letter to lord Sea-Worthy, Worden of the coast of Grayhaven

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letter to lord Sea-Worthy, Worden of the coast of Grayhaven

Post by pat » Fri Apr 12, 2013 9:03 pm

Lord Sea-Worthy

The siege of Afacia has taken a harder tole on the city than we thought. The city has been sealed in some magic bubble that no one can get thought, the only way in and out of the city is thought the circles. Beacuse of this food has grown sparse and hunger is thought out the city. We have done what we can with the serplys we have with us but they were few. Hunger makes a beast out of the most honourable man and discontent fo King Derlanel and the other nobles is rife. I fear Rebelion is round a close courner and the city has no hope to servive it.

For this I beg your Lordship to send what ever food is avable to the city thought the circle as soon as possable, to hopefully stop any rebelion from ever happening and save the waiste of life it will bring. After this the city still need a stady suply of food, arrows, crafts man and healing supplys where possable.

I have learnt this is a complated war. I have also learnt the reason of the orks and goblins are leaving the mountin tops is their god, the earth mother, has shown it real ideanty, the puppet master. This is where is gets complated my lord, the earth mother is at war with the Leon and Bringers, who are fighting each other at the same time, for how our world is run. Their is also a fourth thing, fighting agenst the other 3, the travling people are calling it 'the dragon' who has promisted to rid our world of all who would control it and let the people control them-selves. I ask your forgivness as the detales are a bit scachy but as soon as i get more infomation or more understanding i will inform you. If you wish my lord i can return north and explain in person. The one thing i know is the fate of Afacia will be inpact heavly north, sounth, east, west and every where in between

I fear this is going to get worse befor it get better but for now i fear for the common people are going starveing to death befor this war is over and they are my main concern at the monent. If any reblion happens i fear it will coures more dammage the the invading force and may cost us the war.

thankyou for you time my lord

Willam Fleacher
Dr Ezeakiel of the traveling hospital and star courts

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