Who's coming? April 2022!

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Nate » Mon Apr 04, 2022 2:20 pm

Hello all! It's been a while, hasn't it? For newcomers, this is all useful information about what you can expect at the event, including arrivals and departures, cars, food and all other bits we think you might find helpful. For old hands, please do read this one, partly to refresh your memory and partly because we also have Covid rules and a few other points to make.

Due to some issues with the forum, I will also be taking a list from the facebook post, so you can either reply to this forum thread or this facebook message, depending on where you're reading it. This is to help speed things up at Games Control, and also to help with parking.

If you're coming, please put:
Your name
Player ID
How many cars, and if you're planning on leaving either Friday or Saturday.
Any In Character tents you would like to set up (if coming as a group, then can one person post on behalf of that group please)
If you're intending to crew the whole event

Please do not ask questions here, please email [email protected]. As always, please check this thread before you travel for any last minute issues/updates.

We ask that all attendees take a Lateral Flow Test (LFT) before attending the event. There is no need to bring proof, we will trust all players to be responsible in this regard. To help reduce any risk of spreading, we ask that players do not share drinking vessels and such with each other, and to please make sure they bring a suitable container themselves for water and other drinks. Don't worry if you don't have an in-character suitable one, safety is more important than aesthetics. In addition, we will be unable to have water carriers for the monster crew as we usually do, so please do have a bottle on you, and there are plenty of standpipes around the site for water if you need to grab a drink. Masks will not be required (though of course you are free to wear one) in any IC area, but we ask that you please wear one whilst in Games Control, that is a fairly small indoors area and we would like to keep our staff as safe as possible as they will interact face to face with every single one of you. You are free to set your own rules and guidelines for your tents based on your comfort levels, and we expect all participants to respect each others spaces and the rules they create for them. Hand sanitiser will be available at Games Control should you wish it, and we will ensure the bathrooms are well stocked with liquid soap, if any run out please let us know as soon as possible so we can restock.

About the car park:
Car parking on site is tight, so as always please car share as much as possible. If you are arriving friday then please wait to be directed to where you should park, and try and park as close as reasonably possible to the car next to you. We will ask if you are OK to be blocked in, or if you are likely to need to get off site so we can park you differently. We of course can get you out in an emergency, we will record people's license plates so we can find people in a hurry. If you have any concerns around this please email [email protected] and we'll sort something out for you. If you arrive outside of the time we have people available to show you where to park, please do let GC know this is the case so we can check you're not blocking someone in who does need to leave, as we know who those people are.

Arriving on Friday (8th)

Arrivals from 4pm as usual please.

Early arrivals will not be allowed on site without prior arrangement before the game. If you would like early arrival for any reason then please email [email protected] before 6pm on Thursday 7th and had a response confirming your arrival arrangements before you leave (Responses will not necessarily be before 6pm but you should have one sometime Thursday evening). Please do not arrive before this without permission, this is to allow us to do setup without having to monitor and book people in. Where possible, if one person per carload can email in, that lets us know groups as they arrive.

Arriving on Saturday (7th)
Arrival from 08:30 as usual and will need to check in at Games Control before walking onto site.

Arriving Sunday (8th)
Usual arrival times apply here, 08:30 on Sunday to book in at Games Control.

Departing on Sunday
Time out is expected to be at approximately 3pm.

Everyone needs to be offsite by 17:30 (5:30 PM) as your lovely staff team have to finish locking up in good time. Please ensure any lifts have arrived and gone by this time.

Mainly for the benefit of previous players, we are not doing the traditional 'OOC is in Camp 1' this time, instead camp 1 will be the main IC area. Instead, OOC camping will be directed to both Camp 8 and the grassy section of the adventure playground. We will show you whereabouts if you're in doubt, and there will be a sign up for everyone, but please don't just go and set up OOC as you'd normally do.

Season tickets are valid at this game.

On the gate options are as described on the bookings info page.

Signing for children:
If you're signing for under 16s (i.e. you understand that the underage player is to be your responsibility) you must be 21 or over and be remaining on site whilst the child is on site. If you leave site, the underage player needs to go with you. You will need to bring a consent form for under 18s if this is their first Skully event.

