April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

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April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by Kainzthemage » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:07 pm

Hey all best to start to kick it off
Worst ooc
Alot of pain through most of it and feeling like a burden
Feeling out of place
just being emotional
Not liking to see friends feel down and unable todo anything to help
Not able todo much monstering heavy combat getting harder todo

best ooc
Harri being Harri :)
My friend Duncan 1st time at skully crewing
Arron being a babe giving me a lift up and down
Food was glorious thank you
Refs being awesome
Those certain individuals who they know who they are were just fantastic and kind
Staying up till very late wathing the stars around in early hours of saturday morning
wished i had more time but finally submitted some crafts
Arun being a wonderful person and got me mcdonalds breakfast
trying absinthe was a funny experience one which i may not try again x.x

Worst ic in kainz's mind
Unable to use my magic in glamour made kainz twitchy
Having to suck up to Dan thripp devoted character Kainz really wanted to use explosion
Almost got cuaght out friday night by someone mentioning kainz infront of some guards
not able to craft anything till we got out of afacia
watching the tension rise between silurians and shee made kainz uneasy
Marakas chasing us out of the city.....she needs to be dealt with (though one of my faveourate i moments oc)
Magic several events where almost all i am doing is enchant becuase monsters are resistent or immune to almost everything else
No mage meetings just didnt have time
No mage training one of my faveourate things is training lower level mages didnt get todo that this time
Losing Enya....i am enraged and sad and almost cried when arthane went into tears in my arms
Oh and finding out after time out friday king john had a son x.x
Being a scarecrow..again

Best IC
I loved the glamour stuff gave a different kind of danger around
The warriors of wuthra The group there crazy yet succesful plans and saving kainz from interrogation
Dash protecting my supplies when i was being questioned and checked
Louis group are amazing
The layout of IC areas
When Trash and Dash were acting as drunk distractions
Finally Kainz is now level 7!
Thanks to the monster wall where i used 3 explosions and you decided to die from it made me feel awesome and a powerful mage x
How the mages worked together at the end, there were not alot of us but it was still damn epic
Lady trask refuelling kainz's mana
people coming to me about my sheild amulet becuase of the newspaper :)
People trusting Kainz more
Fighting alongside and watching isaac kick ass once more

There is more so i may add more into this but thank you all the refs and site team and crew hoped you like the cakes :)
Thank you players and monsters
And thank you to the wonderful cooks
till next time my wonderful people.

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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by Kjarrett402 » Tue Apr 11, 2017 5:28 pm

best oc
everyone who came to the event :)
new kit

worst oc
the OC Camp fire
a few small injuries picked up this event

Best IC
helping assist a successful surgery
taking part in the wuthra save the king plot ( you guys are awesome)
taking part in the Silurian resource linear

Worst IC
nearly dying being saved with seconds to spare
archix and katashmi getting killed

it was a really good event guys, hopefully the crew had as much fun with the story as the rest of us did playing it
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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by LouisH » Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:50 pm

Happy loose Afacia April (I want this as an IC holiday ;) )

Best OC
Having our own IC tent to use and crash in. Now I just need to work out how to light it up better and work on set dressing. May figure a way to have the sides up to get air into it!
I was more confident this event with people and spent a lovely evening singing songs with folks I'd never really hung out with before!
Caggles were a blessing as always!

Worst OC
Forgetting some of my kit and having to improvise. Think I need to have a rethink of my costume.
Loosing my new mages flask lammie on the Sunday.
Shamiller's "man-down". Very glad she's ok.
Still working on getting the Orc vibe across with my character. Feel as though I'm too timid in game.

Best IC
Shamiler and Kit coming to mine and Bill's rescue after we were downed by Marakas. Cunning use of first aid while playing dead! Orcs 1, Marakas 0!
I love mass knock back and I finally got to use it this event! (cheers Kainz and Arthane =])
Meeting Captain Bosk. Rob looked amazing in his kit and it was a real conflict for Maku. Bosk was so cool, but he was also the enemy! Arrgghh!
Feeling like a faction now. Was able to speak for my tribe when Brock was organizing the final fight and be deployed as the Foe-born, rather than just those few orcs etc.
The Foeborn were amazing together. Really advanced on the crafting side this event and was super impressed with them in combat. Now we just need to be working more as a unit =]
Silurian friends!

Worst IC
Being glamoured prevented us being really orcy and fighting in the street.
Almost dying going back into the Marakas area to save my tribe mates.
Loosing so many people who I was just getting to know.
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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by Smileygoth » Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:44 pm

Best IC:
Getting a barding job! Earning a few coin from people who enjoyed our singing. Using our bardic skills in the storybook fight and it (apparently) having an effect - and being rewarded for it! See, we told you being a bard is useful! Also getting shanghaied into Green Man plot and subsequently being adopted into the Pack ('if the Green Man likes you, you're in'). Mead, fire, soup, hospitality, fighting and song!

