Raise your voices sons and daughters of Afacia

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Raise your voices sons and daughters of Afacia

Post by Noverogi » Mon Mar 05, 2012 12:56 pm

Dark tides are coming, news of a great war to end all wars arrives at our doorstep. Lucien is dead, Alister is Dead, Ser Gywan is dead. Saladin is nowhere to be found. And the vanguard are few in number.

The king calls upon the arms of men and women and So do I, those wishing to avoid conscription rally unto me though I cannot promise your safety I can say now that you'll be at the heart of things to come and will effect its outcome, though I cannot pay you wage I will pay for whatever I can to best equip you all for whatever lies ahead of us.

Send a message unto me for those who will rally by my side

- Ser Wolfgang Le'Sung
Wolfgang Le'Sung
To pay the price of a Hero is to give up your humanity
To walk my path is to know guilt, sadness and heartbreak
So let my legend be a warning to those aspire to be heroes

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