Scales Guide to the New World

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Scales Guide to the New World

Post by StephenReynolds » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:35 pm

Travelers! Many of you may have come from the Old World as we have but have not spent time amongst the Free Peoples of our caravan. You may, through no fault of your own, be ignorant of what has taken place in the dark corners of both the Old World and the New. I hope this guide will see you well and better prepared for the events we see in the future. We should learn from our past and from our mistakes and knowing them we should be able to identify the future course we may have to take.

If you wish to add to this conpendium with your own view please do so. I cannot be present for all events within the caravan but there are things we should all know. Let's start with a history lesson:

The World Before

Scale's Notes - The Old World wrote:In the Old World each race kept to themselves. Isolated. There had been wars between these people and against enemies that drove people together into unlikely alliances. We allowed ourselves to be played and manipulated by forces even longer lived than the Gods themselves, so old, so ancient, so powerful they blinded the sight of the Gods to their presence. The overall pantheon of Gods was split between 3 groups; those which sat in the heavens, those which sat in the hells and those who were not Gods but puppets and distractions. Manipulations of the unseen hand behind our world. The following list goes on to show the Gods of the heavens on the left and their opposites on the right. Perhaps heavens and hells are an incorrect term to use. The words imply evil intent behind some of the Gods which potentially they have but all Gods are capable of good and ill. This is more about balance and maintaining equal numbers of what we call celestial beings in a position. Some are fixed. Some are changeable and muted. Some died and are reborn. Some are still dead. Some remnants have shown themselves in the New World and others have not. I cannot begin to fathom how the new layout of the Gods is in the New World. Perhaps less of balance and more a true pantheon?

Scale's Notes - The Old Gods wrote:

There is one 'God' distinctly missing from this list...The Earth Mother (creator of the Goblins, the Orcs and their kin) was nothing more than a puppet. A device by which to control us...We came to know her by the name Puppet Master. She subverted some of our closest friends to her side and they paid that price heavily. She will be discussed more in the next section.

Scale's Notes - The Free Peoples before the Sundering wrote:The races that formed our old world were numerous and some were not present amongst the Free Peoples and our caravan for long periods of time. Some died in the Old World but may be present in the New. We just might not have found them yet. Races that travelled with us:

Humans of the Afacian Empire
Degan B'earth
Elves - 7 Nations of Elves existed within the Darkwood all with their own unique customs and traditions
The Lost
Were-Kin - Werewolves/Lycanthropes, each culture has a different name for them

The Sundering

Scale's Notes - The War & Aftermath wrote:For years a battle had been coming to a head. The bringers and the Leno mages of unparelled power each had their own way to preserve the life of the world. One Order the other Chaos, they wooed the Free Peoples from one way to another claiming only their side could help them win the upcoming war. Little did we know the war was to be against the Puppet Master for at this time the Leno and bringers could only push us along the path to see the truth for ourselves as they were bound by old and powerful oaths. In the end one of the Free Peoples took it upon themselves to open and allow themselves to be inhabited by an entity known at the Dragon. The Fae King known as Tuathal allowed this entity to inhabit his body. He sought to protect his people and I would like to think the Free peoples as well.

The Bringers, Leno and the Dragon opened our eyes (eventually) to the Puppet Master and helped us bring about her destruction we hope in its entirety. For if any of her survived into this New World we may already be doomed. It was by allowing himself to be inhabited by the Dragon that we unknowingly killed Tuathal. Most of this is my opinion and sadly I was not able to confirm this with Etsuko before she departed our company. The Gods are shaped by our worship, this we know as fact. I believe Tuathal was shaped by how we treated him. People stopped referring to him as Tuathal and started to call him the Dragon, allowing him to forget who he really was and the Dragon to take control of his body. Some aspects of his personality still remained, his love for his Queen for one. But others warped and were diminished. We asked for a life of freedom, no Order or Chaos of the Leno or Bringers, no control at the hands of the Puppet Master. And the Dragon gave it to us. He killed our Gods or at least aided in their killing. This part is uncertain for only Akarne and Degan died before our eyes.

