Sanctioned Best/Worst

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Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:21 pm

First big thanks to everyone who helped organise this sanctioned event!

I got to say goodbye to Kargy.
Tyrel pitching in so heavily with all the Beastkin stuff, including getting down and dirty and chewing down on fallen foes with us.
Mar - Definitely one of my favourite NPC's - thanks Glenn for bringing him along!
I think I've found an aspect of Greenman I want to worship...

People putting paralysed people into silly poses whilst they were bleeding out!
Walking into a room and finding Pazaar on the floor.
Wading into monsters to get paralysed 3 hits in.
Being dropped by Kargy.
Derrin - "Punch a hole!" - I punch one turn around find no-one else managed to get through said hole.
Having to fight Beastkin...even if they're tainted.

Tyrel - "Tyr go eat that corpse." Tyr - "No." Tyrel - "Quest. Go eat that corpse."
Feeding Yahil blood of fallen foes.
TRIPLE blade venom. I briefly glimpsed that wonderful world of level 7 :P
Hearing Ember swear heartily mid healing me when a monster went for her.

None...Except I'm sure I missed some stuff in my lists...

Zombies...Always something so fun about playing one.
Seeing a path open to Dilandu then he proceding to beat 7 shades of snot out of me when I got there :P
Damn Mr and Mrs Trask tag teaming to produce DOUBLE THROUGH FLAMING!

I got a bit cold at one point.

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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Smileygoth » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:56 pm

Best IC: Getting a look around the Green Man's sacred hunting grounds was ... interesting. Naming Herne. Seeing Teatree throwing some big spells around! Saving two people who were very low on their death counts! Not being told to pray with everyone else!

Worst IC: Feeling very out of place, especially when the praying & chanting was going on. Otherwise, nothing - it was quite a jolly day out for Etain!

Best OC: Being back at Fort Amhurst for a larp was fun, it's not always my favourite place for a game but it does make a nice change. Exploring areas I've not been to before. Those tunnels were pretty cool! The weather holding up just long enough ...

Worst OC: Cold toes. But I'm getting used to that ...

Best Monstering: Stirring up some anti-King, anti-fae sentiment amongst the rebels. Starting a rumour that Arrazeth had a son!!! Getting to slot Dan L a few times & seeing how much fun he was having. & shield-bash ping-pong was pretty fun too, thanks to the Dans L & Thripp for that! (Incidentally, I think calling 'shield bash' works very well when you can't actually do it.)

Worst Monstering: I am definitely not a fan of fighting in enclosed areas. I got squashed a lot - the curse of being small. Ah well, live & learn!

Thanks for a great game to Jason & Mick & Lisa & Dan & anyone who monstered all day!!! Nice to think that the winter drought is now down to just one month, yay!! :mrgreen:

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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by mark » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:10 pm

Best IC: Getting to let the beastkin side out a lot more than usual. Being involved in what was essentially a beastkin issue.

Worst IC: The Malkon being reluctant to join in.

Best OC: seeing a few players put together a really fun game. I know it takes a lot of work and I hope you guys thought it was worth running it. I certainly thought it was worth playing it.

Worst OC: got a little chilly, but that is about it.

Best monstering: Ferns hammer. I WILL be getting something like that to monster with. Soo much fun to use and looks awesome if you use it right.

Once again, thanks to all that ran the game and put it all together.
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Nate » Mon Nov 26, 2012 11:52 pm

First one from the other side :D

Best IC: Recovering the money for the treasury. Putting a wraith to rest. Fighting alongside the stalwart men of Skorba, and a couple of people I don't usually fight next to.

Worst IC: Getting cut off trying to cover Duncan's mad advance round the right flank. Getting more than my fair share of wounds and beatdowns, this is a new experience. More training is needed :p

Best OOC: Getting to go all priestly on a few occasions, really enjoying bringing Akarne's blessing/wrath down in various situations. Used both hold undead and banish spirit for the first time :D

Worst OOC: Sore nose, no real damage though. I for one was toasty though, lots of layers :D

Monstering moments: An excuse to wear my leafy cloak, love that cloak. Toiny shield, toiny knife.

