Best and Better September 2013

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Best and Better September 2013

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:27 pm

I haven't even begun to fully process my own best and worst but hopefully this will prompt others into starting

For now I want to say a massive thank to every one who contributed in any way to make this game as good as it was.

Dan you will be missed as a ref but its great to know you will be joining us in the playerbase!


Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:40 pm

I'm desperately going to try and put this into coherent thought. I will miss stuff, I will forget stuff but that doesn't mean I won't want to dive out of bed in the middle of the night to update this after remembering something:

Best IC:
THE PACK! That is all...You are all wonderful both new and old.
Surviving to the New World.
Discovering that more so than some dodgy item Danik may use to mind control me I am now literally a piece of my own God.
Starting to feel like I'm actually a main player in things and worrying as I was only supposed to be a support character when I genned...Oh how time has changed.
Organising a meeting and having all the main peeps turn up and agree with me that we fight to preserve everyone and the Pack being willing to go to the wall to follow this particular order of mine.
All the RP with the Fae and Hon who were at the event. Scale was genned with a dislike for Fae so had never really spoken to the king, queen or court bar a few terse exchanges but this game I actually had some great conversations with all of them. His opinion has changed and its been shaped by the characters he has interacted with. You've all done your sparkly shiny mist wreathed world proud to change a grumpy old Beastkins view!
Realising that as head of the Pack me and Ember as head of the Malkon have so many similar thought processes. Every time I say something she seems to echo an agreement on it and every time she says something Scale agrees too!
My ever evolving relationship with Tyrel! At first we didn't know each other. Then I did something stupid and he hated me! Then Arin died. Then he was pretty much the closest thing Scale had to someone sharing the same problems. Trinity Priest, head of a faction trying desperately to do what was right even if the rest of his faction or he disagreed at times. Oh such a strange, dynamic, twisted interaction! But wonderfully fun to RP.

Worst IC:
Watching Tyrel, Thothar and Ember hurtling through the portal (not knowing at the time it was one way), knowing we were penned in and watching Mori, Lady S and Menal fall down next to me. I Sac Heal to buy time, take on 6 or 7 monsters (not nessecerily to kill but at least distract) to then be knockbacked through the one way portal about 30 seconds in!
Having the most awkward conversation of my life with them what murdered one of my queens.
The Pack making me decide on our choice because collectively we couldn't reach consensus and me picking the one that destroyed our God.
Frey...Dirus...Maude...And that goddamn sneaky little hero of ours!
Not getting to say goodbye to the Rose and then watching OOC half of them die.
Failing to protect the people I swore to. When a Beastkin says something he means it, especially so for Scale, so knowing not only did some of my Pack die but others I had sworn to protect fall too...
Freya making it through the Portal but Guil not! Before Scale was in charge of the Pack and he and Guil were simple footsoldiers they always seemed to get on really well (bar the after Fletch incident)! I missed their wedding which I was a little sad for but knowing that Guil did not make it through tears up Scale as much as losing PAck members did. He was the next General Kano in Scales eyes and he proved as much fighting his way through the mists!

Best OOC:
Dan telling a couple of us how Greenman was killed...And to think I was starting to make friends with the Silurians...
Some of the amazing RP some of the youngest and/or newest people there took part in! You have raised the bar us older lot have to try and jump over! Ellie & Danny in particular you two blew my mind for some of the stuff I watched you do this weekend! Both sacrificing your characters in different and such awesome ways!
Watching some of the epic last stand fighting that was going on after going through the Portal. Seeing Connor go on his Packsplosion (yeah that's totally a word now) with his last few rips to buy time to get people through the portal made me so proud!
My plan to shape the Greenman should I be allowed to.
My sudden desire to name places in the new world after friends lost (Arinthalia - the new Elf city obviously and Kargaran - the new Beastkin city with the large town of Guilgalaia between them. Between the mountain ranges of Dirus Peaks and Tyr Falls - everyone swears those mountains are competing to be taller than one another)
Being told by someone (I won't name names) that Scale wasn't allowed to die in the afternoon because they'd cried enough already. That was touching.

Worst OOC:
This section does not exist!
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:48 pm

Told you I'd miss something!

The last stand around the portal with Rose and Company 1st time round and Danik and Company 2nd time round. Angaveres use of the Field Hospital was just amazing to watch and all of you fought so hard! What a way to go!