This was a hard time for the Free Peoples, we were cut off from our Gods and for a time from magic. At this time Danik (a Nosquian mage of some skill) returned to us and gave items of significance to several people. Parts of our gods he told us, powerful relics that I thought not to ask where he had got them from. In truth I doubted very much the piece of Greenman I was given was true and real until we arrived in this New World.

In the end the Fae Queen Dryisi (I can never spell Fae names correctly) was forced to kill her King to kill the Dragon to save us. Or to save her people, she was always an enigma to me and I had little to no conversation with her until the last day before we departed the Old World. The Ritual network was keyed into the life force of Tuathal and so with his death the world began to fracture and fragment. At Daniks behest we collected powerful magical artefacts and had the option of 3 worlds to flee to. A New World was chosen rather than moving to an already inhabited one, the Free peoples made sacrifices including four of our own laying down their lives to create this world. Envoys were sent and refugees from every nation began to pour through portals to this world. The Free People's forged our way through losing many of our own and many of the refugees to the Mists between the worlds. Until we arrived here in this New World we had created that had cost us so much. The price of freedom came at the cost of so many innocent people.

Scale's Notes - Honoured Dead wrote:Below is a list I recorded of the Free Peoples who died during the exodus, were killed during the defeat of the Puppet Master or because of the Dragon's treachery:

Dirus - One of the four who sacrificed themselves to create this world
Skorn De'Hades
Tiberius Trask
Ducan Morvhille
Elouise Neville
Orik ironguard
Drejak of Marnak - One of the four who sacrificed themselves to create this world
Dorin of Telomar
Tyr Lathain - One of the four who sacrificed themselves to create this world
Inuyasha - One of the four who sacrificed themselves to create this world
Marius Dilandu
Ethan Caine
John Carpenter
William Fletcher
Tomas Brewer

I have left their races and affiliations blank because frankly they do not matter.
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Re: Scales Guide to the New World

Post by StephenReynolds » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:36 pm

The Caravan & our First Stop - Summer 1AW (After the Wildfire)
Scale's Notes - Mist Walkers wrote:Mist Walkers bear a separate mention in this discussion, mostly because you need to know how to defeat them. They are creatures completely made of the Mists that eat away at the edges of this world. They are strong and powerful warriors individually but they are rarely encountered as singular opponents. They come in groups of three and it’s these numbers that give them both power and strength. With the ability to drop a man in only a few hits regardless of protections they actually heal wounds whilst in close proximity to each other or the Mists themselves. Isolate them and kill them quickly or they will hound groups or individuals until you tire and are cut down. Since Arkane was returned they seem to now be weaker, especially to divine power which before that merely annoyed them. I have also recently encountered a lone Mist Walker who proved to be an able and strong warrior who was difficult to fell. It was only my Beastkin endurance and armour that kept it from killing me before others intervened to defeat it.
Fallon's Notes - Village of the Worlds Dream wrote:When the new land greeted us, we had lost many to the mists. But we had no time to mourn, we were forced onwards marching. Behind us the mists continued to roll after us, strange shapes and forms filling it, and it made chase until finally, we reached the safety of a village. The Village of the World's Dream was a small settlement, filled with shape changers and those who's form could change. It was there we met the spirit of the circle, the 'Honoured Elder'. It was there we were greeted with the concept of a circle guard, and that one could enter and leave a circle as they please.

These circles are different to that of the old world, they carry personas, sentient and capable of full communication, whilst providing a place of safety against the mist - it used power to push it back. And it was up to us, the free people, to choose a new guard for the circle - and we chose badly. Something from the mists came and executed him. A new one (a goblin) climbed up and took the position of elder, holding back the mists the best he could whilst we left and paved our way forth once more onwards and looking for a whispered place - the city of scholars.

It was during this time, that supposed aspects of Arkane begun to travel about the village. Existing, speaking, being, if not attacking. There was one filled with wrath that killed one, whist another was filled with a soothing touch - by all accounts at least. Several of his worshippers denied that it was him (or his incarnation) and so largely ignored him. But it was their spark however, that was of further interest. They used it within a ritual, crafting three items from it - a sword, a shield and a pendant of sorts.