Worst IC: Being unable to get a Bards' meeting on Friday night because of those damned overzealous guards! Losing the barding job - and losing the chance to launch a rescue plan of our own.

Best OC: Popping out as Etain again, even if it was a bit blink-and-you'll-miss-her. Gorgeous weather and next to no sunburn! Minimal bug bites! Being back at Skully after soooooo long, do not like the winter break AND no Feb event! Oh, and turning up with a broken thumb and going home with nothing worse than a few scratches on my arms was pretty good going, and I didn't even have to non-com! Only one headshot, and it was well pulled so it didn't daze me, so I have to say that the fighting was the safest I've seen for ages, as a smaller person who is prone to headshots and getting stepped on. Well done everyone!

Worst OC: The cold nights meant I didn't sleep well. So not quite 100% for me, but damn close!

HUGE thanks to everyone involved in the game. I liked the idea of people asking for stuff to do, and though I didn't get in on any of that stuff, it felt like the event ran very smoothly. So definitely up for seeing it implemented again.

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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by shamiller » Wed Apr 12, 2017 7:51 pm

Best OC
going home every night to a warm bed and a hot bath

Worst OC
Hurting like hell
Missing out on Friday

Best IC
Buma got a special name from chief "Buma God-Cheater"
Saving both chief Maku and cat-thing boss.
Ceremony of beads.

Worst IC
Getting lost in woods until rebels find me[/i][/b]

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OC Shamiller
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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by asm03 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 11:31 pm

Best IC
- The field hospital being well established and used by all groups
- Seeing Lady Trask back in her circle
- The Saturday night disappearance and (hopefully) all the potential plot to come from this

Worst IC
- Glamour preventing a lot of people doing what their characters would normally do, so putting a dampener on things
- DIY plot on Saturday morning being dropped on us at time in. This would have worked better with a bit of notice on the forum in the run up to the event
- Scarecrows! Really! I thought we had left these behind a long time ago, so their appearance didn't make a lot of sense (perhaps I missed the explanation?)

Best OC
- Lovely Caggles food & friendly staff
- Fantastic weather and lovely woodland with no mud :)

Worst OC
- Getting a massive torn blister on my hand during the last battle, so being unable to wield a sword - but it did mean that I then spent more time taking photos & videos, so was a 'win' really.

Big thanks to all the crew behind the scenes, 'in the hut' and especially the plot writers/refs who must have been under massive pressure to pull together 'instant linears' to try and keep everyone happy and occupied on Saturday morning.
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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by mickeyin » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:03 am

My turn!

Worst IC

Not too sure what sort of direction that Le'Sar wants to go, just who is he? What is his purpose? He did feel rather lost.
Seeing Etain and Marakas conversing, knowing that someone horrible had happened and then being run out, almost feeling as if they were just completely outmatched.
Having to pretend to be someone he isn't and not allowing himself to...well...be him! So many times he wanted to use magic but knew he really shouldn't.
Losing people. He's seen a lot of loss but it's never easy to deal with, especially when you're feeling empathy with someone else and their loss.
Still feeling weak despite being one of the most powerful mages in the system.
Scarecrows! Seriously! Hopefully starting to understand what they are and where they are coming from thanks to a certain Elf but still not being able to get rid of them and having to wait till they just leave.

Best IC

Things actually working out! They freed the circles but they really need to work on a way to stop this from happening over and over.
The talk with Suda about who he possibly is and what he is. Opened his eyes to other possibilities.
Isaac not dying! Although for him Circles came first and Isaac came second.
Hopefully the start of wonderful things to come!

Worst OOC

Still not really having a certain place to just sit and hang out, having no actual group puts a small dampener on things but eh.
Cold on the first night meaning I didn't get a lot of sleep.
Also some group waking up really early at just shouting across the clearing...no one wants to be woken up to that!
Not much else luckily :D

Best OOC

Glamour was awesome!
Shatter! Even though it's a horrible thing to deal with seeing their god use it makes SO MUCH SENSE! Costumes and outfits were amazing!
Weirdly this is my last game as a resident of Hertfordshire before I move to Folkestone! I WILL BE LOCAL!!!
Seeing people!
Selling my poo XD
Being in Bills video :D quite happy that I was asked tbh
Just happy to be back after so long a break since October :D
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Re: April 2017 Retake The city best/worsts

Post by lensmall002 » Sat Jun 17, 2017 3:37 pm

Not too sure what sort of direction that Le'Sar wants to go, just who is he? What is his purpose? He did feel rather lost.
Seeing Etain and Marakas conversing, knowing that someone horrible had happened and then being run out, almost feeling as if they were just completely outmatched.
Having to pretend to be someone he isn't and not allowing himself to...well...be him! So many times he wanted to use magic but knew he really shouldn't.
Losing people.
:D :D :D :D :D


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