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Post by Ginge » Thu Jun 01, 2017 5:32 pm


During the fight against Marakas, I was able to get close to her and use a fur covered dagger against her. This dagger has importance to my family and has little use to anyone outside of it. I know it began to crumble as I struck her, I dropped it. When I went back after being attended to by the healers the dagger was missing. It has been shattered by magic so is currently unusable to the finder.

If you have found a broken dagger like this, or know where it is, I am offering a substantial reward for its return. I would like to highlight, this is not to punish whoever has it, I do not deem it stolen. I can provide services as Arch Mage to create a ritual item the finder can use, or I have a wealth of resources to barter with.


Suda Allah Ardshir Maman Juan Shag'hal, Arch Mage of the New World.
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