April weekender Best/Worst

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April weekender Best/Worst

Post by mark » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:03 am

I don't usually do one of these, but I may as well start it.

Best IC: Rituals. Done four now and not died in a single one.
Being confirmed as Waywalker by Elm himself, which means those that didn't think the title should be mine can jog on.
Back Street Sebastion.
Ember becoming the new Keeper.
A victory for the weekend.
Getting answers and being able to prepare.
Kitting out the lesser skilled members of the Darkwood Alliance.
Diplomacy is getting easier.
Saturday night by the fire talking about histories of Darkwood. Not often we get to talk like that and I would love for more of it to happen.

Worst IC: Helping Bluebell get Teatree's body back and losing two friends instead of just the one.
Being one of very few possibles for being the Perfect Person.

Best OC: Being one of very few possibles for being the Perfect Person. That would be an epic death.
Being with good friends at a time when I needed some good friends.
Tony giving me a heat pack that stayed warm for about 16 hours! It really helped me out overnight when it was cold, so it is very much appreciated.

Worst OC: Confirming some suspicions I had about people that I really hoped weren't true. Guess you can always have the better option.
Crippling myself just by sleeping. Really.

There are many more ups and downs, but I'm sleepy and can't think straight. This game really sets it up for the Big Thing and you all did one hell of a job. Nice one.
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:22 am

Thanks to everyone who made this event so good for me. Monsters, crew, plot and other players! This event reminded me just why I keep coming back to Skully.

Channelling the pain Trask was inflicting on my claw into a monster as an interesting first way to use PAIN.
Resolving (partially) a lot of the issues between the Pack and Malkon. Still some but hopefully they don't be too difficult to iron out.
The IC conversation with Tyrel on Saturday night about why Wild Elves and Beastkin argue so much.
The ritual for Keeper and the diversity of the new council (both inner and extended).
Discussing my banishment with Ember, Tyrel and Fausett individually with no raised voices and everyone seemingly coming to the same conclusion prior to each conversation.
Managing to sort out a couple of crafting items for the Pack in record time on Saturday.
Feeling like I'm part of the Green Alliance again.

Steering clear of the rest of the Faction Friday for fear of stabby stabby, hidey hidey happening to me.
Becoming the Alpha. Its a lot of responsibility to live up to and its going to be difficult.

DANCING WITH VALRATHI! Seems that losing weight has made me at least partially more agile.
Getting a beating the Wild Elf way. Bruises then beer!
Having a reasonable and sensible OOC discussion on the Alpha position and the rest of the Pack (including the other aspirants) being ok with me taking the position.
Finally feeling I have the strength to get stuck in!
People taking WEAKNESS with some great roleplaying gusto!

The cold making it difficult to sleep.
Forgetting I had Sacrifice Heal on the Sunday morning when there was a pile of allies on the floor.

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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by PhilD » Mon Apr 08, 2013 8:47 am

Right where to begin, first a big round of applause to the skully team and the monster crew for a epic event :)

Best IC: for me being given the role of leading the order in the field while the big three are off doing other things thank you for giving me the chance and hopefully that will grow more with each event and as my confidence and experience grows.
The fight against the demon under the temple of arkane was awesome and epic :) thank you joe for being the demon and taking a beating from 3/4 of the order

Worst IC: having to assist with restraining father Gregor and then seeing and at times not being able to get to and assist members of the order in the final fight,
Getting dropped very easily against the anti magic hounds (forgotten there names >.<) then being ordered back to the camp feeling that I may have done something rather foolish and annoyed Duncan.

Best OC: seeing everyone again and having my girlfriend there too even though she felt lost she still had fun :)

Worst OC: the cold I could not get warm Saturday night which sucked :( getting a few more things hit me in the face or head than normal and having some weapons flailing extremely close to my face as they fought over the top of my shield made me feel very uneasy,

Best monstering: having fun running through the player base calling frenzy knockdown :)

Worst monstering: falling awkwardly on my knee then later on to my girlfriend who was right behind me hurting her, and getting a pod shot from a arrow,

Can't wait for the next weekender :)
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Skye » Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:42 am

Best IC: Becoming keeper of the Trees and being blessed by Elm. Hazel, Tyrel and Faussett all being confirmed in their positions within the council. Feels like the Darkwood alliance really came together this weekend and we all worked together.
The healers guild, there’s so many of us now! We've got almost all the hit point restoration recipes back and now people are coming up with some really cool crafting ideas.
HEALING BOMB – Ember almost jumped with joy when she found out that it exists, it’s now a personal mission to make one :D and is a great chance to get more involved with the Rangers which I haven’t had a chance to yet.