Its the end of the world as we know it...We are fighting our way through the Mists to a new haven for us all...Scale carries a shard of Greenman...He could buy his first level 7 skill...He buys Literacy...

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Lori » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:07 pm

Good things
Arin was right. “This is the only path on which the gods will survive.” The fact that she was right is not necessarily a good thing because it meant all the gods died and she’s very sorry to see that she was right, but it all works in so well with her Cassandra complex that she was right.
The fact that Heather was also right is just a coincidence and not at all related to the phys rep. “I trust Saint Tuathal, but not this Dragon. I don’t know the Dragon.”
A mother should never see her children die before her. I am glad that Arin did not have to live through seeing her divine children die and was very glad not to be in Skye’s position.
Dan and I had a dying love scene together, even if you guys did rip us away from each other after the end, even if people kept ignoring her and didn’t know who she was, even if Lady S had to stop Ember sitting on her head and stabbing her in the eye with the dagger on her belt, at least we died in each other’s arms.
When the McDroo were invented about 6 years ago by someone else, they didn’t worship gods. Gods are too big and important for us little pig farmers. So, we might ask a saint for a favour. I was very grateful to Shaun for this on Saturday night as the gods fell, but the Saints stood firm.
Seeing Mendac.
Sorcha making it through to the new world. Sorcha’s talk with Ember right in front of the portal to the new world.
There being enough screaming with the final fight that it woke me from the nap that my broken body forced me to take and I was able to come watch people fighting to escape to the new world while I took more medicine.
Being emotionally two months ahead of Alex and the rest of you. It wasn’t nice and still hurts, so I can’t tell you it gets better, especially now that the world has died as well.
Playing one of the little people who manage the carts for you big heroes so you don’t worry about supply lines or tents or any of the rest of it. We’ll make sure you’re all sorted in the new world too, just go on living in ignorant bliss of the well oiled machine that keeps you going. And don’t ask how year after year we make it through goblin infested lands, to uncharted continents, places with sealed ritual circles, and now new worlds across some rainbow bridge. You’re better off not knowing how.

Not so good things:
My condition finally deteriorating to the point where I could not enjoy my hobby. Having to do so as a new character was nearly impossible. As Arin I could push through and if she spend hours sitting and being introspective it could pass IC (well, almost), but as Heather it was terrible and impossible.
Thinking I was recovered enough not to be a danger to myself or others, only to accidently hit Tom badly. I still feel terrible and it is contributing to my worry that I’m never going to be well enough again.
Barely being able to play at Dan’s the last Skully game.
Seeing characters heading the wrong way and dying because, as happens, they could not see OOC the very obvious and very large portal that would have clearly been showing them IC an image of the new world. What should been obviously IC should also be obviously seen OOC, in my opinion.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by StephenReynolds » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:25 pm

Oooh another one! Best OOC:

A strange conversation with Sorscha about milking my claws for Holy Venom...You Fae are weird :P

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by dantony » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:41 pm

Best IC:
- Seeing a large pack for once.
- Getting on with Wake for once.
- The chanting "One tooth, one claw, one blood, one pack" to hold back the mists.
- Distract! Look at the dancing Fenton.
- 2 in 30 on Elves. Fast healing! Woop!
- Feeling more powerful and having more of an effect on the battlefield and off of the battlfield.
- Becoming more in the pack again, like I should be I guess.
- Surviving it to the new world.
- Killing one of those bloody goblins that pushed me into the V place (Look at first worst IC comment).

Worst IC:
- Getting caught by killing one of those bloody goblins that pushed me into the V place.
- Elm dying.
- Greenman dying.
- Tyr dying.
- Crash dying.
- Guil dying.
- Pack members dying.
- In short... All of the dying.
- Leaving my homeland behind.
- Fighting against the side Pazar was on.
- Loosing control over myself and attacking my friends... A lot.
- Feeling lost.

Best OC:
- Monstering the middle fight on the Sunday. Using the field hospital as a shield and disarming someone with it... So so awesome! The whole fight was awesome.
- The raw sense of emotion.
- Getting really involved in chanting and coming up with ideas to help everyone. Such as chanting and distract.
- Getting back to the pack. Being where Fenton should be.
- Surviving.
- Cake :P People made me cake!
- The emotions running through the players. It is bad and sad but overall it was an awesome thing.
- The brilliant plot line.
- How brilliantly everything was run.
- The unique fights and unique situations.

