Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

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Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by shunteddd » Sun Feb 17, 2013 11:08 pm

I would normally wait a few days or post in one that's already been made, But as I have the buzz and can't stop thinking about the game I don't think I can this time around.

Best IC: My ritual feeling great as we did it and THE SWORD obviously :D, getting a few contracts to replace caerse's and a few other bits I can't really talk about.

Worst IC: Being found unworthy by Degan, Being forced to attack another Degan B'earth, Caerse Dieing.

Best OC: Seeing people and the ritual I worried about so much turning out great.To Everyone that helped with it you did a fantastic job and am very proud you chose to help me; So thank you all verily for that. Finding someone Who knows Talhoffer and fighting them with my Fiore! Some of the most fun sparring I've had in a very long time.

Worst OC: The mud, Cold and wet.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Smileygoth » Mon Feb 18, 2013 7:44 am

Best IC: Getting out of the Void. Getting back to Tuathal. Finding the Manticore, & the help I had with that, it's good to have friends! Giving Tuathal back his wings. Having a nice moment with Dryath. Our relatively smooth success in finding & closing the tears & portal - holy crap, was that teamwork?!? Getting a fair few Kirimar heads presented to me.

Worst IC : Learning we had lost Lirael & Isthaniya in Nosque & that Caerse was dying. Losing Teatree - to the Kirimar, of all people! Learning that the Kirimar were around & involved in things far earlier than we had previously thought. 'Letting' the Heart ritual go ahead, & the reaction that got. Not killing the Manticore ... Yet ... Prophecies & time travel, personal hates!! I'm coming to conclusions I really really hope are wrong ... Nightmares & mood swings & confusion ... Also, a personal victory for me: I sang in front of people - loudly & on my own!! Another strike against my once crippling shyness ...

Best OC: The 'scalping' of Teatree was epic!! Getting my own linear, much fun & apprehension, thanks Dan! Lirael's funeral, Hazel's poem was lovely - crying three times before dinner is a new record!! Both the portal fights felt great, lots of fun, not skin-of-our-teeth, much more like we knew what we were doing. Feeling a bit more confident about not steamrolling fights - have decided I'm just too damn small to do that unless I use a big spell ...

Worst OC: Cold toes & leaky boots. My boots are now so battered, I have to buy new ones ... Sad times. Also, someone gave me their cold. But that's it!

Huge thanks to everyone for an awesome game, just the comeback I needed after January!! As usual, I want to come straight back ... Roll on March! Xx
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by mark » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:50 am

So much happened!

Best IC: I did a ritual that worked and I didn't have to die! Arins reaction when we realised it worked, and me getting a little bonus out of it too.
Stealth missions with Fenton and Ember.
Organising the scouts while Hazel organised the warriors.
Vet Pick.

Worst IC: Teatree. End of. I'm gunna fix that.

Best OOC: the Malkon camp looked the best it has for years. People made a lot of effort and it really paid off. Charlie P was a massive help with tea and cake and providing so much. We are happy you have joined us.
People doing epic fighting.
Faction plot.

Worst OOC: the cold.
People dagger spanking.

Thankyou all for making Skully such an epic system.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Charlie » Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:47 am

I don’t often do this as usually things just blurr a little for me but this event had some seriously excellent moments

Best IC
Absolute top moment:
Tony’s demon “I have his soul now, it is mine!”
Me “No, it is MINE!”
Takes the crystal from his hand and watches the rest of the guys take him apart.

Others include
Lady Trask stitching the fabric of time back together with a needle!

Lissa’s Request

The ritual on the sword

Worst IC
The uncertainty of whether we should go back in time or stay and not interfere

Finding out that Aki was tainted by the puppet master

Best OOC

The Order and how well we fight and work together

Sleeping in the van

Having so much fun in such an excellent system.

Enjoying Monstering. I really dislike monstering at LT but you guys make it fun – and fill us with enthusiasm. A particular thanks to Rob and Tony for filling us with enthusiasm to give the players a hard but fun time.

Worst OOC

Cold wet feet on Saturday night

Thanks guys. Skully has pretty much replaced LT for me – the role-play is miles better, the kit is better, the fighting is better and the plot – well the plot is miles and miles more interesting, personal and fun! HUGE thanks to all those involved.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by pat » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:10 pm


Best ic: the funrall ritual working. Not losing any other fae. Makeing arin better. Point out holes in tiyrels plans killing kiramer. My death helped at least one person.

Worse ic: finding out people I cared about died. Me dieing. Near fight in the juicy apple.

Best ooc: being beheaded and seeing the reactions of the players as it got marched round the circle. The wild elves in the juicy apple was so funny. My death was great and I look forwards to people reaction..
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by smallbluething » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:55 pm

Best IC: making new connection with other races, with regards to the Juicy Apple, hiring protection for myself and the Juicy Apple, getting a "materials guy", Varrens ritual being a partial success, crafting, moving up in the guild, the guild working better (due to Danik pushing us that way), becoming the sole owner of the Juicy Apple (not that I wanted that..)

