Rally, Men! For A Tournament!

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Rally, Men! For A Tournament!

Post by Marswithin » Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:07 pm

In the bustle of the Afacian streets, the din of war audible over the usual sounds of people, life continues. Townsfolk bustle about in the busy market square, peasants and merchants still trying to make a living in the rubble of the city. Through the crowds a pair of men stride, one bearing a horn and the other laden with scrolls of paper, both decked out in the black and white of Dilandau's heraldry. As they reach the buttercross in the centre, where the town noticeboard stands, the horn trumpets a fanfare whilst the second man begins affixing one of the scrolls to the noticeboard. As a crowd gathers, he steps back to allow the throng to see the board.

"A message from the king!" He announces.

A small peasant boy steps forward, excitement in his voice "Ere, wassit say, Sir? On'y, I can' read.."

Reading aloud, in a pompous voice riddled with the pride of a man still new to his uniform, the Herald declares..

King Dilandau of Afacia

Welcomes all citizens of the Heard Of Lands to attend


Hosted by The Rangers of The Heard

Judged by their Prowess at Archery and Martial Combat, Competitors will battle for Prestige and Prizes.
The evening's entertainment will feature The Battle of the Bards, where our great Nation's entertainers will amuse and amaze you. "

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