All Hallows Best & Best

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by Esme » Tue Nov 06, 2012 8:59 pm

Me next...

Best IC:
Mrs Trask being welcomed by the White Rose and having a long overdue lesson in humility by cooking for them on the Friday night.
Saturday night singalong and sticky date:)
Casting bolts, enchanting weapons and making a dowsing rod - in fact the first bit of crafting I have ever done at Skully
Skorm's stew and attitude, even though poor Verity couldn't quite cope with all the expletives :D

Worst IC :
Joining the Mages Guild and then not long after witnessing the High Mage meet an untimely end. So sad for poor Honzgu, Verity was looking forward to spending more time with him :(
At the very end, Verity was convinced that she had lost her husband in the catacombs and also a good number of her new found friends
Being so thoroughly confused by the whole Leno / Bringers / Dragon situation and unable to offer any sensible advice to anyone

Best OOC
Well this could be IC but as Kargy is no more I'm classing it as OOC. The whole encounter of bringing her body home, just amazing. I really hope we see more of Captain Marr and his loyal crew - Thumper, Roadkill and the Professor and others despite them losing the good ship the Hooded Claw :) The stretcher ride to the circle was incredible, I had tears in my eyes as I glided along under the tree canopy watching the autumn sun filter through the leaves and imagined that this would be what Kargy saw on her trip to the Happy Hunting Grounds. I'm not a small built girlie so thank you so much to my stretcher bearers for getting me there in one piece!

Getting to spend more time with Jason IC. I know we're married blah blah etc but every time we've tried to play an IC couple something has foiled our plans. Let's hope for a long and happy future for Mr and Mrs Trask :)

Worst OOC

My boots leaked eventually.
Arthritis in my thumb giving me a lot of gip and hampering my ability to fight properly with my quarterstaff.
Missing being Kargy and seeing the Pack go through some difficult times.

All in all another top event, I refuse to give in to my aches and pains and advancing years and am vastly looking forward to the next events, thanks everyone!! :D
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by Vorlaith » Wed Nov 07, 2012 12:00 am

Best IC -
  • Time spent in the Order of the White Rose Tent, The singing, the people, the food, just an absolutely fabulous environment to experience, Vorlaith finally feels like he may have found some place he might be able to call home some day, which is a wonderful feeling.
  • Time spent talking with Father Gregor, genuinely inspirational :)
  • Watching Mr and Mrs Trask, it's really cute, and really funny!
  • Figuring out a way of actually helping the front line, without always dying!(And great monstering that allows me to do it)
Worst IC -
  • Trying to figure out where I stood with the bringers/ dragon decision, and seeing how torn some members of the Order were feeling.
  • Ser Alistair, just the whole experience was deeply moving, although it was incredible immersive, and I perversely enjoyed that aspect of it, I wouldn't want to experience it too often.
Best OOC
  • Speaking to Simon & Nate, and just figuring out how to RP better
  • Monstering for the Epic, and seeing the pleasure in Dan's face as I do a forward flip in reaction to my monster being tripped
  • watching other people RP, seeing twenty min IC discussions between Tyrel & Nick Nick in the juicy apple, and realising just how much more there I have to improve!
  • Further to that, Dan's infectious love for the RP in general making it such a rich experience
Worst OOC
  • Only finding out about the tea pass on saturday evening
  • Lots of monsters with tripple :(, while I appreciate a lot of people need that level as a challenge, it does make it really hard to enjoy combat as a lower level new guy.
* Big thank for everyone, for making it such a fantastic break from reality *
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by Kennyboy » Wed Nov 07, 2012 1:49 pm

BEST IC: Finally being accepted as High Mage. The ritual to free Orik from Marcus's mind effects, and everyone willing to help me. Having a guard for the mask, fun talking to Caerse all weekend! Getting into the whole Earthmother/Puppetmaster thing and how it affected me. New Orcs! Shame I didn't get to really know them.

WORST IC: Dying, albeit self inflicted and heroicly. Wasn't expecting it to be so final, but I'm happy with how it worked out. :P Finding about the Earthmother/Puppetmaster and the whole of Honzgu's goals, aspirations and efforts over the past 3 years all a lie!

