April 2018 Best and and worst

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April 2018 Best and and worst

Post by Kainzthemage » Tue Apr 24, 2018 2:14 pm

So thought i would kick this off

Worst OC
1, bites, oh how much of a nuisence they were
thats it no more :P
Worst IC (In Kainz's perspective)
1. Didnt get enough crafting as i hoped done
2. Didnt get todo the guild leader meeting i hoped for
3. Hired thugs trying to murder Kainz for a measly amount of 15 gold, i mean how rude
4. Didnt have time to get a mage guild meeting
1. Thanks to the moss couldnt get involved in any of the ritual stuff
2. Thanks to the Yellow infection couldnt focus on much other stuff
3. miss communications when fighting those magic creatures
4. didnt get to go on any linears
5. Kainz never wanted to take any bitter spice but felt he had no choice
6. Finding out he isnt completely cured from the moss
7. Kainz had to act strict towards fellow Nosque and had to give out certain punishments he didnt like
8. Finding out the Dreamer is alive thanks to the actions of a silurian
9. The wuthra's chest being stolen and Kainz couldnt do anything to help
1. Kainz wasnt impressed his nosque took so long to kit up
2. the start of the fight using our best kills to early made the start of the linear rather difficult
3. Kainz and fellow mages council being yelled at even though we were doing our best
4. feeling absolutely useless for the majority of that fight
Best OC
1. Having a group which i lead was terrified on if i would not be doing well and other such thoughts but they made me feel epic and i hope they felt epic as well
2. Jester Inn food was amazing
3. Everyone being supportive and awesome
4. Monstering on the sunday was so fun
5. really enjoying the new skills slow is a fantastic spell
6. Nosque set dressing thanks to everyone that helped!
7. The sun may have brought the bugs out and made things dusty but it was such a nice weekend
8. Arun's moss packs gave a extra flavour to the game :)
Best IC
1. The Nosque! having people there as Nosque and treated kainz as if he was the leader not used to that but was awesome. Keir Astrid Carrack Sherask and Bethwyn were fantastic
2. The Band ceromony, i thought it was awesome and thanks to everyone who took part
3. The expedition Auction was rather fun i thought lost so much money however
4. Seeing Isaac shamed didnt have time to converse with him more
5. Seeing Druss and having a decent chat with him and returning the Targa Kron
6. Wuthra being as amazing as ever
7. So many new mages joined the mages guild
8. The attempted cure of the bitter spice part was fun specially that i had bitter spice and just went crazy with my magic for a few moments
9. the interactions with everyone were just amazing and so many wonderful NPC's shame i dont remember half of there names tho lol
10. My Vet pick really enjoyed the roleplay of it and think people enjoyed the power i tuaght them. However it wont always be free :P

I am sure there are more but for now will leave it like that, Thank you to the most fantastic ref team and crew, thanks to everyone who went off to monster as well, cant wait to see how the rest of the year will go!
IC = Kainz Soulzin. Water mage in the Mage's Council, ! of 3 Founder of the "Order of Storms"

OOC = David Currie (always happy to help)


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Re: April 2018 Best and and worst

Post by Quetch » Fri Apr 27, 2018 12:03 pm

Worst OC:
Friday: Not game related, but having to finish work at 17:30pm, then work my way to the site for setup.
Saturday: Not being aware of the time, suddenly finding that people were winding down at 23:00pm, while my keen was still high.
Sunday: Being called from the fight to move my car, just glad I was monstering and not playing.

Best OC
Friday: Tent setup was quick, thanks to friends helping. Having people openly approach us, which made for a friendly atmosphere.
Saturday: Compliments about our kit. Compliments about my use of Russian for casting spells. Compliments about my lantern on a stick.
Sunday: Quick pack down, thanks to friends. A fresh cold shower before leaving. Home before it was dark. Best results I could ask for!

Worst IC
Feeling fairly feeble during the Sunday fights, but it was to be expected as a new player/character. Not having all three members of the clan with me for the fights, as I couldn't properly play how I wished without them fulfilling our discussed roles. Otherwise, nothing else I can think of.

Best IC
Turning up during the Foe-Born ritual, then sticking my foot in to let them know that Goblins are now on the scene. Nagging and haggling with most people I interacted with throughout the weekend, it was a lot of fun, and not part of my normal personality, as I'm quite passive about things. Learning "Greater detect magic" for a in game item that we obtained, that was really fun for me, as I rarely touch it in LARP. The Peril, bashing squeaky Goblins and picking the treasure box out of Jason's booby-trap box. Late night walks up dark paths and following curious noises, which lead to a hasty "nope!!-nope!!-nope!!" retreat!! Meeting a lot of interesting characters, with a lot of potential for future interaction.


Basically, I had a really awesome time. The refs, players, food, site and team in GOD (I don't remember the correct term for them) were fantastic. Thank you all, for making my first event at Skullduggery a very good one. :D
IC: Quetch, Goblin.
OC: Chris Penney.

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