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Post by StephenReynolds » Wed Jul 13, 2016 5:23 pm

Crafters of Magical trinkets I require your aid!

I wish to commision some of you to make an item for me. It will need to be bespoke and produced in a number roughly equal to the size of the Pack and any others who wish to aid us.

I made a promise to the Empress of the Seakin that I would kill her and end her Empire. Ending the threat that Leviathan poses to the mainland and any future trade we may be able to conduct by sea.

To this end I am looking for skilled crafters to design a magical means by which we mere mortals can survive for long periods of time under water. We know such a thing can be done, as the Pack have visited the Empress before without me and if the Seakin can do this then the greatest Mages of the Free Peoples should find it trivial.

I am happy to discuss more in person when the caravan next stops. Until then I can be reached by carrier pigeon.

Thank you

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