The great tree

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The great tree

Post by Harri » Mon Jul 02, 2018 12:20 pm

It is said that before the time of written record, in the time of story and song, the world was a much bigger place. There were wonders that few had seen, but all had heard of. The great floating island to the East, the pillar of flame to the South and the great tree of the North were but a few of these tales; dismissed as pretty fantasies to lull children to sleep. That was, until recently.

The Xylo, the people of the great tree, Dentro, have reached out to the free people in need of help. The great tree of legend is more than just a tale, it lives; at least for the moment. For Dentro is dying and no-one knows why; the tree that has stood since the beginning of time and bloomed every year has failed to flower. Instead the glow from its leaves is fading along with the strength of the surrounding area. The glade of Koilos is starting to fade along with its inhabitants. Time is running short and so the Xylo have called for aid; for they know not what is happening and have neither the experience or resources needed to find the cause. And so they have reached out, to the free people of the new world, to find the answer to this riddle; to save them from extinction.
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