A call to Issac

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A call to Issac

Post by BigSam » Fri Jun 03, 2016 10:55 am

King Issac of the Afacians

The Nosque came to your assistance in your hour of need. We helped push back the Tor Keth together to liberate your city. We personally fought back to back keeping the other alive.

I have never asked anything from you but unfortunately now I must.

The shards of Viestivai and Riestivai hang heavy round my neck. I can hardly contain the pain any more as they try to force their way out through me.

We the Nosque embark on a risky plan that will restore us to glory.

Here is where I must ask a favour my friend. We can not do this with out funds and a lot of them. If there was any other way I wouldn't ask but this our only option.

Can you help?

Your friend
King John McJohn
Only surviving member of the Black fist
Atheling General of the Nosquain Warband
Right Hand of the Ochoka
King of the Nosque

O.C. Sam Fishlock aka The Bear

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