Texts of Afacia

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Texts of Afacia

Post by ClericWithAStick » Mon Aug 19, 2019 7:50 am

For any characters looking for some lore, here are some ancient texts and authors I made up for my character which anyone can use. Get ready for some literature!

Yael Mevan:

Note-taker for the first meeting of the Leno and later a playwright. 3657- 3598 BR. In his formative years this human character rose through the ranks of the fledgling town bureaucracy, until eventually ending up copying down the words of the first Leno meeting for “future reference”. What he heard on that day shook Yael to the core, causing him to burn all the notes, renounce his position, and become a tragic playwright. He was responsible for such tear-jerkers as “Scarlet Masquerade”.

Chelagrine Bree:

A Malkon mage who wrote a few novels in his later life, 1910-1257 BR. Her works such as “Counting on Celstine” (depicting the life of a young human boy waiting for his father to come home from Afacia, but always being disappointed) seemed to be large-scale complaints at the annoying rate of human expansion.

Sekla Seal:

Epic poet, 976-942 BR. Author or works such as “Undying Intentions” (a withering satire against the Afacia Government in the aftermath of the way against the Y’Mu, a satire which eventually resulted in her execution) and “Firelight” (a much-overlooked collection of fables and poems, many humorous or even bawdy in nature).

Uen Khan:

Leading member of the clergy, 56 BR - 32 AR. Having lived through the Rejection, Uen naturally experienced a tumultuous career and his works on religious theology reflect that. Uen ended up profoundly questioning his own beliefs, something interrogated further in his rather hefty volume “The Necessity of Godhood” which very nearly got him burned at the stake for heresy.

Tag Het:

Maidservant of the war wizard known as Wedge Cloudminder and later general, 20-77 AR. When the Cloudminder War began this fae was only a young woman, but thanks to being suitably morally careless and persistent, she managed to land a job working for one of the members of the Leno Council. Unfortunately, that same member decided it would be fun to defect and try to take over the world. By something between a small miracle and a hefty ton of resourcefulness she managed to avoid death in the resulting Cloudminder War, eventually surrendering to the Free People. While locked up she compiled her experiences in the straight-talking “Soliloquy” which detailed how Cloudminder was not only morally reprehensible, but also a complete idiot. She spent around half the book exploring how she would have done the war differently using knowledge picked up from years in the company of commanders. When the civil authorities eventually got their hands on this book they concluded that if Tag had been the dissident Leno instead of Cloudminder, then they would probably all be dead by now. Seeing the opportunity in this, they made Tag a general of the Free People in their struggle to rebuild Afacia. The fae took this job gladly (if a little snootily) and excelled on the battlefield, before being struck down by a stray arrow in a minor skirmish. They still won, though.

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