All Hail The KING

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All Hail The KING

Post by BigSam » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:22 pm

Fellow Nosque, Friends, members of the caravan.

Hear this.

It has been decided that in these glorious times when the Nosquen ranks swell. New Atheling are promoted. Our cause is forwarded.
The Nosque have spoken and their words shall be heard.

They shout to me KING.


Never before has ther been a Nosquen King I hear you say and I agree. To be a petty King such as others with my family to acend after me to an undeserved title. This is not my way. Not the Nosque way!

However I can not ignore the call of my people. I will accept this blessing. I will carry my children. Their hopes and dreams and lead them to glory!

The title King to me means protector, leader, father. The arm that crushes evil, points the way and cradles the helpless.

I will stand as king until I can do this no more. When that time comes the next in line to the throne will be the the strongest and most able among us.


You are all invited at our next stop to watch the crowning and to celibrate the Nosquen way!
King John McJohn
Only surviving member of the Black fist
Atheling General of the Nosquain Warband
Right Hand of the Ochoka
King of the Nosque

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Re: All Hail The KING

Post by MarcLucy » Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:40 pm

So shall it be King McJohn.
As i have, so i shall continue to do so.
Lead the way my leige and i shall follow.

IC - Lord Axa'rein or Jackson Shrike (Same character just different names)
Aethling of Nosque
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