The final battle awaits.

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The final battle awaits.

Post by Harri » Tue Oct 10, 2017 12:57 pm

The dust has settled around new Siluria and the free peoples have emerged victorious. The last remaining stronghold of the Tor’keth has been captured, but of their god there was no sign. It was clear that whatever was happening on the island, plans had been changed from the vision the free peoples had received. Either that, or the vision was false and the island was always a trap, with the Tor’keth nothing is certain. But where is the seat of Marichas on this world? Surely she is here, as she has been seen, so where is she?

The answer comes all too suddenly. With the armies of the free peoples returning to Afacia, little time can be spent in celebration. The allied war machine has been busy at work, routing out every place where Marichas could hide. However, it was the red mages who claimed the prize of finding her. Attuning to the harmonics of Tor’keth magic, the greatest amongst them managed to peer across the seas and find the last place where great works were being performed in the name of Marichas. Another island, this time to the south east. They only caught a brief glimpse of what was happening before they were seen themselves. The results of being found spying by a god were not pleasant.

In the hospital wing, surrounded by the charred remains of the Acolytes who were not as skilled or as fortunate to survive, their death shrouds doing little to cover the smell of burnt flesh, the remaining mages were questioned. Most were non-sensical; eyes burned from their sockets they could only babble about the divine goddess they had seen and her holy crusade; but some were still able to respond to the questions asked of them.

The shape and size of the island is reminiscent of another island found on the old world; an island renowned for its horrors. Marichas sits there, atop her throne, watching over the work of her followers. She is planning something, something of great importance. The final battle for this world will take place there, Marichas knows this. It is now down to the heroes of this world to stop her.
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