A warning on orange mists.

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A warning on orange mists.

Post by pat » Fri Jun 10, 2016 10:16 pm

To all who read this.

I am writing this message as a warning to all, if you see orange mists appear do not go near it and what ever you do not enter it. For if you do you will be in Faire and there is no way back unless the owner of the crown lets you out. I apologise for how blunt I am writing but I would like all to have the facts and know how bad the situation could be.

Any who have seen, been in contact with or entered I would ask they let them self know so I can check they are ok. Further more if you have had dealings with this mist and you fell strange, grow horns or wings, gain face-markings or magic abilities please let me know.

Dr Ezeakiel
Dr Ezeakiel of the traveling hospital and star courts

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