Worst IC: Becoming Keeper of the Trees, it’s a lot of responsibility and will not be easy.
The Vai just creep Ember out.

Best OC: It was all amazing so it’s impossible to name three of four best moments so to sum up:
You’re all brilliant! Good people + Awesome event = A very happy and exhausted Skye :D

Worst OC:
Having to duck out a bit early on Sunday.
It’s so long to wait till the next Skully! :(
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by shunteddd » Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:48 am

Best IC: So many! but the biggest ones were Becoming the avatar of Shar-teel, Becoming part of Arkan thirds honor guard, being made note of in Degan B'earth history, Laughing in the face of the Vai. Drawing the flaming sword then going crazy on joe which eventually leaded into killing the betrayer (who if it was Goran-agar like I suspect was even cooler)
Worst IC: The Degan B'earth army was completely under the control of the Vai.

best OC: the white rose brazier, I'm sure I speak for the other guys but you made the event so much more comfortable for us. Also all the great role play with everyone, Including but not inclusive to, Don and matt when I walked off with the army, The white rose and Simon. It's the first time I have ever been truly busy all weekend and I loved it. So much love to Tony, Harri and Tracey for all of the outstanding and fun role play.

Worst OC: Hurting my ankle at the end, The cold.

All in all I think So far this was my favorite event ever.
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Haven36 » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:06 am

Best IC:- My marriage ritual going smoothly and the rings being approved by GC. The atmosphere in the dwarf tent just after the marriage. Being named Master Crafter for the Mage's guild(More recipes needed). The quick impromptu Wall building a few of the Mages Council did. Crafting the Bracers for a wedding present.

Best OC:- Awesome fighting both as a monster and as a player. All 4 of the monster archers hitting the new High Mage at the same time and then getting mass knockbacked several times in a row after she was healed. Getting my first recipe approved.
Seeing everyone again

Worst IC:- Being passed over for the High Mage position.

Worst OC:- saying goodbye to everyone.

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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by dantony » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:39 am

Best IC:
Getting some claws made so I can thrash through peoples armor
Making the first ever Beastkin anatomy kit
Getting a rather good haul from lesser mining
Getting back my voice, woo!
Leveling up in the healers
None of the pack dieing
Finding the new pack leader

Worst IC:
Getting freaked out by the Vi
People talking about the void a lot
Losing the pack leader fight

Best OOC:
The general spirit of the game, nothing went badly wrong, everyone was happy and everything was good and fun
The weather was reasonably good

Worst OOC:
My costume kinda falling apart
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by smallbluething » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:45 am

Best IC:
• Owning a pub
• Being able to give all my IC items to the people I wanted to have them.
• My ritual to get Teatree's body back being successful and sending us to the summer lands being successful.
• My awesome hiding skills in the Malkon tent! Which just makes me think every IC tent need awesome hiding places!

Worst IC:
• Still feeling the pain of losing Teatree, but hiding it from everyone so they wouldn't stop me from sending myself to the summer lands.
• Knowing my actions would confuse and upset a lot of people.
• Having the Vai push me that much farther over the edge that made my decision all the more set in stone (Damn you Tony :P) .
• Having to partially deceive Tyrel so he wouldn't stop me.

Best IC:
• Being given the opportunity by Draken to assist Varren.
• Being useful to Varren as I could see "Joe" (can't remember the characters name) even though other Dagen couldn't.
• Getting a contract to protect Arin and doing it fairly well despite many going crazy.

Worst IC:
• None come to mind really.. Though didn't play her for long >.<

Best OOC:
• All the nice comments I got about how good the Juicy Apple looked :) seriously guys, thank you! (i may even have gotten a mini-partime job out of it :D ) It will be back in July, but it is under new management (congrats Le'Sar, not bad for first time back in ages :P lol!)
• That noone noticed I was freely giving away all my stuff, made me feel proper sneaky >.< also the fact that quiet a few didn't know OC what I had planned and so the shocked faces were real :D
• Having a new character, with a bit more direction :) I have a lot of learning to do but I am really looking forward to it!
• Actually being able to fight properly, I really don't suit Mage stuff as I don't find it easy to shout spells, now I can be silent and shivy >:D
• The Vai! They are an awesome night time monster! Love it!
• The weather warming up by Sunday, and it actually starting to feel like spring.
• My new easy up (and down) tent and blow up mattress with battery air pump.. Money well spent? Definitely!
• Ranzos spicy chicken wraps with mayo and sweet chilli... They are my crack at skully... The B-stick with burger sauce was also pretty boss!

