The Grand Expedition

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The Grand Expedition

Post by Harri » Mon Apr 16, 2018 12:35 pm

Captain Lorenzo paced up and down inside his office; agitation showing in his every movement. He briefly stops by his deck to pick up a glass and take a large draught of whatever his aide-de-camp had decided to put into his mug. One thing was certain; it wasn’t anything that Lornezo would have called the coffee he asked for. “What do you mean. nothing?” he barked at the unfortunate private who was giving him his report; “there’s never just nothing. Something surely must be happening somewhere!” Lorenzo slumped down into his chair, scepticism evident on his face. “What about that pocket of resistance that stirred up on the western fringes?” “Dealt with, sir.” came the almost apologetic reply. “And I suppose the Elves are fine in their wood as well? And what about that group of pirates I’ve heard about. Surely we can’t have solved all of our problems?” “Sir, the Elves are rebuilding happily and don’t want our help. As for the pirates, they haven’t been seen since last year. Everything’s... quiet, sir.”

Defeated, Lorenzo drained the last of the gods-awful liquid in his cup. “so private, what you’re telling me is there’s no way out of this debacle?” “I’m sorry sir, but it looks like you must indeed attend.” Lorenzo looked down at the piece of paper that he had been using as a coaster for the better part of a week. “Brilliant.” he said bitterly; reading the words on the page again.

To Captain Lorenzo of the first Afacian Dragoons,

You are formally invited to participate in the celebrations of the peace that has been so hard-fought for. This weekend will see the city rise up in festivity as our nation take a long deserved rest from the wearies of war which have ravaged us for so long. King Isaac has decreed that this weekend shall be a national holiday; where every man, woman and child can bask in the glory of our city at peace.

Friday shall see the beginning of the celebration, and you are required to attend the festivities at the central park of Afaica; where those who have contributed greatly to the war effort against the Tor’keth will have gathered to take a much needed break and participate in what will be known as the greatest celebration that Afacia has seen.

Added to this celebration, the king has announced his intent to begin a Grand Expedition that will begin this year. King Isaac believes it is an unfortunate case that any time of peace should be a time to prepare for war; and so he has decreed that this time should be spent re-enforcing our boarders, searching for new allies and treasures lost. People, places and things that will serve us well if war was ever again to raise its ugly head in these new lands. As such, the festivities will also pave the way for the grand auction; an event that will both earn the capital needed to fund the Grand Expedition, as well as decide where we shall send our bravest and brightest.

Those who wish to participate in the auction should bring their coin with them, for now is the time to make yourself known and decide the course of history.

We look forward to seeing you at the festivities,

Yours Faithfully,
Sal Forefire of the red mages, scribe to the king

Below the floral handwriting in a different hand is a simple, more pragmatic note, penned at the bottom.

This is not optional.

Sensing that his superior officer was deep in thought, the private decided to speak up “What are you going to do, sir?” “Well private, it looks like I’m going to have to go and enjoy myself.”
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