New World Circles and Beastkin
Scale's Notes - New World Circles wrote:New World Circles are very different from those we have encountered in our Old World. Circles here are open and cannot be sealed like in the Old World. They also have an Avatar that personifies the Circle that guides and dictates the Circles wishes. This is similar to how Circles worked in the Old World but never before have I seen a Circle actually manifest an entity and allow it to walk around. This means Circles are as fallible and open to negotiation as we are. They may want different things that we don’t or can’t understand but they are as full and realised individuals as you and I are. It should also be mentioned Circle Avatars are able to be driven out and replaced.
Scale's Notes - New World Beastkin wrote:We have so far only encountered a small number of Beastkin in the New World. One of them has even joined our number and been smiled upon by a deity of the Old World. To understand the Beastkin here I should probably firstly explain the two forms of Beastkin from the Old World. Greenman created Beastkin in one of two ways. One were naturally occurring creatures given higher level mind and thought by our deity. The other share something in common with Fae in that we can be nature spirits given manifest by the Greenman. The Beastkin currently travelling with the caravan are a mixture of these two. The Beastkin native to this world have three cycles to their life. They start in Beastform when they are young before going on a quest to be able to shift their form between that of human and Beastkin. The final stage is mastery of this ability to be able to shift at will, the fact that Greenman is also constantly changing his own form and that he chose one of the New World Beastkin to be his champion leads me to believe a lot more of Greenman survived into this world unbroken than I had feared and that this shape shifting is his true form. Or perhaps Dirus' influence on this world.
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Re: Scales Guide to the New World

Post by StephenReynolds » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:36 pm

Opal, the Mining Town - Autumn 1AW (After the Wildfire)
Scale's Notes - Opal wrote:The mining town of Opal seemed quiet to begin with. A friendly bunch of locals welcoming us to their town. In truth I remember little about the people themselves as the events which took place quickly overshadowed most other things that happened there. There were mines here but it the people had delved too deep and awoken something evil beneath the surface. I have no idea what this creature was or how it came to exist in this New World and any theory I put forward would be a guess. Ignoring what it was though to concentrate on what it caused would perhaps be better. People became afflicted by the creature, their skin became blotched and if the infection was left unchecked horrible eyes would begin to sprout out of these tainted wounds. Yahil being both a Mage and a surgeon looked into the disease and after much experimentation discovered a way to ‘cure it’. Aggressive surgery after surgery was required to cut away the infection from those suffering but some were too far gone and died during the process. Yahil also said when he used magic to look at the infection he could feel the monster in the mines looking back into him. Later that evening the Circle Avatar ushered us within the bar, he sought to put us all in one place to protect us. The village was attacked by a VERY large creature; mist rolled in obscuring our view but a hand as large a person grabbed one of the locals out of the doorway to the bar. The creature left multiple infected individuals in its wake.

Upon further discussion with other I do not believe this creature was anything more than a projection of the creature in the mines waking up. A waking scream and release of primal magical energy creating a brief physical form. At least I hope that is the case. It would take the combined might and strength of the entire caravan to bring down something of that size even before factoring in the blight the creature spread.

The following day before leaving the area the Free Peoples split into two groups, one to forge a way to the City of Scholars using the mist repelling stakes and the other to kill the creature in the mines. Both these missions were successful and I hope this means the creature is dead for good
Fallon's Notes - Opal, the Mining Town wrote:We travelled once more, filled with supplies and with our sights set forward for the city of Scholars, but before that we came across Opal. It was several long weeks afterwards that we arrived at the mining town of Opal. To begin with it was peaceful, calm, a booming merchant town. The miners had strange marks upon their necks sometimes, bruises almost in nature with some small scandal here and there, but otherwise there was little more than calm with the auction serving as the highlight of the day for many.

Then, the primordial beast struck. It was the during the night that it awoke, pouring out mist with the screams of people spewing out. The size of the mountain and it was with a panicked cry that the circle ordered us all to safety. When we investigated the mines in which the circle pointed us to, we - myself included - disturbed it and ended up with its curse.

