Justice In Part has been done

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Justice In Part has been done

Post by StephenReynolds » Wed Jul 15, 2015 7:50 pm

Apologies but the trial of Dash was conducted when we last met. I am aware this was with less members of the Free People present than we had liked but Ser Isaac and myself felt to leave it dragging out any longer was not in the best interests of the Free Peoples as a whole. Dash drank a truth potion prior to answering and expressed his shame as well as his desire to set things right following this incident.

The judgement was passed as such:

Dash by his own words was guilty of hiding the body of Mathew but did not take part in the actual killing - As consequence he was branded as per Pack Law for all to see his crime. He now bears a scar across his face that marks him as having killed one of Akarnes children and he must serve the Afacian church in whatever capacity they ask for the next year.

Principal witnesses to this trial include -
Mathew of the White Rose
Lady Ember, Asha Smoothleaf and Buster Hedgeminder of the malkon
Lady Etsuko of the Hon
Lady Ira and Ezikeal of the Fae

As well as others who observed.

Regarding Gronn if he re-appears within the Free Peoples he is to be placed under arrest and bought to Scale who will then co-ordinate a further trial with Ser Isaac regarding his innocence or guilt.

I would like to take this moment to say again we are all a dying peoples at this moment in time. Fracturing will result in our death and the death of this world as a whole. Instead of driving apart from each other we should be circling the same camp fires helping keep each other warm and fed against the horrors in the mists.

If anyone wishes to discuss this outcome please come speak to myself and Ser Isaac we will be happy to talk about it.


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Re: Justice In Part has been done

Post by David of Shea » Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:30 am

It is good that justice has been done in part, and that Dash has paid his share of the Wereguild.

Justice brings peace between peoples, as long as it is given without the desire for vengeance. I am glad that seems to be the case this time.

My apologies that the Silurians couldn't attend this time, we where occupied with matters beyond the camp. We will keep watch for Gronn, and if necessary, conduct him to yourself to face his justice and the price of his wereguild.


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