Worst IC: finding out lirael and Isthanya were dead, and then TeaTree dying. That has got to be one of the worst things to happen for Blubell... It being difficult for me to cast spells in the battles as by the time I have the monster was killed...

Best OOC: pretty much the whole weekend! Not having to sleep in a tent! The intense roleplaying, the story, and it was a very good end seen from an outside perspective.. I don't think I could have reacted in any other way.. The roleplay next game is gonna be so much fun!! Having a car to store things and bring my stuff with me and being able to bring and take people... Varrens ritual was a lot of fun as well, being spurred on my jake to say more lol

Worst OOC: mud (though it didn't bother me THAT much really). Being a bit tired driving home on Saturday, Missing the stuff on Saturday night due to driving home...

Thank you everyone!
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Hamsterbag » Mon Feb 18, 2013 1:21 pm

Best IC: In a strange sense, not doing anything plot related. It meant Fallon could go do Fallon stuff- like drink and... well more drink. Basically, it was Fallon's chill time. Don't worry, she'll be solving mysteries again soon enough. And knowing that Siluria never got flattened 250 years ago.

Worse IC: Those au-tomato-thingies, they were creepy and Fallon didn't know how to deal with them, and they just kept on encroaching.

Best OOC: Doing the monstering for the White Rose- I mean seriously, I'm not a fan of fighting in the dark but that was kind of nice to do. Oh and being asked "Did Fallon die?" a few times- personally I found it funny. All the tea.

Worse OOC: The cold and the mud. And going home to normality.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by oldmick » Mon Feb 18, 2013 2:39 pm

What a great event I totally managed to side step all the main plot but I was rushed sorting out non plot bits. A big thanks to all the staff and crew who work to make sure it runs smoothly.

Best IC: Crafting, learning new recipes and doing the deals to get the crafting done and being able to help several people with the bits they needed to do theirs. A certain suggestion by Danik made at the Mages’ guild meeting. Nice to see a few rituals even if I did not take part in any. All the mages who donated power for my crafting :D

Worst IC: Not being able to do some of the trades people wanted to do.

Best OOC: Seeing so many people really enjoy the event. Lemon drizzle cake, wondering how long before a certain small beastkin is running around with a bomb.

Worst OOC The mud was a bit of a downer but you sort of expect it in February.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Marswithin » Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:15 pm

What a weird event for me. Still had a blast, despite it though.

Best IC: joining the healer's guild, I guess. And the singsong in the order tent, that is always brilliant.

Worst IC: Not having been part of anything like the order before, I screwed up. I asked to join the healer's guild to further my healing work that I had been studying at the monastery, but Trask the quartermaster seemed a very busy man and it was impossible to get to talk to him in the first place! When a very friendly little Zunicorn offered to lend me the silver for my fees if I would help her join the guild and study with her, it seemed the perfect solution. I'd also never seen a Zunicorn before, what luck I thought I'd found! She also helped me source some of the things I would need to craft within the guild. When I told Trask what had happened, however, he was angry. I had no idea what I had been doing was bad! It seems I'm now going to have to endure some punishment, possibly doing some sort of grunt work. Akarne's eyes will be on me though as I earn my right to heal my kin. Nothing is ever achieved without hard graft and a strong will, Father Jakob taught me that and it will always stay with me.

Best ooc: doing the healer's guild with Lexi was lovely, she's such a great kid.
I'm level 2 already and it's my first event with this character. Humans' extra skill point might help to beat my level 2 hump. Even if only a little bit.

Worst ooc: Definitely the sickness. I'm so fed up of spending the first day of any weekender feeling rough, but this was definitely the worst I've ever been so far. I spent hours in GC bouncing from dizzy nausea to exhaustion and back and forth. However, Jules and the rest of gc were so lovely and looked after me.
By the end of day 1 I was starting to feel human and went to roleplay with the order in basic kit, leaving most of it behind in GC. Then later they went on a linear and I decided, y'know what? I'm feeling well enough for a quick bash. But I had to go get all my armour in in GC. By the time I got back in kit... everyone was already back. D'oh!!! Day 2 was still really icky and I wasn't much improved but spending the day with Lexi was lovely, and then I helped pack up Das Shoppe. I managed to see the finale in the ritual circle and Teatree's scalp being waved about, which was pretty epic.