The Circle of industry claimed it was here since the beginning of the creation of this new world, existing within the mists and roaming there before this new world closed in around it. It was kept under control by Guardians - some claim there are similarities to them and the old world Leno Knights, though I do not know enough about either of them to obtain true answer. The guardians returned, and whatever deal was struck to help defeat this monster I do not know. Regardless however, those who were once cursed by this were released of its taint upon its defeat.

The City of Scholars - Winter 2AW (After the Wildfire)
Scale's Notes - The City of Scholars wrote:I was not present for the events in the City of Scholars so I will have to rely on other people to provide information of what occurred here.

The thing I do know is during this period we all lost important and valued friends in the Dwarves and Northmen. Their intentions were well placed and we all desired a place to finally be at rest. I fear what has happened to them but I understand they at least returned Thor, albeit changed, to his place.
Fallon's Notes - City of Scholars wrote:The City of Scholars had two avatars of its circle, one of white (representing power) and one of black (representing knowledge), with a noted imbalance within the city itself. The dark side was often pushed aside and locked away, while the light side was brought forth to empower great feats while remaining ignorant to their uses - an example of this would be the golems that were empowered and in response the outer settlements of the land were consumed by the mists. With this situation in mind, several of the free people looked into assisting the people of the city where possible.

Later into the Saturday evening, the circle was put under that of a ritual where both sides were forcibly rejoined back together. While I was not granted a good vantage point, it appeared to be the doing of some of the Malkon. They had seemingly had managed to catch both avatars in the circle and were forcibly pushing the two together into a whole entity - despite seemingly wanting to not and struggling against the ordeal. The circle was made whole, but was greatly weakened by the whole ordeal.

During the night, it seems the dwarves and the Northmen left the caravan of the Free people, tired of our ways and looking to seek their own lands. They were last seen as their normal selves that night venturing off into the mists.

It was in the following morning however that the mists began to creep in. With it came the new form of the Dwarves, return their skin had taken on the shades of iron, frosted and cold in appearance and seemingly crueller in personality. The Northmen had taken on pale shades of themselves, dead almost inside. They taunted and attacked previous close associates who had stayed before inevitably peeling off into the mists. This issue was further worsened by mages bringing back the spirit of Danik in the form he took was that of a shade, resulting in the devouring of the avatar of the ritual circle and so destroying the city. Ourselves and the survivors made a hasty retreat from the city, furthering the number of refugees in the caravan as we made our way to the ruins of what appeared similar to that of Old Afacia.
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Re: Scales Guide to the New World

Post by StephenReynolds » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:36 pm

The Rise of New Afacia City - Spring 2AW (After the Wildfire)
Scale's Notes - New Afacia wrote:Arkane was reforged and Gregor ascended (again)...Need to elaborate on my notes more.

Fallon's Notes - New Afacia wrote:The people travelled to the ruins of the old city, a place where three circles existed and incarnations of the avatars that once existed were there. The avatars that existed was that of Honoured Elder, an incarnation of Forbidden Knowledge and Lady Trask (whom was previously an avatar of the Heart of Magic from the old world). When there it was clear that two of the three circles were in disrepair and that Lady Trask was having difficulty taking care of them - one was noticeably broken, the other was fine but held thorns that she dared not to go near.

There was also the notice of various courts that looked to control the circles; the Gold who were full of happiness, the Silver supposedly built upon sadness and the Bronze who were fueled by anger and rage. While the former two only looked to control a circle each, the Bronze looked for all three - for reasons I am not completely clear on, but I am given the understanding that they needed to do it for some form of protection or security. Regardless, the caravan managed to gain the aid of the gold court onside by having Honoured Elder join them and then putting him in as the Avatar of the circle of thorns. Magnus the Red was stripped of his golem body and placed into the broken circle, and Lady Trask concluded by becoming the avatar of her preferred circle. By doing this the circles managed to achieve balance and were stabilised. By doing so the circles were capable of holding back the mists and we were able to hold some element of peace.

