Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Nate » Tue Feb 19, 2013 9:35 am

Best IC: Starting the quest to save a soul, and making substantial progress. Not screwing up the world with time travel. The improvement to Afacia City

Worst IC: I hate time travel. I don't know what's happened in the last 200 years anymore. The doubt over whether what I'm doing is right or wrong.

Best OOC: New clank is fun. Good times, with good company. Nice return to heroic and epic combat, both the morning and afternoon fights on sunday were great. Ri!

Worst OOC: The sheer number of self inflicted bruises, from armour straps and tree stumps. Not a single unpulled blow or headshot, and yet more bruises than last year combined. Seriously...

Thanks to all, a good if short weekender. Roll on March, and April.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Lori » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:23 am

Best IC: Sorting out Arin’s I’Dome taint problem. Getting a glimmer of understanding of I’Aure. Getting to go back in time. Reassuring people around the ritual circle that the Heart of the Necromancer will be destroyed in a few years time by a mighty weapon created in a ritual; Arin knows, she was there. Getting to close a loop in Arin’s ancient back history, only to arrive in the present and discover Siluria never was destroyed – all the more reason she needed to close the loop I suppose! Calean with tea and cake - very welcome addition to the Malkon. Hazel becoming Blademaster. Shut the door!

Worst IC: The delay between being Arin being summoned to the circle and anyone sending up an alarm – it might have been instantaneous, but seemed like an eternity! The dread about the fate of her children in the future as Arin pieced together what wouldn’t happen if Ultima never came to our world.

Best OC: Everyone being lovely about my migraine. Mark doing a ritual and no one died! The night fighting against the kirimar was very good on the path. Being in the dark was a bit more comfortable for my head, but I think everyone on both sides tried to be very careful and heroic.

Worst OC: Migraine - made it difficult to follow complex conversations and meant I was too uncoordinated to be safe fighting and codeine treatment meant no drinking.
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OOC: Lori
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by oldmick » Tue Feb 19, 2013 10:38 am

Just remembered should have added to my best OOC I liked the hanging lanterns much better than the paraffin lamps
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by mitchella35 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:02 pm

I agree with you Mick. On a completely personal level I do not like the paraffin lamps, I think their illumination is poor but they are singularly bright enough to take away your night vision and dazzle whilst not illuminating very far around them to make combat/travel any safer.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by lalacollins » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:49 pm

Best OC - all the help I received over the weekend. Yes I know I'm a very high maintenance kind of operation but hopefully I provided the service you need. I loved the trades and hopefully you got what you needed in exchange. I know the Order of the White Rose liked the sheepskins!

Worst OC - packing up.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Patches » Tue Feb 19, 2013 12:50 pm

mitchella35 wrote:I agree with you Mick. On a completely personal level I do not like the paraffin lamps, I think their illumination is poor but they are singularly bright enough to take away your night vision and dazzle whilst not illuminating very far around them to make combat/travel any safer.
Not to mention a pain in the *** to clean and use up a lot of fuel as well.
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Re: Febuary Weekender Best & Worst

Post by Tessandra » Tue Feb 19, 2013 5:46 pm

I can't believe how much cool stuff happened in such a small space of time! After feeling my time as Hazel was winding down, and that this would be my last year at Skully, I now feel bound to the game for at least another half decade. So much respect for all my fellow players and everyone who runs the game...

Best IC: Being given the title of Blademaster? Yeah that was alright, but what was really awesome were the TURNIPS! I think a lot of people are having doubts about following someone into battle that has such a penchant for nutritionally dull root vegetables. I was not expecting Derren to give the Blademaster's sword and amulet to Hazel at the end of that ritual. Cue Hazel's unpoetic, gibbering acceptance. Looking forward to some awesome plot pretty soon, as since Hazel did not win the title by combat, the sword refuses to acknowledge her. That means fight Derren and win, or go to the Tomb of the Ancients, where the amulet originated from. Either sounds good. Bring it on. Leading the Malkon Blades and any others who cared to listen was a lot of fun, and I hope people forgive me for being either bossy, inept or hasty when reforming the lines!

Being the first human to walk in the Wildlands; "Do you know what the punishment is for Edan who dare walk in these woods?" "No, but I'm sure you're gonna tell me,". "Ha! I like this one, she has balls," "Hairier legs than you mate,".

Acquiring some Wild Elf friends that gift her with turnips, cake and tea!

No I am not Fletch's mum.

Reading my poem to Lirael in the ritual to get her body back.

Worst IC: Tea Tree dying. On Hazel's first day as Blademaster as well. Way to go Blademaster, well done, good job. Every time Hazel ran to assist in the fighting during the retreat she was told to go back by other Malkon, and every time she ran on she got called back to fight. And then to see people with no armour and no weapons dithering as well, in the face of a Kirimar charge... Hazel should have been firmer with people who could not fight and firmer with people who told her she could not fight. Next time Hazel needs to correct those with misguided attempts at assistance and put herself right next to the enemy during a retreat. What a coward. Saying goodbye to Paz!

Best OOC: Being eternally grateful for the logistical operation behind assembling my kit at every one of these events. Thank you to Tim and Vicky for hosting me at their lovely house, to long suffering Mark for lending me weapons and weapon loops, to the newly suffering Derren and Joanna for looking after my mucky kit, and Nathan H for lending me weapons as well. Thank you to Charlie for giving me space in that wonderful bell tent, also! I owe everyone crumpets, alcohol and presents.

Having so much fun with the eternal turnip gag. I really need to take the Trade Turnip Farmer soon.

Worst OOC: Hitting a few people too high up, or too hard. *hangs head*. Not getting to hang around with loads of awesome players/characters over the weekend, the game is so big it's amazing how you barely get to say two words to a lot of people. Knowing I can't be there in March.
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