Why are we celebrating again?

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Why are we celebrating again?

Post by kia(emma) » Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:30 pm

The celebrations preparation is nearly complete.

You're not to sure what is being celebrated. Did you ask someone? Did you know and just forget? Either way, there is a promise of food and relaxation.

A selection of breads, meats and cheese is laid out before you. Many of the locals have contributed, apparently it is customary for them donate something to the selection.
You have a drink and everyone seems excited.
Does it matter if you don't know why you are celebrating so long as you are having a good time?

OC Note: There will be some food and nibbles for the Friday evening for people to enjoy! If you happen to be doing a food shop before you come to the event and wish to contribute something as well (savoury or sweet), it would be awesome (though definitely not mandatory!)
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