Worst OC:
- How sad it all was, how sad I feel thinking about how many and who died.
- I couldn't get drunk and it was my drinking do! Damn it!
- I get really hot and my face paint had to get reapplied so many times.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by smallbluething » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:49 pm

(I guarantee this will end up having 'edited' at the bottom, as I remember something else. But this is what I got so far:
Attempt 1 - 9/9/13 21.47
Attempt 2 - 12/9/13 11.01 *)

This has been such an amazingly tremendous event for me. I created the Degan B'earth Kallista as I wanted a character I wouldn't get too attached to or invested in, in case everything went pearshaped.... Well that didn't work, I love her more than Bluebell tenfold! I have so much more direction with her, I've had better opportunities for roleplay and plot, and made connections with people I hadn't previously, instead of just sticking with my friends. Being able to play someone who isn't naturally like myself is far more rewarding then I could ever have imagined, I can NOW understand why people get distraught over losing their characters!

Best IC:
The secret Leno plotting Saturday, heh heh so few people had any idea what we were ACTUALLY doing, and my earnings from contracts being useful in this.
Being able to personally cremate my god, reuniting him with the flames.
Being told by Caleb that I was a Degan B'earth to be proud of and him having faith in me to be the bearer of the importance of our people.
Making it through to the new world, and finding my Degan B'earth cohort had followed me.
Being trusted with something very important for the Degan B'earth in the New World.
My continued alliance with the dwarves
Being stronger because of what I held, I felt more useful in fights.
Having the ability to heal on Sunday, I know I was slow, but I got there!

Worst IC:
The breaking of the contracts from the separation from the gods, I was completely lost for a while and had no idea what to do.
Our plotting Saturday being thworted by Etains intervention.
Seeing the death of my god(s)
My fellow Degan B'earth taking Degans head, it unnerved me a bit, but he had a convincing argument, so I allowed it.
Caleb choosing to stay behind and having to go forth alone (until my cohort was contracted to follow me and keep me safe)
My Degan B'earth cohort not making it through last thing, you were awesome dude!
Not being able to get back once going through the portal, as I only realized there was a portal when I plowed through killing monsters, and my arm was pulled towards it, and then I was through.
So many being left behind in the mists.

Best OOC:
EVERYTHING! Had a fantastic time but I guess I should make some highlights

Weather being great (not staying Friday or Saturday night helped, being able to sleep in a bed!)
Secret Leno plotting on Saturday hahahaha.
Tracey, Tony and Harri messing with me (and others hehe) in the mists! That was awesome! I loved having that to roleplay. I was almost looking for you guys to see what else you would throw at me ;)
Ranzo's food! It will be sorely missed!
ALL OF THE ROLEPLAY AND PLOT! I cannot stress this enough! I am absolutely LOVING IT!
Monstering was amazingly fun! Especially the wailing afacians and then the Epic style monstering! Both were a lot of fun!
*Shouting at Dilandau to help move Degan's dead body as "This is your wifes god! Help us!"

Worst OOC:
Feeling ill, but well enough to come at all because of my wonderful colleagues covering for my shift Friday so I could sleep :)
Losing so many people, but sometimes a fresh start is a good thing, hey, it worked for me :)
Missing Friday night as I still wasn't really well enough by that point.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Lori » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:08 pm

Ooo...another good thing.

Charlie put a camera in my hand Sunday morning. I was feeling terrible and depressed from feeling terrible. Kind people offered me a chance to be a civilian and all sorts, but it was all too much. I thought I might manage carrying water. Maybe. Then Charlie put a camera in my hand and I had a purpose. Thank you.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Hamsterbag » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:40 pm

Oh bugger, where do I begin?

IC Best
-Being able to go "So yeah, Dragon, that worked really well."
-Silver Dagger, just in case of emergencies.
-Becoming closer to Sil (in a sense) & doing research involving him.
-Getting to know the other Sil worshippers.
-Knowing that I'd at least be picked up if things go wrong.
-Escaping to a new world (which is what I wanted to do all along).
-The howling
-Assisting in solving the puzzle for an orb to a new world.
-Setting and finding the inner resolve at the end to become a defender and guardian of a new world. In theory at least.
-Picking up that damned Fae when she drops - Again!