Word of the Wyldefire reached our ears, and that what we were once tried to flee from the old world was upon us. Plans and ideas were sent about how to contend with this, varying from best to severely terrible ideas. One of the Afacians who sports himself to be the next King originally looked to try and direct the Wyldefire south (at the advice of Magnus) but with strong digression against that with us Silurians on such an idea we managed to prevent this from happening. Instead, they created a way to sever the link to us and the Wyldefire through the use of the three circles and the mages.

But this was not all. The Afacians had their own personal success in regards to their patron god Arkane. They had managed to gather all of the pieces together and restore him whole with one of his followers (Father Gregor) ascending up into their patron god. With this act the city was rebuilt, brought up from the ground anew and what would become dubbed as 'New Afacia'.
Scale's Notes - New Afacia wrote:Defeat of the bronze court...Need to elaborate on my notes more.

Fallon's Notes - New Afacia, part 2 wrote:It was during this period of summer that a group of the Free People were approached by Forbidden Knowledge, the now head of the Silver Court and looking to have a promise repaid to her by the Hon Etsuko (spelling?); to have a circle of her own. However, there was several issues surrounding that including having the tools needed to build a circle and also where to construct it. Eventually a potential location was suggested that was far away and across the sea filled with untapped potential. Honoured Elder who was also present there, had called them the steeps. Once we had gathered the tools necessary to build the circle and handed them over to Forbidden Knowledge and she went on her way, obviously pleased with what had been achieved on this day.

The Border of Darkwood - Summer 2AW (After the Wildfire)
Scale's Notes - Darkwood and the Test wrote:We arrived on the border of this worlds Darkwood to a somewhat frosty greeting from the local Elves. We had been previously warned that often people went into the forest and never came back. The Elves moved us to a camp and said we would be tested. Once these test were over, providing we survived the night, the Elves would be more willing to talk. We were abandoned to our evening although we received some visiting Elf dignitaries as well as some of their 'civilians'. One such Elf gathered the Healers and Alchemists together for a brief expedition into the dark, even though we were told we shouldn't venture out of camp by Wardens of the local Elves. The Malkon members of both guilds chose to remain behind in case the camp was attacked which in hindsight was a wise decision.

Myself and Fenton led the expedition as leaders of our respective guilds and the Elf led us to a dark clearing covered in webbing. We ventured inside this webbing and were shown a giant slumbering spider of monstrous proportions. She appeared to be waking up which I fear was to do with our presence in its clearing. Upon later discussion with one of the Elves they were not under the command of this creature or beholden to it. But I felt they were scared of it and 'feeding' travellers, explorers or unfortunate passers by to it was a way to prevent it attacking them which I understand. They seemed to think we would be capable of killing it or at the very least would severely limit its activity in the future so were happy to let us fight it. We returned to camp to find it under attack by this Queens children. They were tough creatures these Spiders able to paralyse people with their venom and they packed a mean punch with their bite if, like me, you ignored their venom. The attack was repelled as the Spiders were kept mostly out of the main encampment making their attacks on the fringes. I didn't get a chance to confirm my suspicions but they might not have liked the fires.

I had also talked to Etsuko about the possibility of this being a Shard of the Spider Queen (Drow Goddess or Mother as she is listed in my notes above) or perhaps a fragment or memory of her carried through to this world. We never got a chance to confirm this and Etsuko left before I could talk further on the matter with her. The spiders presence was also tainting the Circle Avatar, the Circle itself and by extension I believe Elm although curiously the aspect of the Greenman we met was not suffering this malady. Perhaps in this New World the Green Trinity is not so tightly knit as it was in the Old?

The next morning several people were found bound in Spiders web. Afflicted by some sort of venom within their bodies as the result of spider bites they were all filled with a voracious hunger. Some were even driven mad enough to bite others passing along the infection to both myself and Ezekiel. Ezekiel was able to ascertain that the hunger was feeding a deeper transformation within the body and with his help and some surgery we were able to bleed some of the venom. It required a more direct alchemical cure though. So as head of the Alchemists (and an infected individual) it came down to me to come up with a cure on the fly. The Alchemy Guild has sadly always had a high turnover of members due to deaths so I was the only Alchemist capable of brewing to the required difficulty of the vapour I made. I am in the process of rapidly training Guild Members to ensure this is not the case in the future. The version I did make was a little too effective and almost killed the first 10 test subjects. I subsequently made a more stable version of the antidote which all the Alchemists now have the recipe for.