Worst OOC:
• Feeling listless with Bluebell, and so kind of "killing" her off.
• The juicy apple not getting used as much as I would have liked.. That being said I am still gonna set it up in July as I know we are due to probably have a lot more people..
• The cold weather, I know it could have been worse.. I missed some plot stuff as bluebell saturday night because the fire was so warm but by that point I'd already made the decision about killing her off so I wasn't overly bothered lol

Despite all the stuff with Bluebell, I actually had an amazing event and I am totally stoked about July! It's gonna be immense!

Also my new costume makes monstering midevent sooo much easier!

Thank you everyone!
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Tessandra » Mon Apr 08, 2013 11:59 am

As always, worth the pilgrimage down from the north to see you guys :)

Best IC: Exploring a new consciousness in terms of leading the Malkon in battle. Really trying to see where the enemy is, how broken people's armour is, how many injured we have, when to move people on, when to hold. Recognizing that when I'm getting healed or getting my armour fixed there needs to be someone else out there to lead the front line, and that all this requires communication and co-ordination.
Meeting some Northerners from Greyhaven. As a Vorschenheim lass, we probably share family somewhere along the line. I have been assured that when they return for more vegetables I can come with them and get misen a cartload of turnips. Sounds alreet to me.
Fireside story telling.

Worst IC: Knowing that Arin might have to kill Tyrel in a few months time. Yay...
Dwarves falling out with me because my legs aren't hairy enough. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.

Best OOC: Feeling like I'm finally getting my bearings regarding backstory and plot. Been in the game for long enough now that I start to know about events and individuals that are referred to, and can use that IC information to make the sort of leaps I generally don't feel able to make. "Oh, so that must mean that..." kinda thing.
Amazing larp-safe turnips made by the wonderful Charlie :) Thank you so much!
People telling me off for killing them lots ^_^
Handing Dan a "by Elm's mossy belly-button fluff" oath. There's also "By Elm's peaty bum fluff" if anyone wants that too.

Worst OOC: Not much really.

Monstering: I love monstering! I fought with a sword and shield on the Saturday morning and had lots of fun gradually shredding some White Rose vambraces. On Sunday afternoon I just had an axe and hardly any armour, so made mischief in the castle by sneaking up behind people. I also ran at Derren a lot. That was fun. I got bopped square on the head by Fern's Hammer of Bloody Big. Now I know how those moles in the arcade machine feel :)

No titles, just turnips.

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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by oldmick » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:02 pm

Best IC: Both my rituals working and no one dying during them particularly me. Elm confirming me as young. Verity becoming the new high mage and not just because it will annoy Mr Trask. Myself and Verity teaching the circles to open and close then discussing if we just done something stupid. Leaning a lot more about the true nature of ritual circles. Getting lots of trading sorted.

Worst IC: None that I can think of

Best OOC: Crafting refs sorting out some bits, seeing everyone again, the weather. Nice to see new faces getting stuck in. Peoples faces when I told them who I sold the mana bomb to.

Worst OOC: Hurting my shoulder so I had to drop out of monstering half way through Sunday afternoon, such a long wait until the next Skully. Being unable to do Friday or stay late Saturday evening.
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Smileygoth » Mon Apr 08, 2013 12:37 pm

Best IC: Scraping the success at keeping the Vai out of Tanith's brain! Lots of intense conversations with Tuathal about what's to come. Getting my Rangers' amulet! The Rangers' very enthusiastic answer to my offer. Killing Brexus! Getting rid of a couple of boons. Thothar's awful flirting with me resulting in him getting shot in the backside, haha! Sitting down for a chat with Drakken. Calm negotiations with Eloise over Rhyzard's murder. The ritual to empower Varren's dagger, & getting a nod from Shar-Teel. Figuring out how to heal people at last.

Worst IC: Prophecies & time travel. Niggling doubts & new realisations. Times are confusing for poor Etain ... Getting swamped by Vai THREE TIMES on Saturday night. Losing Bluebell, & not really understanding why. Rhyzard's murder. The number of times I had to explain myself to people while I was healing & sending Degan B'earth soldiers back to their general - is there no trust?!? (Nope) Missing a chance to kill another Leno / Bringer, I didn't even see them ...

Best OC: Watching Lexy's zunicorn kill-steal from Tanith! Warm feet! Plum wine! Many many innuendos. Chicken wraps with nachos in - genius!!!

Worst OC: Having to leave early each night in order to be able to go home to bed. I hate that rule with all my strength. If it had a face I would punch it.

