July 2013 Best & Worst

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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Nate » Tue Jul 23, 2013 11:44 am

Didn't think I'd do one of these due to the scope of the game, but I'll be brief:

Best IC:
Meeting Akarne.
Being right about the church and the death of Barraclough.
Laying holy smackdown on a bunch of Red mages and Magnus.
Killing all but one each of the Bringers and Leno, 2 left isn't so bad.
Watching the story of Ser Wolfgang unfold, and seeing him become the truest son of Akarne on the field.
Freeing Ser Alistair.
Arguing with absolutely everybody at every available opportunity.
Winning :D

Worst IC:
Watching the story of Ser Wolfgang be full of pain and heartbreak.
So much death and betrayal, some of which is still unknown to me.
Being stopped from killing Magnus outright.
Losing Lady Trask, nearly losing everyone else, and having to lose Ser Alistair all over again.
The constant doubt of whether what we were doing was the right or the wrong thing to do.

Best OOC:
Old faces returning, new faces coming along. Both and all are always a great sight to see.
The sheer depth of the game, the emotional highs and lows are too many to count. I suspect everyone had at least one 'there's something in my eye moment.' Or is a heartless monster :P
The set dressing was awesome, I loved the vault especially, and wish I had had a better view at the puppetmasters lair.
Brutal brutal combat was pulled off by the crew with an absolute minimum of cries of cheating/dangerous play/lameass fighting. Good job from all players and all crew.

Worst OOC:
Fairly obviously my knee for me. Losing two hours of very Gregor-centric plot was a pain, and then the actual pain was a pain. But it could have been a lot worse, I'm nearly 100% already.
Leaving my kite shield at home. I've just got used to the size of it...

Thanks to GC, who took great care of me with my knee, from the immediate icepacks, the lift to the hospital, and the genuine concern. That extends to everyone in fact, thanks for keeping an eye on me.
Thanks to the perma-crew and NPCs, who worked tirelessly and made my game epic
Thanks to the monster refs, who outdid themselves presenting the toughest fight yet both fairly and enjoyably, both as crew and as a player.
Thanks to the plot writers, who wrote a great game.
Thanks to GC again, for the excessive everything that you do before, during, and after every event. You make this system.
Thanks to Adam. Despite being the busiest man on site, you bent over backwards to help me out on an individual level with my knee, and it's that level of care that shines through Skullduggery.
Thanks to Jules and Charlie, for being there for when the carpark wins ;)
And thanks to everyone else, for being cool. See you in September.
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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Smileygoth » Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:32 pm

. I for one appreciate every second I get to play in such a system that can elicit such emotion from people. Larping, you're doing it right
This. Absolutely this. :mrgreen:

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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Amethyst » Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:33 pm

Best IC:
The role-play between Alora and Wolfgang, regarding killing the final shard; so emotional! The puppetmaster set piece on Saturday. Seeing the White Rose save Alistair's soul. Getting to battle alongside King Dilandau once more, nice to see an old friend. Wolfgang and Alora's future plans. Monstering as the screaming limpet fae, "EXPLOSION!!!!". Monstering kids plot. Helping Kallista go for Varren the second time. The priestly excursion to convince the gods to unlock the divine lock. The laughs while on ritual guard duty.

Worst IC:
Being a perfect person. Death of Arin. The final battle in Vorchtenheim, and the whisperings of the puppetmaster in Alora's ears; so close to trying to save her. So many friends, in pain, both physical and mental. Varren betraying us all. Thinking that we weren't going to get away from Sil intact. The argument between Tyrel and Etain over Arin, and it looking like the chosen people were going to turn against each other. Making, in Alora's eyes, the wrong choice.

Best OC:
Actually being able to make it along. The Sun. Seeing everyone again. Ranzo's. Camping, and not freezing to death. Das Shoppe, and my new purchases! Time out on Friday evening, perpetual snorting with Jake E.

