The Long March South (April 2020)

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The Long March South (April 2020)

Post by Ginge » Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:02 pm

News of a Crusade quickly spreads through Afacia City, with fresh orders the soldiers begin their goodbyes and collect their things for the long march South. Criers on the streets, shout the news through all quarters of the City.

“By Decree of King Issac, Battalions March South, Bringing the War to the mists!”

The clamour of the bell punctuating each sentence.

“The Might of Afacia goes to Nosques Aid! The Nations of Man will drive back the evil of the mists together.”

Excitement carries across the City as hope is rekindled in the laughter and songs of the common people.

The Free People were told of the crusade days before the general announcement. The Outrunner visited each group beforehand, sharing the King's intention and asked that the Free People travel with the Afacian armies, to face the Mists head on. She had explained that Nosque City itself is in a time of unrest but they had limited information on the circumstances within the city itself. They agreed that the conquest into the mists needs to succeed, and the skills of the Free People were required, the knowledge and the strength of the Free People, regarding matters of mists are second to none.

The day arrives for the forces to move South.That morning soldiers speak the prayer of Arkane in unison, marching beneath the blood soaked banners as they leave the safety of the city. The Caravan is invited to march with them, it would be weeks of travel to reach the foot of the Nosquen mountains.

Morale had been high while close to the walls, but as the sight of the capital had faded away, the merriment disappeared with it. Solemn faces fill the ranks and every evening a sermon is repeated with fervour. Finally the mountains of Nosque appear on the horizon, and with it the endless view of white beyond, which years before would have been the view of the Eastern Wastes.

Fear slowly crept into the soldiers' hearts, marching on in silence. The war camp at the foot of the mountains was a welcome sight. Banners of red, white, black and blue welcome the travelling people to the land of the Twin Gods.
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