Preperations (Feb 2019)

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Preperations (Feb 2019)

Post by Ginge » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:43 pm

The Degan forces fall back almost immediately, as the Afacian Army meets the Free people at the edge of the mysterious woods. With the death of General Larkin, the forces scattered leaving the caravan to reach Afacia City unharried.

Waiting at the gates are lines of priests, black and white robes mixed with the silver glint of plate armour. Stood at the front of them is the older man, drowning in his robes, grinning like a Cheshire cat. He gives a sharp bow to the Young King as he reaches out and takes the great golden chalice. With a swoosh, the armoured priests engulf the Old man, and march in collum into the city.

King Isaac leads the free people himself to the camp area, inviting them to make themselves comfortable.He sends men to find food to bring back for the travellers, the afacian hospital is immediately on hand to assist with any and all wounded. The travelling camp is a hive of activity, set towards the outer edge of the city, far from the great circles, but it is homely and welcoming, peasants ever on hand to help the Free people.

The free people are left and told that once the chalice has been secured, an audience would be granted. It was explained that access to the center of the city, is currently restricted, and all would be explained with good time.

There are some differences noted in the city that are easily spotted, for those who have been to Afacia before. Military drive posters, urging the every able person to join the Afacian army and fight to save their way of life. The entire city is under lock down, the Afacian City Police Department consistently patrol the streets, day and night. However, the city is eerily calm. There are no fights in the taverns, the only raised voices bellow from officers, at every wall rotation like clock work.

Days pass without word from the King until a woman dressed in dark brown clothes, and a fur trimmed hat arrives at the encampment. She approaches each tent and hands a letter, to the most senior looking person there.

My Friends and Allies,

I am sorry for the length of time you have spent in camp without answers. I will be joining you soon, where I will explain as much as I can. I am immensely grateful for everything you all have done for my city. With the Chalice safely in hand it is time to discuss tactics and logistics for the ever advancing war, both for our military might and our civilian populations. In addition to this a number of Noble Houses of the city have seen fit to call for a tourney to test the metal of those who would, in the coming months acts defenders of our great nation and those of all the free peoples. In closing I would like to make you aware that the Church of Arkarne in collaboration with the College of Red Mages are compiling a list of all magic wielders residing within the city and surrounding areas. This is so we can be aware of how much power is within the city fin preparation or the upcoming war.

I look forward to seeing you all again,

King Isaac Neville
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