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Editorial Column from The Heliograph, Afacian broadsheet new

Post by David of Shea » Mon Oct 31, 2011 2:37 pm

With the Royal announcement made by the Palace last night, the official end of hostilities with the Scar has finally arrived. While the kings words paint a picture of heroism, sacrifice, and a disaster on par with the rise of Ultima narrowly averted by Afacia and her allies, the costs of the war have been downplayed by the administration and the palace authorities.
At the time of writing over a thousand Afacian soldiers are confirmed either dead or missing in action, with as many as a hundred wounded returning to the Soldiers Hospital via ritual circle last night. It has been confirmed that Tigridia, daughter of Arkane and a patron of Afacian Sorcerers for centuries, has fallen from the heavens and been replaced by a god of the lost. While the Lich has been prevented from taking over all of Darkwood, a new and potentially hostile nation has risen in its place. No matter what encouraging words the king might use, this is a nation of the lost, who have left Afacia in droves over the course of the last few hours, and started to march towards Illinar. Spending for the campaign is believed to reach over 20,000 gold skorbas, making it easily the most expensive military adventurism on Afacias part since the abortive attack on the Degan isles. No new territory has been added to the empire, and no artefacts recovered for the vaults underneath the Palace.
It’s a high price for Afacian involvment, especially in light of the continuing defence of Cor Bannock, the hunt for dangerous terrorists like ex-regent Arkan the III, the vampire Raziel, and the infrastructural changes being wrought by the new administration. The legions are spread thin enough, and the administration is overworked to the point of exhaustion. What do we gain from our involvement, however, that would justify such an expense?
At the time of writing, little concrete. The King expresses hope that new alliances can be forged with our northern neighbours, especially Illinar, after our assistance in what looks like an internal issue. He will at least be pressing for the ceding of the temple of Arkane to Afacian control, and sources in the palace are hopefully that rebuilding contracts, trade agreements and a small pilgrim tax to travel to the refounded temple will bring in up to 5,000 gold skorbas of tax revenue a year for the foreseeable future.
Perhaps, the largest gain is not tangible, but political. The new monarchy has shown willing to extend its reach much further than even Arrazeth, to lend assistance in return for future political and mercantile capital, to strike beyond its borders to neutralise threats early on. But how much of a threat was the Lich? Documents leaked to the press by an unknown source before the weekend has revealed that the Lich offered an alliance and trade agreement to the Afacian leadership months ago, so why was it turned down? While undead abominations are one of Afacia’s traditional enemies, so too are elves. And the palace and Administration has been lenient on Afacian lost, offering them full citizenship rights in return for registering on a central record kept by the palace. So old prejudices are not the cause.
Perhaps the answer lies not in cohesive foreign policy, but the king himself. Many of those involved in commanding the war are old comrades of King Marius, a powerful ‘old boys club’ which helped place Marius on the throne after the ascension of Arrazeth, according to anonymous sources close to the King. Is this the repaying of old debts, or simply sentimentality? Regardless, personal feeling should not dictate the deployment of our sons and fathers in a foreign war.

It has often been said that the walls of Afacia city are mortared with the blood of its soldiers. We cannot allow our leaders to waste that precious commodity for foreign powers that have just as often been enemies as allies.
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