Mateddi Catering are providing food this event. Please find more information here:
https://www.facebook.com/groups/1146286 ... 8762280838

Just a warning that the event is likely to be colder than usual for April, and there is a moderate chance of rain. Bring extra layers, and be prepared to wrap up warm and replace outer layers if they get wet. Bring more socks than you think you'll ever possibly need, trust me on this.

Please check this thread before you travel for any last-minute updates.

See you there

Nathan and the Skullduggery Team
Nathan Hoyle - Event Organiser and Coordinator

[email protected]
Nathan Hoyle - Event Organiser and Coordinator

admin (at) skullduggerylarp.co.uk

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Smileygoth » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:35 pm

Yaaayyy we're off!!!!! Jack and I will be there, arriving Friday evening probably around 7-7:30pm. I've booked a meal ticket so if we miss dishing up would be super grateful if a plate can be held for me!

One car, staying all weekend. IDs 037 for me and 831 for Jack.
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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by ArchixClawBorne » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:45 pm


I'll be there (892) with a +1 (Mickie Bowen, no ID yet). 1 car, playing whole event
IC- Thegn Archix Clawborne of The Silurians.

OOC- Tom Briggs, 891
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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Kjarrett402 » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:46 pm

Kyle Jarrett
Pid 888
Being dropped friday staying all weekend
would like like to pitch IC but can do in OC if space is an issue

(sorry if this double posts, had login issue)
Kirwin - Silurian

OOC Kyle Jarrett
PID 888

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by CharlieP » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:48 pm

Charlie P 608 (I'm impressed I remembered my number! Heaven knows about the rest)
Turning up early and staying late as usual.

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OC Charlotte or Charlie, Also seamstress and first aider!

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Arielles » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:50 pm

Myself, Sam Bingham

I'm new so I don't have an ID yet

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Sarah » Mon Apr 04, 2022 7:56 pm

The clan are coming.

Sarah ID 56
Adam ID 17
Lyra ID 1026
Marcie New, No ID yet

One car, hoping to stay all weekend but may need access to leave depending how we go with having two small ones.
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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by GeorgePerrin » Mon Apr 04, 2022 8:00 pm

Myself (George Perrin), Ted Clayton & Clayton Hirst
No Player Id's as all three of us are new.
One car arriving on Friday leaving on the Sunday.

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by andrakin » Mon Apr 04, 2022 8:17 pm

Your name: Andrew Lamb
Player ID: New no ID
How many cars, and if you're planning on leaving either Friday or Saturday: 1 car shared with 2 others, staying whole event
Any In Character tents you would like to set up: no

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Galleon » Mon Apr 04, 2022 10:38 pm

Chris Ferguson
ID - 967
One Car and staying all weekend

For the Silurians we are bringing a tent and 2 shade sails for the camp fyi
IC - Galleon Stigander
Arch Mage of the Free People
High Mage and Keeper of Siluria
Mage of Silver

OOC- Chris Ferguson (967)

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Korneleus » Tue Apr 05, 2022 6:25 am

Jack Hallums 985
Millie Caleno 1023
Arriving Friday, with one car staying all weekend. (Car camping so boot access please)

Afacian Union IC canvas request:
20ft x 20ft Awning
20ft x 10ft Awning
12.5ft x 6.5ft Awning
10ft x 5ft Historical Soldier Tent
Tiny Lavuu Tent (No more than 5ft diameter)
2off 2m x 2m Teepee Tents
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OC: Jack R.H.

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Re: Who's coming? April 2022!

Post by Rob2 » Tue Apr 05, 2022 10:00 am

Rob Newsmith - 256? 258?
Kestrel Newsmith - No Idea
Paul Junior - 168
Gill Payne - 716
Kye Baker - 35
Reilly Bateman - 1040
Eve Baker - 1041
Mylo Baker - 1039
Glenn Philpott - 29
Colin Taylor - 196
Adam Campbell-Smith
Sarah Cambell-Smith
Dan Thripp - 601

IC Canvas:

5m Bell
4m Bell
4m Bell
20x10ft Awning
Gold for the Mistress, Silver for the Maid,
Copper for the craftsman, Master of his Trade,
True said the Mage, sitting in his hall,
But Iron, Cold Iron, Master of them All


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