Overall, still had a great time. But I need to sort out whatever keeps making me ill. I'm considering going to the docs for an allergy test to see if it's that. I did feel really bloated and nauseous as if I'd eaten something that disagreed.
I also need to work out how my new faction works. There are so many unspoken rules of protocol and social faux pas that I'm completely oblivious of.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Rolandz » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:41 pm

Marswithin wrote: Worst IC: Not having been part of anything like the order before, I screwed up. I asked to join the healer's guild to further my healing work that I had been studying at the monastery, but Trask the quartermaster seemed a very busy man and it was impossible to get to talk to him in the first place! When a very friendly little Zunicorn offered to lend me the silver for my fees if I would help her join the guild and study with her, it seemed the perfect solution. I'd also never seen a Zunicorn before, what luck I thought I'd found! She also helped me source some of the things I would need to craft within the guild. When I told Trask what had happened, however, he was angry. I had no idea what I had been doing was bad! It seems I'm now going to have to endure some punishment, possibly doing some sort of grunt work. .
He's like that with everyone. Should have seen how Nic got treated.

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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by dantony » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:46 pm

Best IC: Doing stealth missions that made me feel important
Camoing in battle right before Tathar gets jumped, allowing him to shout "Fenton!!!" and then I jump out the shadows and mutilate the people
Winning a cow off of Danik
Making some healing guild recipes
Actually role playing the inability to talk, IC it was bad for Fenton, but for me it was fun to Rp the whole charades concept
Meeting lump

Worst IC: Teatree dieing
The inability to talk (again, its bad from an IC point of view)
Watching Paz leave
Getting told by Paz that I am in charge of the pack, but being unable to tell anyone

Best OOC: My hammock, it was so warm and toasty and I cant believe how amazing it was
Being able to talk
Learning some cool backstory about Fofur and Kano

Worst OOC: My headache Saturday night
Having to get out of my hammock in the morning
All the cuts and bruises I now have
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Nelosninja » Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:49 pm

Best Ic: watching the ritual to fuel the heart making the so called "perfect weapon" (giving me so many ideas right now)
hanging around malkon tent and having general chatting
automatons intrigued me as yet another use for the dead is revealed to me
and helping the final ritual to push back the worlds
oh yeah and me talking to my sword as my after void effects

Worst Ic: my suggestion of i want to eat the heart of power denied by most people when i suggested it
feeling a little useless to begin with

Best Oc: seeing everyone again
being allowed to share the tent (thanks charlie)
getting my new sword which actually suits my face
tea and cake

Worst Oc: having the worst headache i've had in ages and throwing up due to dehydration (my bad)
thats about it really
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Jester » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:20 pm

best IC: despite not doing much for my character this event i enjoyed watching and hearing about other characters achievements, mainly Orik's crafting ideas, some really cool rituals. Havedra is finally coming of her high horse and talking to some of the other characters which is always good to make friends.

worst IC: being (briefly) angry with Eliza kicking down the emperors door and potentially putting us all at risk, ahwell whats the worst that can happen right? having abit of a tense moment with one of the few fae's Havedra acctually likes, but you just dont use mind affect spells on dwarves, you just dont. and of course teatree's death, i mean who would do such a thing!

best OC: nice to see some new faces, all dwarves too :) my shiny new armor thank you Lala!!! acctually knowing some of what was happening in game. and thank Thor for the fairly good weather, i know it was cold but it was better than the start of that week.

worst OC: not much really, sad to see some people not able to make it this event, due to money or illness :(

monstering: well.... what can I say, i think i enjoyed cutting Teatree's head off and parading it around far too much. :p the reaction from some of the characters was amazing, it will keep teatree in everyones memories for a long time. poor Pat... ahwell all hail the tea-dwarf!!!!
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by nathan » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:35 pm

I don't really do these any more, but I'll make an exception this time!

I had an absolutely fantastic event, the whole damn thing! This is most definitely the most I have enjoyed skully in a long long time.
So a massive thanks to anyone that RPd with me, those that helped me feel welcome as my new character even though he is a bit of a git and also a massive thanks to the monster crew for making me work my arse off to fight you, yet have a tonne of fun!

Thanks a lot ladies and gents. Definitely enjoying the wild elves and I hope you all enjoyed them as well!
Also, turnips.

That's me done!
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by RobertH » Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:56 pm

Best IC Fighting against the Brotherhood alongside some old school Disciples was pretty awesome. Talking to the Earth Mother without any apparent ill effects. Evoking the Cycle in Varren's ritual without Degan taking offence. Getting my sword back.

Worst IC Realising that my role as the green knight has set me apart from the Disciples, first when they didn't recognise me as one of their own and later when Yamamoto told me that we must walk different paths. Not knowing that Caerse was dying and being unable to say my goodbyes.

Best OC Pretty much everything. This has been one of my favourite events in a long time: loads of great surprises, more character-relevant plot than I could have possibly asked for and some fantastic battles on Sunday. Thank you very much everyone :D

Worst OC My car becoming unusable the day before then event and so having to get there by tain/bus at the last minute.
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