IC Worst
-Frenzying and loosing a bit of control; it's stressful and worrying hope nothing bad
-The bitter sweet of knowing that the Dragon was not the good idea.
-The loss of Dirus, he was perhaps one of the few that could keep me in check, followed quickly by the loss of Maude. It's a sore wound that will take a while to heal.
-Creepy wolf teeth
-The mists, I saw things I did not want to see. And I'm certain someone pushed me!
-Not being able to defend or protect those that needed (hence IC best, finding the resolve).
-Perhaps knowing it's a good idea to try and find some form of allegiance with a group as standing alone is starting to become harder and harder.
-Not knowing what is exactly going with myself any more.
-Not knowing exactly where I stand with the others due to more uh... physical changes.
-Not being able to shin kick the dragon (grrr).

OC Best
-Could start using my fangs
-Baby 'Kenko' (that caused mass amounts of laughter)
-Hero Fighting (It was a lot better and a lot more fun than I imagined)

OC Worst
-Discovering that perhaps my fangs weren't set in properly (any advise for false fangs will be very useful!)
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by CharlieP » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:57 pm

Lori wrote:Ooo...another good thing.

Charlie put a camera in my hand Sunday morning. I was feeling terrible and depressed from feeling terrible. Kind people offered me a chance to be a civilian and all sorts, but it was all too much. I thought I might manage carrying water. Maybe. Then Charlie put a camera in my hand and I had a purpose. Thank you.

You're very welcome, you got some really good shots which I couldn't have done along with everything else. I'd be quite happy for you to have the camera again!

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Smileygoth » Mon Sep 09, 2013 10:47 pm

Tomorrow ... & yes Lori, the photos you took are brilliant!

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Pete » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:03 pm

Best IC:

IC there was no best bits it was a horrible, horrible weekend for Tyr, the last night drinking and singing with his brothers and sisters was the best point for him, he could forget and be merry for one last night and it was awesome and glad he could of had that Friday night.

Getting to go out beside his wife.

Worst OC:

The loss of Elm and thus his guide and mentor the comforting presence of the winter king, so much loss and sorrow and at the end he could not deal with it, despite his wife, brothers and sisters the loss of faith his defining feature killed him and broke his mind. He chose to stay and finally meet death but in the end he stood forward and gave himself for the new world, his last walk to the gate his last cheers of "we are blessed" are the saddest and best fondest memories.

With the loss of Elm Tyr lost his chance to go to heaven Elm had offered him the chance when he would fall h would ascend to heaven.

Best IC:
The emotional wreck I am now, its horrible to have all those characters gone, to lose who I have played for years but to hit me this hard man its got to be one of the best games ive ever had and kudos to te skully team for pulling it off so well.

Saturdays nights session after all the deaths, tears, song and stories, toasts and jokes a great way to end my night.

LARP becoming a spectator sport, the field hospital a viable weapon :P Trev you where awesome!

Worst OC:
Losing Tyr 4/5 years of character now gone, feels like a part of me is missing, and how the hell am I going to top him he was my best ever and its hard to elt him go. At least he got the best ending I could ever hope for but the circumstances are tragic.

Watching Rob go down, dude Guil was so awesome cutting down the mob of enemies and so close to the new world, I fell your pain dude, but you went out with a bang.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Figpix » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:16 pm

That was a truly fantastic weekend.
It was such a roller coaster of emotions I probably won’t remember all of the best and worse but...

Best IC:
The role play with Drysi, Mendac, Daitengu, Tyrel, Etsuko and Evelyn was truly epic for me. Thank you guys.
The liner through the mists to the new world was brilliant as I got to role play and fight alongside lots of different new characters (and having them heal me so many times! Thank you)!
Fenton’s distraction dance so I wouldn’t go into the mists. :lol:
Brilliant chats with Scales and Ember. (Scales, seriously, I really think we really should consider milking your claws for Venom :wink: )
Having Heather with me when I went through the portal.
Wolfgang and Fallon saving both Sorcha and the Nosque at the last battle when I thought we were both a gonna (sorry Sam, can’t remember his name)
Seeing Lireal and hearing her sing again.
The Friday night chats after a few glasses of wine :)