BEST OC: Seeing everyone. Ranzo's breakfasts.

WORST OC: Cold, rain.
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by RobertH » Wed Nov 07, 2012 6:40 pm

Best IC Oh man, to be honest I'm really struggling to think of a single thing that went my way this game. I guess meeting a new beastkin is worth something...

Worst IC Where to begin? Missing the opportunity to go back to the rejection and fight zombies. Telling the white rose of my vision that Alistair was still alive only for them to find his corpse a few hours later. Forgetting to close a circle before teleporting, leading to a grumpy circle and a painful journey. Missing the guild meeting again. Almost getting myself and my friends burnt to death via vision quest. The confirmation that Kargath and presumably Fao Lan are dead. Failing to perform a miracle in Fid-Nemith and being punished as a result. Being accused of necromancy due to aforementioned failed miracle. Totally failing to stop people voting dragon and then being quested to vote for him myself. Losing the green knight's sword. Honzgu's death.

Best OC Has to be the climax of Saturday night; what a show!

Worst OC The combination of missing EPIC due to the early time in and losing my weapon on Sunday meant that I didn't get a decent fight all weekend. Despite all of the crap that happened to me in character I think this is the only OC low point of the game for me.
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by Paradise » Fri Nov 09, 2012 7:26 pm

Ok this has been my faviote event and has made me decide to carry on playing

best ic: getting things sorted and started aranging things for a big ritual now just need to work out how to write it
not been sucked into the red mages while things were being decided which path we would take

worst Ic: the ritaul to rescue Orik from the red mages spell and its after effects and the death of Honzgu

Best oc: thou the effect of the ritual were an ic pain occ they gave me something to rp and thus gave me anger and better fighting,

Worst oc: the headacre i got in the final battle as i trying to solve the problems of colapsing the catacums as people were looking to me to take the high mage reins thus forcing me to talk to the dragon and huntress something i have been scared to do both ic and oc
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by asm03 » Fri Nov 09, 2012 11:59 pm

Have been thinking about this for a few days now:

Best IC:
Getting to do some crafting and moving up a level in the Healers Guild
Being allowed to fight alongside the White Rose on Sunday as I got left behind when the rest of the beastkin went off hunting (monstering)
Getting to use ‘camo’ – sometimes with good effect, sometimes not!
The whole of Saturday night.

Worst IC:
By far the worst moment of the whole weekend was, due to pure circumstance and being in the wrong place at the wrong time, having to tell Scale and Lissa about the deaths of Geb and Farren and that Kargath and Faolan were missing presumed dead. A totally awful moment. :(
The whole atmosphere surrounding the return of Kargaths body – amazing and heart wrenching. I miss her and wish that I had known her better.
Hints from Boris that humans could not be pack members
Spending a lot of the time saying ‘Wake – No!’

Best OOC
Feeling more comfortable with the whole role-play thing – it is becoming more natural now and I feel more accepted.
The way that everyone just carries on and has a great time – even in the middle of a rainstorm!
Forward planning of my costume so that I was totally weatherproof! :)

Worst OOC
Mud making moving around the camps so much harder
Still forgetting peoples names – sorry!

Other quandries
Trying to flip between IC and OOC in order to take photos without distracting/offending everyone too much – resulting in trying to be in and out of character at the same time when Kargaths body was returned and blowing everyone’s night vision in the WR camp on Saturday night. Hopefully the photos make up for this?
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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by StephenReynolds » Sat Nov 10, 2012 7:59 am

asm03 wrote: Other quandries
Trying to flip between IC and OOC in order to take photos without distracting/offending everyone too much – resulting in trying to be in and out of character at the same time when Kargaths body was returned and blowing everyone’s night vision in the WR camp on Saturday night. Hopefully the photos make up for this?[/color][/i] :oops:
They do don't worry :P

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Re: All Hallows Best & Best

Post by Marswithin » Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:04 pm

The photos were amazing, and I'm so glad you got that one of them bringing in Kargy's body. I was so choked up the first time and I choked up all over again seeing the photo. RIP Kargy :(
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