A well deserved rest

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A well deserved rest

Post by kia(emma) » Thu May 04, 2017 9:41 pm

With the restoration of the circles and the saving of both the King, the Wardens, and the city, you find yourself with a rare moment to rest.

Overcome by relief and exhaustion, each of your travelling band of heroes takes the opportunity to sleep as night comes. Even those of you who would have usually stayed awake find themselves drawn to beds (or wherever you can find) that have never felt as comfortable as they do now.

You fall asleep with ease, and find yourself waking to the feeling of warm sunlight on your face.

Whether you are now lying in a different bed or a different patch of grass, you are not where you were, you are not in Afacia and you are not travelling with the Wardens. You are somewhere completely new.
Usually this would be a cause for concern. Yet, strangely, you find that you feel relaxed and calm.

The smell of food and drink fills the air, you can hear your friends and fellow travellers nearby.
Perhaps this is all just a pleasant dream?
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