Once upon a time.

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Once upon a time.

Post by Ginge » Sat Oct 06, 2018 3:31 pm

Once upon a time, there was a group of travellers, and they had found something very special. They had been given a gift that they must keep very safe, trying to sneak it back home, as the mists were crawling along behind them.

They had a very long way to go. Some of them were very tired, and were snapping a each other but they could not stop and the mists were gliding along behind them.

On and on and on they walked, over fen and hill, through wind, rain and sun until they reached the edge of the our woods.

Some of them knew straight away that this woods was different, some felt the safety of the trees and felt at home. Those keen of eye could spot the delicate toadstools, and this made them giggle. The moment they passed under the dark trees, they felt their moods lifted.

For these nights, they will rest, feast, share tales and the travellers would join the celebrations. But be warned, they could not stay longer than two nights. They would speak of the world beyond these woods. It is dark and cruel and with every story shared there is a sadness in their hearts, which may not reach their words, but it is known. We will show them our warmth and safety, share our festival, and see them on their way, once full and rested.

The moment you left the Sea of Bones, everyone could immediately see the mists engulf the area as the Chalice is drawn away. Waves of white smoke break angrily against the borders of reality, as it cannot follow you any further.

As the caravan marches throughout the night, you would have felt a pressure at the back of your mind as if you are being watched. Any scouting groups that hang back or go to search for the Watchers would find nothing, but the feeling does not pass. Day or night the sensation does not relent.

With the feeling of being hounded, you will be arriving within a small village, hidden within a glade which sits to the south of Afacia city. The ley lines feel different here, contained and raw. You would have met a small group of friendly villagers, who would invite you to set up camp within the confines of their rudimentary village. Allowing you to take some time to rest protected by the safety of a ritual circle. They left you to set up but asked for you to join them that evening once set up is completed, to share in hospitality. This is where the game will begin.
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