Cheers for a good fun romp, great change of pace to the recent bombastic and overreaching plot, sometimes you just gotta beat some bandits and kill a few dozen zombies. Many thanks to Jason, Lisa, Mick, and any and everyone else involved in making this happen. Will see y'all in the new year, lets do it all again!
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Dan L » Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:09 pm

Well that was a bucket load of fun. Not done that in way too long. Thanks guys!

Best IC: charging the line with Sarge at my back, hacking and slashing, smashing the foe into the dirt, spilling blood and severing limbs, for the glory of Afacia, confident that Father Gregor's faith and fury would protect me. And it did! Though having my legs and arms and ribs smashed wasn't so much fun

Worst IC: Turning around as Gatrie Hendrickson as that hammer came crashing down and realising no one else had followed me into the room... then nothing but blackness. Akarne receive your soul Gatrie Hendrickson. Farmer and soldier, who died in the service of the City and the Empire. The Skorban Relief Unit will mourn you.

Best OOC: Well, that was a bloody laugh wasn't it? It was great fun fighting again, thanks to all you monsters who let me beat seven shades of mud out of you. But the moment of the day was our conversation, Rob, Glenn, Owen and I, about the monsters that might be facing us. I was in fits of hysterics with Rob's story of the Splitting Spiders, and going back to old running jokes with Glenn in a new environment. I loved being a player for a couple of hours, I really did, and I really need to get into the field for a battle at least once next year, but I wouldn't give up my role if you paid me. It was great to see what life is like for level 1s, and it gave me a viewpoint I've not had for a while. So yeah, that was a lot of fun.

Worst OOC: That bloody bramble!

All told, thanks to everyone, players, crew, writers and organisers, for giving me a fun NPC and a great fun playing experience. I bloody love Skully. :D You guys rock my socks.
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Narcnut » Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:50 am

Where to start, thanks again to Jason, Lisa and Mick, plus all those who monstered all day.

Best IC:- Gregor's patience trying to teach a beastkin how to fight in a disciplined line and Trask's constant dulcet tones "where's that beastkin now, "GET BACK HERE". Getting isolated and pummeled by four opponents at one point, during open combat and a couple of Afacians seeing my predicament, diving in to help out. My favourite however was leading the way in the last tunnels against the zombie hoard and lich.

Worst IC:- Frustration at not being able to press the attack because of magical barrier.

Best OC:- Seeing an old friend, who monstered all day to check out the skully group, enjoy himself so much he fancies playing next year. The weather, the site and excellent monster briefing sheets. Finally, watching the nervous relief on the faces of the event organisers when they saw how much everyone was enjoying themselves'

Worst OC:- Don't know when, but I managed to twist my GOOD knee, which is now the size of a football. Such is life!

Can't wait for the next event in 2013.
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by oldmick » Wed Nov 28, 2012 8:21 am

Well I thought I would add my thoughts

Best IC: Lying in the mud in the morning with my death count reaching 100 and there was no sign of anyone noticing me on the floor thinking that its somewhat ironic that I die on an event I helped put together.

Worst IC: Hearing the thunder of feet when people realise I have been on the floor for some time and wondering if they will loot my shiny beads before they heal me.

Best Reffing: Hearing mages shout don’t hit the monsters you are only making the wall stronger closely followed by several shouts of sharp as people pile in. The first Afacian looking round the corner at the gathered monsters going there’s a lot of them far more then us.

Worst Reffing: Worrying that the party are piling through the encounters too fast.

Worst OOC: All the worry before the event, would people come would the weather hold or my biggest fear some one would jump into on the defensive trenches.

