Letter to lord Iron-guard of Dormar

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Letter to lord Iron-guard of Dormar

Post by pat » Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:23 pm

Lord Iron-guard

For a long time my family have surved your house and it has been an honner and im prould to call some of your family my close firends. Now i have traviles south to Afacia to try and find infomation about why the orks and goblins are leaving the mountain. Their god has shown it self to be part of a war between the greenskin god being called the puppet master, the leno, the bringers and this thing called 'the dragon'. the dragon is not a dragon as you would think, i belive it is come type of fea being but im not quite sure. from what the traveling people are saying the dragon is fight to free the world from all who would try and control it and from what ive seen i think he is fight to help us. i ask your forgiveness the the deatles are not all there but their are talking trees, time travle and the gods have even walked the earth ounce more on top of the siege. when i find out any more i will inform you my lord.

one thing i know is Afacia city is under siege and its people are magicly lock in. the only way in and out is thought the circles. because of this food is runing low with all most every other type of supply needed. i fear reblion is near as discontent of the king and the nobles flows thought the city as hunger turns any one to a beast. i beg your lordship to talk to Dorarm and see what help your people can provide. for what happen to Afacia with affect every part of the know world above and below ground and this is war is not easying up.

thankyou for you time my lord

Willam Fleacher
Dr Ezeakiel of the traveling hospital and star courts

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