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About The Portal

Post by mickeyin » Tue Apr 12, 2016 2:48 pm

People of our troupe, I feel as if it is a good time to let you know the current situation with the portal that the elve used to come to this world. It was severed from our end but alas it is not gone. We have only cut it off from our end but theirs is still around and will possibly latch on to our world again in the future, but since to our knowledge no other circle is as powerful as Lady Trasks they will not be in as high numbers or as powerful. We still need to work out how to destroy it on not only our end but also theirs to fully break the bond the worlds have between them.

This was never going to be something we were going to keep from you, too much information is being stored by the few when the masses need to know. I'm not saying every piece should be shared but I have noticed that sometimes people only tell others before it is too late and I for one wish to try and alleviate this as much as I can by sharing what I know.

We should be able to share our problems so we d not have to burden it on our own. I know not all will see it this way and I appreciate that, just sometimes we should all know instead of the few.


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Re: About The Portal

Post by Vorlaith » Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:06 pm

Le'Sar i'm reassured that you've shared, and I hope that under your stewardship we see the mages guild deliver on it's potential.

You are right there is too much secrecy. Only by working together, and trusting one another will we survive. I believe we need to find a way to do this quickly, and I firmly believe the council needs to be reformed to disseminate all information quickly.
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Re: About The Portal

Post by StephenReynolds » Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:59 am

Firstly Le'Sar congratulations. I hope under your stewardship the Mages Guild will get on with restoring the ritual network instead of internal bickering and politicking.

Secondly can I request soemthing of you. I'm trying to continue my knowlegdge and writings about the New World and would appreciate your input on the magical nature of the portal and the current theory regarding what was happening to Lady Trask.

If you could write something up and get it to me as soon as possible I'd appreciate it.

Thank you

I Remember the Rejection
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Re: About The Portal

Post by mickeyin » Fri Apr 15, 2016 12:42 pm

Thank you both Vorlaith and Scales, hopefully we shall be more of a unit and a family than a bunch of squabbling birds in future.

Also Scale I shall do my best to bring coherent thoughts to you.
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Re: About The Portal

Post by Smileygoth » Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:19 pm

And how is the Lady Trask?
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Re: About The Portal

Post by Adran » Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:17 pm

My Understanding is that Lady Trask is now fine and recovering.
In rough terms, the method the Tor'Keth used to Join the bridge between the 2 worlds puts a lot of strain on the connecting circles, and it was probably made a lot worse as they were trying to enslave or remove Lady Trask from the Circle to try and Lock the bridge in place using her power.
The Mages Guild and Horse Fortuna were able to find Lady Trask and free her from the attempted enslavement or removal.
After we did that we could feel that she was free and home, but very tired, probably in a very similar way to a person who was rescued from Torture.

We are now helping her to recover, along with Honoured Elder and Magnus.
Apologies if there are people who don't know all these things.
Likewise my thanks to all who took on the jobs of causing a large enough distraction to remove the main forces for the circles, and the few who were tasked with the defence of the circles whilst we completed the rescue and the severing of the Bridge.

I imagine that our next step will be a combination of securing the Ritual network, as a way of sustaining the forces of the world, and tracking the, now loose, end of the bridge to resolve the issues with the Tor'Keth Empire.

I also would wish to help the other factions of the travelling people to set up their refugees with homes that suit them, if they do not wish to stay in Afacia City. And regain access to other member of our Pantheon.

Also, I would like to thank the Sh'ee people who were able to arrange support from the iron dwarves. It is with my great thanks that they came to our aid.

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