I know some contests occurred during this day but I was concerned with the curing the ailment afflicting so many of the Free Peoples I did not attend and someone else will have to fill us in.

During the day the Elves left the encampment and my understanding was that Elm was restored although at a cost. Both Kano and Ember ascended to empower him whilst a Dark reflection known as the Master descended to form part of the Dark Trinity. This place was usually taken by the Mother but I think with the taint the Master had gained from proximity to the Spider he may have subverted the Spider Queens position in the Pantheon.

That evening several notable events occurred, one involving Greenman but I will cascade that information back via your Council representatives when we next stop as it's still too raw for me to record in words. I feel the Council needs to be informed as the actions taken against the Pack represent a wider threat to the Free Peoples as whole.

The other important one to continuation of events was the killing of the Spider Queen by a small force comprising of some Malkon, several Pack and one of the Degan B'earth. Upon our return to the camp we bought with us a terrible plague that thankfully Elm, who was present in the camp at the time, was able to subsume this poison into himself. Although I feel this may have weakened him for his ordeal the following day. During this time the Malkon and others managed to ascend Elm and restore him completely to his place.
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Post by StephenReynolds » Tue Sep 29, 2015 6:37 pm

The Gods of the New World
Scale's Notes - New World Pantheon wrote:This list will be recorded in the order, to my knowledge, that the Gods were restored.
Arkane - Father Gregor sacrificed himself to return Arkane to his place
Elm - Kano & Ember sacrificed themselves to return Elm to his place
Greenman - Creator God of the Beastkin restored by the Pack.
Sil - Silurian Dragon headed God of the Silurians

Horick has confirmed through discussions with Elm the following are not fully ascended Gods but powerful beings that could ascend given the right amount of power.
The Iron Warlord - The Dwarves & Northmen sacrificed themselves to partially ascend this new version of Thor

The Master - Elms Dark reflection? A part of Thothar exorcised of weakness.
Leviathan - Primal nature destruction God...Greenmans Dark reflection?
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Post by StephenReynolds » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:33 pm

Places of Power
Scale's Notes - Sites of Religious Importance wrote:Please note at the moment this is all my thoughts and theory, but as with everything in this New World it is guess work. I have spent a while thinking about this and our last gathering seemed to confirm it for me. We have been told that the Gods are one part of making this world whole whilst another is the ritual network. Previously I assumed that restoring the Gods to the heavens was enough. I fear this may not be the case.

In the Old World each God had a place of power. A unique connection to the world where rituals to them may take place even if there is not always a circle present. For instance Fid Nemith was the ancestral home of the Beastkin. Within Fid Nemith was the Grove. This place for all intents and purposes acted as a Ritual Circle but wasn’t actually one. So you could transport into it and could perform rituals to Greenman on its soil. The Pack have visited an echo of Fid Nemith in the New World but for all intents and purposes it does not exist here. Currently there is no spiritual home for Beastkin that exists.

In the New World Afacia City still stands and Darkwood, or more specifically the Lake of Tears where Elm ascended, are most likely places of power or centres of worship for these Gods. This explains why Akarne and Elm are currently the most powerful Gods of the Pantheon restored. Circles attract people, people feed the Circles and sites of power thus becoming stronger. Aspects or Shards of both Greenman and Sil have taken physical form and walked around in the New World rather than becoming dormant and sleeping as Elm and Arkane did. I’m still working on a theory as to why this happened but it may be because these 2 of all the Gods were the most primal and connected to the land around them. Until these places of power and worship are restored I feel the Gods may not truly live again as they did in the Old World and their peoples will languish and die out.

I implore all the Free Peoples to aid in the restoration of the Gods regardless of whether or not they are yours. To those of you with Gods already restored. Many of us aided you, do not ignore others who need your help.

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