Worst OC:
Fun trip to A&E as soon as was back in Hastings, thanks to the hideous infected bug bite. Although it was nice to see the sun, I got a bit fed up of the hourly face paint re-applications, due to sweating it all off.

so much more I could write, never have I cried so much in one event. Thanks so much to Dan L and the rest of the plot team, for making this my best event so far. Thanks also to Adam and GC, for making Skully run as smoothly as it does!
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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Noverogi » Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:28 pm

Best IC:
Seeing my king made free and my city holding
My friends safe and saved from a terrible fate
saved from doing terrible deeds
Rising from such simple origins alone to someone rich in friends and great deeds
Doing something the people of the heard of lands considers heroic

Worst IC:
The actions which people will remember as heroic and will go down in legend will only be remember too Wolfgang as betrayal of friends heartache and sadness

Best OC:
That climatic moment on Saturday, it left me shocked to say the least, seeing all old faces, seeing people back me up and cheer me on, some amazing roleplay and possibly the most emotional game I've ever played, just the amount of hugs I got on saturday night as well I was just distraught but the good kind to say the least

Worst OC:
Panic attack when that moment happened on Saturday, I was struggling to walk breath and my body just filled with pins and needles and my stomach froze up. But it did add too all the emotion.
Going into work monday and tuesday and bleeding all over my work shirts from all the cuts and bites I got.

When I made Wolfgang I never figured much from him, just a guy in plate I'll likely get left behind in some great battle at level 3 because I'm too heavy to shift, yet I survived I got into roleplaying and playing the character, evolved, and LIVED a story so great and so epic its almost pretty damn Arthurian levels.

Thank you everyone for giving me one of the greatest games in my life.
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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by pat » Wed Jul 24, 2013 10:47 am

Best ic.
Meeting the king and watching him free him self and start to fix his lands.
Being usefull to the white rose.
Finding my place on the battle field
Going home even if it was just for a moment
Shooting an arrow out of the sky

Worse ic.
Hearing about the start of a reblin that was started by a nobles mistake.
The city still starving.

Best ooc. Every thing
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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by dantony » Wed Jul 24, 2013 4:42 pm

Best IC:
Getting rid of the I'dome
Saving everyone with the healing bomb :D Fun fun
Trying to make a healing recipe with Freya
Being a Bridesmaid at Freya and Gills wedding

Worst IC:
Being followed around by bloody human's who have never met beastkin before
Tyrel being angry at me
Arin's death
Losing memories of Arin and therefore fearing the void even more
Having to split from half the group

Best OOC:
The whole event
The range of fights
Doing sneaky missions
The malkon drink up
The cake! Omnomnomnom
The No effect fight I had with Tracey. It was so funny :L

Worst OOC:
The heat - Killed my attempts of keeping the fur on the whole event
Mosquito's -_-
OOC - Daniel Thripp

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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Paradise » Wed Jul 24, 2013 7:36 pm

hmm i always find this hard to write so here i go

best ic using my vet pick

best ooc: the look on people face when when i cast my vet pick
Malkon Manor oh my what a place nice to have some were to go and start to feel at home
the new wolf beast thanking me for giving him a fight in the final battle while Monstering he said it made him feel invovled on his first event it is something i try to do when monstering to to look for the players trying to get involved on the edges
buying my crossbow now it is practise time so i can learn to use it and get better so i can get my bow comp so i can use it.

Worst Ic player deaths losing Arin was a huge blow to the Malkon and lady Trask for a human Menal had time for her and respected her as High Mage

Worse ooc : like every one thoose dam Mozzies they have ninja skill i am sure of that
Feeling rough each night so not getting to drink in the Manor i so wanted try all the differnt mead

other thing that amazed me but not sure where to put it was the whole Puppet Master sceane i couldnot see all the ceography bot it was Narateted so well that i got whole sence of the sceene

another Amazing Event thanks to everyone who worked so hard to run this event
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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Midnyte » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:53 pm

Hi all, this was my first Skully and indeed first LARP so thank you very much for making feel so welcome and being very understanding and supportive, you helped make a newbie feel at ease and allowed me to have one of the most enjoyable weekends I have had in very long time.

Best IC moment(s):
  • Hearing "I'm gonna cut your ears off" shouted at me and the sense of impending pain coming my way.
  • Being part of the sheer chaos caused when playing a monster as we all got back up again after the first round of slaughter.
  • Chanting with the beastkin as we went into battle.
  • My first character interactions (with Wake) and his objection to my collar.
  • Being allowed to be heavily involved along with the other new mages in opening the lock.
Worst IC moment(s):
  • Having to heal so frequently, I need some wolven armour!
  • Missing out on being turned into a werewolf.
Best OOC moment:
Getting to meet so many new people and how friendly and welcoming everyone was, seriously, you guys were all fantastic and a pleasure to be around. A big thank you to everyone who spent time with me chatting about everything from the rules, story and history to tips on camping gear as well as your patience with someone who does not yet know quite what they are doing. It was also nice to hear some great comments about my very hammy acting whilst playing a monster - it means alot when you are so new to it.

