Announcing The Free Peoples' Company of Bards!

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Announcing The Free Peoples' Company of Bards!

Post by Smileygoth » Thu Oct 20, 2016 8:23 pm


We are a coalition of singers, musicians and performers of all kinds, joined in a common cause to hone our skills to their finest and provide YOU with the services of entertainment, proclamation, revelry and ceremony!

Need to add the spice of a great performance to your RITUAL? We can provide it!
Need the finishing touch to a special CEREMONY? We can oblige!
Want your glorious deeds IMMORTALISED in song? We have the skills!
Want a HERALD to announce your entry to the arena? We will make you proud!
Have a SWEETHEART you can't seem to win? We know the best romantic songs!
Need a BANNERBEARER to fly your colours in battle? We will do your flag justice!

Whatever your requirements, the FREE PEOPLES' COMPANY OF BARDS can help! Payment is fully negotiable, either in goods, in boons or in coin.

If you're interested in our services, or interested in joining, just send your pigeons to Caileann and we will be in touch!

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