June One-Dayer Bests & Betters

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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June One-Dayer Bests & Betters

Post by Smileygoth » Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:01 pm

You lot are far too quiet for my liking. Granted, I'm ill in bed & only partially employed right now, but good health & full time jobs are no excuse :P So I'm gonna go ahead & start.

Best IC: Saving Suspiria of the House of the Vigilant Mountain. Finding the crystal that might be very handy in striking a nasty blow against the Heiligtum troops. Having help from Orik in getting hold of both of them. Taking out my anger issues on lots of nice squishy valid targets. Killing the evil dwarves whose name keeps changing .. :?

Worst IC: Running out of magic. Not being able to do a thing for the fae sent against us because I'd run out of magic. Not being able to do something with the crystal immediately because I'd run out of magic. Being reminded that I'm not invulnerable. Being asked where 'the other one' was. The puzzle of the disappearing, reappearing fae!!!

Best OC: Being a bit of a tank! Grand Summon & its rather warm reception. The fear factor of real risk of character death - always keeps us on our toes!!! Monstering as captive fae & getting rescued so many times. Mouthing off to Dan L as a captive fae, he's fun to play with :mrgreen: LOVELY weather! Chip butty breakfast, that's a plan from now on. No sunburn & minimal bites. New players, yaay!!!

Worst OC: Forgetting my make up bag with my make up & hairpins in it. Thank you to Ellie, Sarah & Charlie P for supplying me with these so I could complete Etain's costume!!!

One-dayers have often been a bit hit & miss, & I know there are a few of us who aren't keen on them, but I have to say that this last one sent them off in style. Good work Dan & Rob for keeping a rather wonky player split going, it was brilliant!!! xx

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