Book Two, Chapter Two: Any Port in a Storm

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Book Two, Chapter Two: Any Port in a Storm

Post by Ginge » Sat Jun 04, 2022 3:15 pm

Part One

The Free People returned to Nosque City victorious from their conquest into the mists. The Nosquen people offered drinks and respite for a few weeks for all efforts made. However news quickly spread through the Free People that Siluria was facing siege from the Mists once more, seemingly in retaliation for the southern victory.

Carrie, the afacian message runner, has taken this notice to all affiliated groups, explaining that as Afacia has committed troops to the South they cannot dedicate soldiers to the east and support Siluria this time. If they are to stand a chance of arriving for the siege on the cities, the Free People must leave immediately. Worse still she advised that no sane Captain was willing to leave the docks, the reason is unclear other than the quibbling of sailors whispering about the terror's at sea and something more within the storms.

The Free People would have to head to Knottbrooke Harbour, which is known as a hive of scum and villainy, but also houses some of the best sailors this world has seen and may have some brave enough to face the storm.

Crusade Master Holt had already received orders from the Crown to support the Silurie people as best as he could. The Camp fell quiet at the news, and the Nosque helped to pack the caravan down, giving food and drink for the expedition.

The coast was at least closer than the great City of Afacia. Although the journey felt just as long with the Free People having to march throughout the night, only briefly resting due to the urgency of the journey. They met little resistance on the road, a few curious eyes from other travellers and waves from children at distant villages made the trek pleasant enough.


As you near the coast, Carrie's warning becomes clear as you see dark, supernatural storm clouds hang over the Ocean between the mainland and the isle. Huge waves crash and surge on the horizon, wind howling as it throws seabirds around effortlessly.

The weather around you is warm and pleasant however, the hostile weather being only limited to the seas. As you approach the nearest Harbour, you see signs indicating you're nearly at Knottbrooke. A small hand written note pinned to the wooden sign, catches your eyes:

“Dont go ere least ye be Commodores, privateer, scoundrel or Miscreant"

You push on, knowing the next harbour would be nearly a week's travel away from here. A shanty town comes into sight, a constant light at the end of the pier catches your eyes. Mages among you, feel the ritual magic within this beacon, clearly marking it as the town's circle.

Dock arms reach into the harbour, full of ships, moored to the docks themselves. Not a single one ready to sail. Waves assault the sea wall, crashing and churning. You have come to a place, where there are no laws, where only coin is respected and might is truly right. With one task, finding someone mad enough to sail during a storm, to reach the Silurie Isles in time.
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