Chapter 2: Back to the Beginning

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Chapter 2: Back to the Beginning

Post by Ginge » Tue Jul 09, 2019 8:51 pm

So the war had become a reality rather than a far off thought, the free people had secured Siluria, but it was not free of cost. They had lost more in this one battle, than the last few years of the Torketh war. These were not the same faces that had fought the Mists in the crossing. Very few remained, but with each fight they would learn more about the nature of the enemy and more importantly, themselves.

Alliances that were strong before Siluria had been questioned and unlikely friendships found. As per their agreement the ships carried the free people back to the main-lands. Upon the shores, the Red Mages bid them farewell to start their journey back to the Great City. The caravan quickly travelled the decrepit paths to the city of ruins. Brambles crushed underfoot, biting back with their sharp thorns, growing denser as they drew nearer. The free people pass by small abandoned strongholds, that have been silent for years, nature slowly reclaiming each building, tearing the structures down in the plants quest for light.

Summer was in full swing in the New World, which only made the cloud of mists, easier to see between the branches of the trees. The light of the sun reflecting on the ever moving stream of white, causing it to glitter, almost, beautifully.

As they draw close, the caravan pulls together the rocks of the path are shattered, feeling almost like cobble stones. Before them the mists roll, cascading like a waterfall. A shout draws the attention of the free people, and scout jogs towards them.

“Aye, be careful in there, there are monsters. Like Beasts, they pop in and out, snatching troops, swords, claws. Screaming about revenge. We have kept their attention away from the city. We will punch in from the other side to draw them off. Make sure you get in ok? We won't be entertaining for very long. Good Luck!”

The scout gives them a nod and turns on their heels, jogging back the way they came.

Roars and snarls echo from the nothingness before them.

The caravan marches on, plunging into the thick silver smog.
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