No seriously guys, it's awesome!

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No seriously guys, it's awesome!

Post by kia(emma) » Sun May 14, 2017 11:04 am

Whether this place is a dream or not, the weather still can’t make its blasted mind up.
But you are surrounded by pleasant company and good food, and even though the rain chooses to come and go as it pleases, your chipper mood has not faltered.
There are plenty of people who reside wherever you are, and all of those that you have met have been genuinely welcoming and kind. They like having heroes about. They all seem to love hearing your stories of glory and having capable hands around to help with this and that.
Though some of the townsfolk are super needy, it is nice to be so appreciated.
Weirdly you have not worked out much else about this place, and you find it difficult to find the motivation to try. Whenever you think that maybe you should at least figure out how to get back, you find something drastically more interesting crops up instead, like a town member needs help and will pay handsomely for your troubles, or an announcement is made about the upcoming competitions.
Oh yeah … the competitions!
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