February Afacian Sanctioned

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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February Afacian Sanctioned

Post by Korneleus » Wed Feb 19, 2020 12:56 pm

Afacian February Sanctioned Event

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In collaboration with the Skullduggery team, Scott and I are running a single day sanctioned game at Ross Wood on the 29th February 2020. This will primarily be an Afacian based sanctioned but is open to all players with no player cap. There will be no Games Control, though the system will be there for queries and booking in, and there will be refs and staff onsite throughout.

Crew arrrival from 9am
Player arrival from 9:30am
Briefing 10:30am
Time in 11:00 am
Lunch 1pm
Second half time in 2pm
Time out 4pm
Off site 5pm

Ticket price will be £15, payable on the gate. Due to the nature of the event, pre-bookings are discouraged, though please email [email protected] if payment on the gate is likely to cause undue issues and we will see if we can accommodate you. Catering at this stage is to be confirmed.
This will be a 50/50 split with the morning being more aimed towards the Afacians and the second half being more for long term players although you are weclome to chose as you see fit as usual.
As this is more aimed to newer/lower level characters, there will be a level 4 skill cap for this game. In game, this is caused by the nature of the unstable magic on the edge of the Caldera, a little known and understood place on the borders of Afacian territory. This means that higher than level 4 characters can still play but will only be able to use up to level 4 skills. If you would prefer not to play your character due to this restriction, or feel you have little IC justification to attend, you will be welcome to play as a temporary level 4 character with a choice of 4 premade classes, one for each path:
Knight-Aspirant – Fortitude
Red Mage neophyte – Clarity
Corsair deckhand – Solitary
Preacher of Akarne – Piety
You may take a single skill pick if you play your normal character for the game, unfortunately those playing one of the temprorary characters will not be able to take a skill pick for their usual character as they are not putting their normal character at risk (therefore gaining any experience).

The temporary character skills:
https://docs.google.com/document/d/141M ... sp=sharing
IC: Nathaniel Holt - Aspiring Knight of Afacia
OC: Jack R.H.

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