Best OOC: A massive thanks to everyone who turned up particularly those who came and monstered all day it made such a difference. To the new people to Skully who came along to try and now want to give it a go, you wont be disappointed. I was pleased that some of Skully’s full time NPCs got to have a play for once as I think sometimes people forget they don’t really play they spend there time ensuring we get a good time.

Will we do it again? I don’t know but I already have some ideas for another event so some time myself Jason and Lisa will chat and we will see.
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Jalik » Wed Nov 28, 2012 3:14 pm

Well lets see the best and worse from the sanctioned.

First of all a big thanks to all those who attended. We were a tad nervous that we might not get the numbers but that quite quickly became a moot point.
A real big thanks to those who monstered all day that just made life that much easier and I believe the different roles you played may have altered your views on character types .
More thanks to Adam for letting us use the radios and the Skully banner to run the event, thanks to Dan for party reffing to beastkin/Malkon half (don’t volunteer next time play both parts ;) ).

Best IC, having a shield wall that can span the gully’s with spare shields if needed, working with the Order, DISARM.

Worst IC fixing armour a lot

Best OOC just everything really
Worse OOC no sleep the night before and thinking I wouldn’t be able to do the event as feeling ill.

Best Reffing seeing people enjoy the game and the congrats at the end of the day.
Theres bound to be more I'll add as it comes to me.
Lisa spent a lot of time co writing the Malkon/Beastkin half and was incredibly nervous about the whole day but by the end of it was hyper and wants to write more so cheers guys that’s the wife nagging about plot now too. 

As Mick said come the new year as long as Dan,Adam and the rest of the crew of Skully don’t mind we will give it another go. If other factions want stuff done for them then I’m sure if we get permission we might be persuaded.

Thanks guys was a blast
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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by asm03 » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:51 am

Had a great time on Sunday - first time at Fort Amherst and very impressed with the whole place - especially the variety of locations available - hopefully this will not be the only Skully event held there.....

Best IC: Getting to use my new healer skills - feeling useful and needed

Worst IC: not getting a good fight as constantly kept out of the 'front line' by the big guys - let the small people through sometimes, we want a bit of a bash too :(

Best OOC: watching the 'big guys' (especially those in clank) trying to make themselves slimmer in order to squeeze into and out of the rooms for the last encounter - priceless :D

Worst OOC: nothing! Can we do it all again please???
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OOC: Andrea (766)

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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Mendac » Thu Nov 29, 2012 10:25 am

asm03 wrote:Worst IC: not getting a good fight as constantly kept out of the 'front line' by the big guys - let the small people through sometimes, we want a bit of a bash too :(
if its any consolation I quite often find it hard to push through to the front too. Pointy elbows help. I'll try to keep an eye out for you from now on.

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Re: Sanctioned Best/Worst

Post by Marswithin » Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:36 pm

Best IC: getting to play a little bit more with The Rangers. There's so much potential there. Getting to enjoy archery a bit as the new character.

Worst ic: Gretchen picked the wrong battle. I think I would have enjoyed the afacian side far more. I found absolutely no attachment to the story, and had no friends amongst the army beyond the minute amount of the rangers that were amongst us. Just felt a bit like I was tagging along for no reason.

Best ooc: feeling like I'm making some headway with organising the rangers event, despite being SO painfully shy most of the time, and it being ridiculously hard to talk to people. Poor Dan still found time to talk to me despite being rushed off his feet, but I felt so guilty. I'm always worried that I'm irritating and harrassing people who dont really want to talk.

It was great to see everyone again and that site is so great! I'm glad to hear there ought to be more games there, so I'm looking forward to enjoying the next one better by making sure I'm playing the right side.. or just monstering the lot.

Again I lent my hammer of awesome to the monster crew. Definitely something I'm always going to do now. I love watching everyone having fun with it. Especially Mark and li'l Dan (Our Champion!), and the hero fighting that followed. That was so much fun.

Worst ooc: need to work better on my people skills, talk to more people!

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