I also picked up an awesome blue staff that was with me the entire time and suites Midnyte perfectly, I (and he) love it so much.

Worst OOC moment:
Lack of vegetables and difficulty caused by not eating gluten. I think I will need to make better provisions for next time. At least I did bring some rolls with me which the guys in the kitchen were kind enough to use in place of normal bread.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you all at the next one and once again thank you for such a awesome introduction to LARP.
IC: Midnyte (Wolf beastkin, Mage)
OC: Chris

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Re: July 2013 Best & Worst

Post by Marswithin » Fri Jul 26, 2013 4:20 pm

I love reading these, it's so good to know how much everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as me.

Best ooc: Most importantly, my best ooc is how proud I was of everyone at skully being so friendly this event! I have heard in the past that skully has a bad rep for newbies and I really didn't see it this event. I brought along 3 newbies, and one semi-newbie and they were all of them accepted and not at all lost. My brother the semi joined in with the Malkon and settled in so quickly it was like he was meant to be with you guys. Thank you so much for looking after him, he may be a foot taller than me and nearly a man now but to me he'll always be my baby brother. I also introduced Jack, who I hear spent most of his time in hobotropolis and thoroughly enjoyed it, and then there was Chris and Joe who've already said their piece here. This was a big event in skully plot, and almost everyone had something they could be getting on with for their own character and their own personal fun.. and yet everybody who interacted with these guys took the time to make them feel welcome and included. I'm so thankful to everybody. Sod the naysayers and their cries of bad reputation, skully is AWESOME and underappreciated.
The level of roleplay and performance at this event floored me too. I'm an awful, atrocious actor, and so bad for dropping ooc and losing my immersion. But I just love it when other people are so intensely immersed and acting beautifully. I really feed off of their energy. And there was SO much of that. I only wish I could be as super amazing as the rest of you!

This was such an amazing event, so well run and so lovingly put together, and it really showed how much work was put into it.

Worst ooc: As usual, I was ill this weekend. One day my doctor and I will get to the bottom of this. I'm beginning to suspect that it's because I'm having such a good time, and my energy and adrenaline are running so high that I suffer from that. I'm just having so much fun it makes me ill. So that was awful, and as usual means I voluntarily stay non-com until I can at least stop feeling like I'm going to puke or pass out. So, I missed out on most of the awesome battles and spent most of my time plagueing poor Lala (she's so so lovely).

I really didn't cope well with how fast paced the timetabling was for Sunday, but I fully appreciate the reason behind that. It just was unpleasant already feeling sick and woozy and having to dash around, forcing myself to eat something and having to participate in the final battle.

Best IC: Most of my time IC was ICish this weekend due to illness, but the absolute best bit has to be The Turning. Most fun I've had as Maude EVER! Maude is an orphan, raised by the Afacian church. Definitely of human origin, but unknown on specifics. It turns out that she's Silurian. And she's met her god, Sil. Who awoke her rather hairy heritage. Aroooooo! So she joined The Pack and has well and truly landed on her feet. So many new friends and feeling more like she has a family than she ever has since the burning of the Monastery.

Worst OC: Bounding up to Fallon to tell her of the meeting with Sil, and the newly acquired claws (haven't worked how to turn them off yet) and seeing how upset Fallon was. Felt like I'd taken her dreams and shred them before her.
The rejection at the hands of the Afacian Church. (ooc this was minimal and really amounted to a couple of jokey ooc remarks, but I decided to play it up, as Maude is still supposed to be living in Afacian barracks, and I need to add fuel to the personal plot fire to encourage Maude to convert away from Akarne) Lots of remarks about silver daggers and overwhelming distrust.
IC: Nashek the orc.
OOC: Fern. Easily exciteable, shy, frizzy.

Rest in peace, Farren the Rat, Gretchen the Green and Sister Maudire. :(

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