Worst IC:
Seeing Etain so upset and sort of knowing why
Mendac being so distant with Sorcha and feeling all alone.
Trying to tell Daitangu that I thought Tuthal may be lost to the Dragon.
Having people all rush and help Elm in the circle and ignoring “the lady” that was with him!
Seeing Tuthal die.
Being told by Mendac to go through the portal and knowing that he was going to stay with Etain and not knowing if they would survive. Wishing I could stay with him.
Losing Inuyasha, Tyr, Daitangu, Guil, Nev, Will and the White Rose (even Trask ;) )
Not being able to say goodbye to IC friends properly
Having Tracey ring Mendac’s bells in the “mists” and then with Drysi’s voice say “I couldn’t save him Sorcha, I tried but I couldn’t!”
Following a Nosque in the final battle to “Clear the Glen”.......only to realise we were in fact going the wrong way! :/

Best OC:
Monstering The Epic Linear, my word that was truly awesome to be part of and to watch.
Tea pass and chicken wraps. Thank you Ranzo and Zena.

Worst OC:
Seeing Lori ill and in so much pain
Crying on the Sunday morning when I saw people.

Worst: really hard seeing characters die.
Best: the crew are totally awesome.

The whole event was fantastic and I cannot thank the crew, Dan and refs enough. Thanks guys.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by mitchella35 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 11:58 pm

I haven't done this for a while and being one of the people who run the monster crews to be your foil I don't feel it's normally appropriate for me to do so, but at the end of the world I think it'll be fine for me to put in a few of my best moments of the event:

The Stealth Linear. There were so many monsters and the players took them out like champions.

The death of Elm and The Mother, the Death of Degan and Arkarne. Big set-pieces of that nature are necessary to tell the story but those set-pieces evoked a genuine emotion that just made the weekend. The emotion, the tears, the anger and the roleplay that came out of those set-pieces just MADE Saturday night. I wish I could have watched it, Tracey's tears and screams as Etain during and shortly after, the fury of the people when the Dragon revealed himself at the end, Etain saving Tuathal in the only way she had left to her and the completion of their own tragic love-story. These things you cannot get in any other media. The events exist but being a part of them and therefore so personally affected by them and so moved by them..... LARP is just the best hobby I can imagine and you people make every ache, bruise and the week of pain I feel after it all worthwhile with your actions, your investment and your roleplay.

The Degan B'earth moving their God and treating him with honour and dignity. I spent a long time lying on that cold floor, but it was worth it for what came out.

Danik's Ritual. Rob and I had been talking about that ritual for a long long time and it was perfect. Fyhl Swift-of-Wing. I'm sorry Caleb won't be joining you in the new world for that drink but someone had to stay behind to close the door and Danik and I were proud to be the ones who turned the lights off. The people who sacrificed themselves in that ritual were amazing. I hope you weave your stories into the new world for people to play with.

Tracey: My love, my inspiration and the person who encouraged me to return to Skullduggery after several years out. All the pain it's caused me over the years has been worth it and you still continue to surprise me with the quality of your roleplay and how much of yourself you put into everything you play. You would make an amazing actress and even though I could only hear you on Saturday night, it was heartbreaking to hear your final moments with Tuathal.

Cigar's and Good Brandy. Thank you Rob, that was the perfect way to "celebrate" the end of the world. If I had a regret it would be that Cigar's wouldn't have been LARP-safe for the final hurrah while we closed the door.

Racing the White Rose to the Civilians - So much of LARP focuses on the Heroes exclusively but on this occasion we had enough people to portray civilians and we tried a new mechanic with monster crews racing the White Rose to rescue the civilians while we had sustained attacks from monster crew 1 (as opposed to my monster crew A). I hope that it provided an immediacy and a sense of escalating urgency to the Rose in their desperate search to get civilians out of the world. I think it added so much to have the civilians and many thanks to Lisa Boyle for running the civilians for us, they were brilliant and their sense of terror was almost palpable as the Rose got organised to save as many as possible.

The Last Stand of the Order of the White Rose - That was just Epic. They fought and died like the Heroes they all were and stayed true to the ideals of their organisation and never forgot the little people and died to get them out.

The death of Crash. My god Danny that was amazing. You dragging yourself by one claw with the other hanging on and dragging a civilian to the portal...... that was everything that LARP can be and you are still so young. You should be very proud of your quality of roleplay and even more proud of the way you took the death of Crash and you will have many more characters, but that was a death to be proud of. Amazing.