Monstering: Akasha!!!! Woot!!!! Awesome fun, getting shot down by King Arkan & then praised by him not long after, beating Joe's Degan B'earth back toward the players & then seeing them come tearing round the corner towards us was pretty fantastic. Seeing Jake getting so much fun out of it was very nice.

This was such a good weekend, though Saturday felt quiet (to me) it was no less fun, every moment from time-in to time-out was great. Huge thanks to everyone ever. More now please!!!!!

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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Hamsterbag » Mon Apr 08, 2013 1:15 pm

Best IC: Dealing with Rhyzard's 'mishaps' relatively calmly. Tag teaming with others. Banding together with a few of the "drifting" players (and managing to pull ourselves through the battles). Trying to do what I do best, find things out and asking questions (when the time is right).

Worse IC: Being suggested to join under the Afacian banner shortly after dealing with Rhyzard. The Vai were seriously frightening (glad I could hide in the juicy apple). Not really doing a lot, mainly because there doesn't seem to be a lot to find out. Urgh, more time travel. Trying to work out which way to take myself next.

Best OC: Hurrah, Ambidexterity! Although it's a worse IC- OC being suggested to fall under the Afacian banner gave a warm fuzzy feeling. Remembering Fallon's pink dangly side coat/cape/thingy. Actually staying up until 2am instead of crashing at 11pm for a change. The golem! And the Vai, seriously they were so scary it became cool.

Worst OC: Cold toes, being certain I was about to most certainly be crushed by a monster (I laughed afterwards).

Monstering: Think of the health benifits! Had a lot of fun with it, meant I could just let go and not worry about anything plot related for a while.

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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by DarkShadowia » Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:01 pm

Best IC: I would would say it was being trusted to have a very special book along side a good friend. Also being saved by the mages council, thank you all for not just running me through! Hearing the gods, made me realise the path they would of intended us to take and possibly why magic seems to be waning slowly over time.

Worst IC: Definitely becoming the vye's conduit, I have to say I am not sure my mental state can take much more before it begins to start cracking.

Best OC:It was an amazing event for me personally over all I didn't get anything I personally wanted to do this event, but I was constantly busy running around and just talking to people. Though after a few conversations I think it is good I didn't ask questions and stir anyones blood, that may of just caused problems later. Again becoming the vye's conduit though a bad IC moment great fun to actually roleplay and do.

Worst oc: Other than very very cold feet in the mornings, there are none I had an amazing time as ever at this event!
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by Nelosninja » Mon Apr 08, 2013 6:52 pm

overall the weekend was really good but here are some of my best bits
Best IC:
the bouncy shield of invincibility was hilarious yet practical
Wreav's reaction to the Vai "I want to see what happens if I A) punch one in the face and B) pee on one" and when surround by them acting calm keeping my eyes shut and shouting at them constantly having his form of a mini argument with them and signing random songs then being hit by said vai and simply carrying on with my shouting.
having the shield when the vai were around
being so easily accepted into the pack made me feel so welcome as character

Worst IC
Rhyzards death
all most getting a player mind controlled by accidently peeing on them instead of a vai only knowing this by one whispering "you missed"(is totally hard when you cover your eyes)
and not being able to use the shield in actual combat (ah well will get a go next event cause I called dibs aha)

Best OC
general attitude of Wreav is hilarious and I think im gonna have fun playing him, I think in a sense just as bad as wake cause we just ag each other on and come up with wonderfully crazy ideas
food was good as usual
loved the last rights given by Jen although it was quiet and the general concern made by a surprising amount of people IC, and laughed a little at "maybe we should just leave him here" comment

Worst OC
Rhyzard Dying
that's about it
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Re: April weekender Best/Worst

Post by pat » Mon Apr 08, 2013 7:56 pm

one of the best weekenders in a long time. thanks to all who made it happen and all who took photoes

Best IC: geting in to the rangers guild and armours guild. the amount of help the captin of the rangers and my armours mentor gave me. finding a northner all ready in your mists. earning a small bit of trust with the white rose. the traving people of gray haven fine a dry place to stay and a place to put down their heavy bags. finding irongurad and finding she is marryed and with a son

Worse IC: being attacked while cooking dinner, being confusded about the dragons gender. TIMETRAVLE and circles !!!

Best OOC: seeing everyone. the grayhaven group going so well on day one. farther gregor poured his heart out to me thing i was vorr and the ehite rose giggling. friday night at the juicy apple and tea pass

Worse OOC: cold morning
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