Observations on Mixed Unit Tactics of the Free People

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Observations on Mixed Unit Tactics of the Free People

Post by Kassicus » Tue May 21, 2019 4:53 pm

Observations on Mixed Unit Tactics of the Free Peoples.

A paper by Viktor Quaid, Primary field Researcher of Applied Thanatology through the application of Violence.

I have not been with the travelling caravan for very long, about 6-8 months I could estimate. However, throughout that time, I’ve seen us all fight, I’ve seen people perform stupendous acts of bravery, stupid acts of idiocy. But mainly, a lot of fighting and killing.

Now with such a unique caravan as ours, you are bound to see many variants of fighters, styles etc, but ultimately these are also what clash, not just in terms of formations, command structure, but culturally. One issue we need to address is our ties that bind us during combat.

I’ve seen people launch themselves from perfectly adequate shield walls to try and strike quickly and push forward, with most times it proving futile. By doing reckless things such as this you open not only yourself, but your allies’ defences. There is co-operation, but no cohesion and that needs to be our primary focus.

I shall use an example of a basic combat formation I have developed these past months with help of my notes regarding combat strategy taken from the handbook “Master Van Damme’s Guide to Combat Strategy and Babysitting”

I've named it the "Iron Hedgehog"

Shields, universally, should always be the first line of defence, You are the bulwark, likes waves crashing against rock, you will stand tall and never break. Behind them, I would recommend adequate space for manoeuvrability, so that broken shields can be repaired, armour can be fixed, closing gaps when needed.

To the flanks, anyone with a spear or long reaching stabbing implement, you are the jagged spikes like that of the thorns on a rose, beautiful and deadly. I would recommend extending your reach to the rear as well, to help guard the next group.

To the rear, we have our skirmishers, lightly armoured runners, (usually the ones with the death-wishes) Your job is vital, protect the core. The Iron Hedgehog Formation only works well in battles which we are constantly advancing, your job is to make sure nothing gets through any of the outer defences. You are the ones with the poisons, traps, anything that can stop something right in their tracks. You are also capable bodies to use as reserves to shore any of the outer defences if need be.

Finally, the core. Mages, Armourers, Healers, you are the beating heart of this angry, spiky advancing wall of death. You will command the pace of the formation. Mages, your powers are beyond that of normal men, you need to cast anything you can towards any large, scary and dangerous creature. You make up for your weaknesses with the pure power that you command. Shockwaves, knockbacks, Knockdowns, pull every single trick in your books out. You're fighting for your damned lives.

Healers, I'm not going to tell you how to do your job, I want to live.

Armourers, the same goes to you, you are all vital.

To conclude, I will say this in regards to our upcoming war with the Mists.
Fight dirty, fight hard, fight like bastards, give no quarter, as they will give none to you.
We have to pull out every damn trick we have.

Signed- Viktor Quaid.
If it bleeds, we can kill it.
- Viktor Quaid, Qualified Scientist, Studying Applied Thanotology through the medium of violence.

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