.
- Scorpio being a badass.

Worst OCC: -Amount of rubbish left in our bar by other players, and having to sort out their cans and bottles into different bins.
- Monsters ignoring hit point in order to take down players.

Best OCC: - Saturday morning perk me up dance music.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by Inuyasha » Mon Sep 19, 2016 11:15 pm

Okay, I know this is super late but I've been busy shhh...
I've also been trying to figure out how to word things so as not to offend.

Going to get the worst out of the way first, worst IC:
- Meetings. Ergh.
- Being powerless against the wild hunt when they took 2/3 pack members at once.
- The pack having less structure than ever. (There were 5 of us!)

Worst OOC:
- Stress. I come to Skully to have fun, to de-stress and fight some bad guys. But when I have to spend a whole day in meetings discussing terms of war and how to save the world for the umpteenth time... that doesn't happen. World-ending plot is cool, but when it happens so often that it becomes the norm people start taking it less seriously IC and it just becomes a competition of who can shout the loudest. I left this event more stressed than when I arrived.

- Talking of competition; the challenges. This format is getting used a lot and while some of them work and are really fun and interesting e.g. the archery skill test, others need a little tweaking.
I totally understand that bad guys do bad things and don't play by the rules, but there do need to be some boundaries to keep people safe and happy. I'm talking about the stealth challenge on Saturday night. Now I know that some crew did try to come find us to tell us that it had finished but there was a group of us out there for at least an hour for no reason whatsoever. Someone else was out there on his own for even longer. I don't mind loosing, that's the chance you take, I don't even mind being out in the dark, you know me, but the fact we prepared for a stealth challenge, we had strategies and chose the best people for the job, and it turned out that there were no boundaries and pretty much no rules or way of winning made the whole thing seem pretty pointless.
I do apologise to Jony, Arun and anyone else who was near me when I got back from this excursion, I wasn't a happy bunny.

- Too many things going on at once. There are so many plot arcs that need to be 'fixed' right now there there is no time for anything else. Anyone remember that there was a murdering 4th caravan following us stealing peoples faces and cutting people into tiny pieces? ... We're too busy saving the world to deal with that, which many of us were finding particularly interesting. Less doom more oooh please.

- People taking advantage of the 'neutral zone'

Best IC:
- Trash stepping up as acting alpha and organising his first mission as such, he did a brilliant job.

- The archery skill challenge "So, how good are you?" "uhhhh... I'm okay... (crap I haven't used my bow properly in 6 months)..." *wins* HELL YEAH.

- Eziekiel's ritual

- Fenton's funeral. Fenton dying was a shock, but his funeral was perfect and it didn't descend into indecency yay!

Best OOC:
- Sunday monstering. Ohh boy I've missed using my bow.

- The Wuthra boys <3

- Arun. I would have left the event early if it wasn't for him.

I totally love Skully, I really do. Perhaps I was just grumpy this event...
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by pat » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:40 pm

Best IC.
Serviving the event ... just.
my ritual working and the love people showed around the circle .. was heart warming
fae getting on with out me
all the concern I got as I recovered.

Worse ic.
fenton death.
spending far to many hours in or running thought bushes.
getting kidnaped.
dealing with the iron dwarfs and torkets idear on polatics (bulling).

Best ooc
Arthane saved my life
the hounds in the car park building the tention as we learnt our fate
steff face as I cut up my robe.
danny hiting the nail on the head when I poped back from orange mist.
getting something wight plot wise

Worse OOC:
The poltices and meeting seam very one sided. They clame we are on a leave field, players make valid points to how we are not, but you god did this. And befor that its you do this list or war no buts. there is no debate or fight (no violence) for compromise and the one time I had a long chat and thought I was getting some where I was just locking my self out as could not say yes to there terms.
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Re: September Best/Worst

Post by pat » Wed Sep 21, 2016 2:02 pm


the meeting happening so near to time in gave no chance for the groups to talk amoung them selfs got get any terms from us. this did not help the meeting and made it drag as the players were having to talk amoung them selves at the same meeting
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