The closure of the portal. That was a fight and a half. Someone had to stay behind to turn the lights off and having worked for Danik for the last two years since cutting his hand off, Caleb had become firm friends with Danik and I hope the feeling was mutual. That was a great fight and I was barely aware of the people watching. Caleb went out the way he would have wanted: On his feet with a sword in his hand. Thanks to Nate Hoyle for the awesome fights and to the monsters of that fight who took the shots like champions and fell like wheat before the scythe. You guys really made it feel like there were just overwhelming numbers and I felt like Erik Von Darkmoor at the end. Not everyone will get that reference but it's from Raymond E. Feist and it's a good moment. You'll have to take my word on it if you haven't read it.

Fighting with Roland in the Degan B'earth/Leno Knights linear. We were seriously outnumbered and that was terrific monstering from everyone and reffing from Rob. The fight with Roland was just terrific and heroic and great in all the right ways. The Degan B'earth generally were absolutely brilliant at not touching the other Degan B'earth. There were some lapses but they could be attributed to not noticing the markings and that happens in battle so Caleb forgave you all, after he'd dispensed the lessons :)

Callista and the other Degan B'earth (I'm sorry Grant, I don't know his name). Great work guys, I couldn't ask for more dedicated people to pass on the future of the Degan B'earth to. Arkan III made it through and no doubt there will be others and you carry the future of your people with you. Caleb chose well.

Mists and playing with people. I felt so mean but I'll confess that making Katie Ashton cry pretty much made that linear for me. I'm sorry Katie but the ability to evoke such emotion from people is what makes LARP so special to me and worth all that pain that I suffer for the week or more afterwards.

They are some of my best bits, this list is by no means exclusive and there will be parts I remember in the coming weeks. I sit here at my keyboard, I'm tired and almost every part of me hurts in ways I can't describe and will continue to do so for the next few days. I neither ask for nor expect sympathy and I point it out simply to emphasise how special LARP is that it's worth all the hurt, all the pain and all the stress we go through to try and run everything to the demanding timetable set by Dan (and now Harri) and keep you lovely people with things to do.

Finally (Sorry, this is a very long post I know but it was the end of the world, I think I'm entitled to ramble a touch) I think it's important to say thank you to all of those people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make all of this work. These people don't play that much, they do all the hard jobs, they setup the site, clean it, create databases and systems and front ends and print your character cards, sort out the gold/rips/stuff your characters get, let you take your skills, dress your OOC wounds, clean the toilets, make sure you're safe, stay up until the early hours of the morning completely stone cold sober to make sure that you are safe and insured, they take the complaints from the people who just don't "get it" when we are being loud in the middle of the day, organise the site and pay the insurance and sort out your food. These people are the real life heroes and they don't get thanked enough. Thank you to Adam, you are the heart of this special world sir and thank you for everything you do. Jony - Master of the System. You write and keep the Database and the computer system up to date whenever we tear up the rules systems. Thanks for all your hard work during and between the events. Jules - You keep GC going and you patch up our OOC wounds. We don't see as much of you these days but you deserve the thanks nonetheless. Joe - So much work behind the scenes, so much heavy lifting, electrical work and hard hard manual labour to give us the world to play in. Thank you. Sweetheart (Sarah) - GC/Rules/System/Tidying - You do a bit of everything and help keep it all together. All those thankless jobs, keeping tabs on the car's, making sure we get off site so we can keep coming back. The jobs that have to be done that just don't get thought of. Thank you. Thank you to all of you, we couldn't do this without you, all of you.

That's me done. Sorry it goes on a bit but it was the end of the world so I think I can be forgiven for rambling a bit.

What a ride. Roll on next year.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by mitchella35 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 12:07 am

A 1600+ Word post and I still forgot three things that deserve a mention:

The friendly competition between Rob and I with our Monster crews. It really added a nice edge and having Monster crews competing to beat the ones before them really led to some terrific monstering.

The bet with Danik for who dies first. That's 15 gold that pesky mage owes Caleb. I'll collect it in the afterlife as there's no Muzadre in our world any more :)

Fighting Arun Boyle in the Leno Knights/Degan B'earth linear. You are a terrific monster sir and I resent that you are a player instead of crew because you throw everything into your stint as a monster, you fight heroically and you take your hits really well. No more praise can I give you than that.
IC Caleb - Degan B'earth Diplomat, ranking Degan B'earth currently in the Heard of Lands
IC Whatever plot wants from me.
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