Best and Better September 2013

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by lilamber » Tue Sep 10, 2013 6:55 am

Best IC: Getting to the new world. Getting to say goodbye to Lirael and Lady Trask after not being there for their deaths before.

Worst IC: Watching Etain be forced to kill Tuathul, having to say goodbye to Etain, Mendac, Nev and Lady Eloise. Seeing Yasha sacrifice herself, pretty much everyone Ira cared about dieing or leaving. Being forced to go through the portal when she wanted to stay. Feeling helpless as everyone Ira cared about disappeared from her life.

Best OC: The Saturday night end of the world drinks and many many tearful hugs, awesome food. Getting much more attatched to this character.

Worst OC: I'm so emotionally drained...

Thank you to the entire Skullduggery team who made that such an epic event.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Midnyte » Tue Sep 10, 2013 9:18 am

Best IC
Surviving the end of the world - Just! I was the last through the portal before it closed, Midnyte's last HP was taken at the door way but enough of him fell through as he hit the ground that he was pulled to the other side. Fortunately, Scale caught him as he landed the other side and stabilised his bloodied body. Being the last through is going to leave a permanent mental scare on him.

Facing the end of the world as a pack trying to ward off the mists and intimidate the enemy with our chanting. It really added an extra dimension.

Worst IC
Almost dying twice, just as I am starting to get to know Midnytes character, him being my first I really don’t want him to die so early.

Being disembowelled whilst frenzied. At least it was for a good reason and proved it was not the results of a spell. Still...ouch!

Counting down on the battle field whilst watching my good friend heroically fighting 8 monsters on his own to get to me then having to keep leaving to defend himself. That was harrowing to watch (but amazing at the same time!), I was very choked up by it especially when the words "I am so sorry" were uttered. And thank you to whoever threw that miracle bomb.

Having to watch characters sacrifice themselves to save everyone else was harrowing.

Best OOC
My worst IC moment is my best OOC moment, Getting to snarl and growl whilst frenzied, being restrained by 6 people and getting angrier when stabbed with cold steel. That was so much fun to RP. Thanks to those who had the bravery to restrain me.

Monstering for the White Rose story. That was a phenomenal fight to take part in, all of you were epic and went down as heroes.

The fantastic RPing that took place on Saturday night around the circle both the opening of the portal and the moment it became obvious the dragon may not have been the best choice. The display of pure emotion by all who were there was absorbing, Thank you so much for that. I cannot help but feel that I have lucked out, this being my second event, that I have gotten to see LARP at its best and you have me hooked.

Watching the field hospital being used in a new and interesting way.

Getting to participate (as a monster) in some of the most monumental fights

Worst OOC
Being freezing cold on Friday night, thanks so much to James/Fern for the blankets and duvet. You guys are awesome.

Getting my glasses bent through 180 degrees when I was clocked in the face (completely unintentionally) - I am trying to switch to contacts anyway so is just another reason for me to try to make the switch.

This is only my second event and yet it was the most absorbing and engaging. Thank you to everyone who played a part in it, although I do not have all the history of the characters involved, you can rest assured that even as a new player, the gravity of the events and the intense emotional display really came through and caused me to feel for them. Thank you to you all for making this such an enjoyable weekend.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Haven36 » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:13 am

Best IC:-

The RP with the Dwarves and all the new Northmen about the choices presented to us.
The hugs I got from Havedra(Bea) when both of us were at our lowest points.
The stealth mission(thanks for playing such stupid guards guys :) )
The time frantically building the cannon that failed at the last minute.
My last stand guarding the fallen when the rest of the group ran like cowards through the portal.
The chat with Lady Trask.
Turning to stone at random points.
Giving Drejak his name as he sacrificed himself.

Worst IC
Dying like I did and feeling abandoned by everyone as those of us at the back didn't get the message about the portal(all we heard was push up and mosh, which to a lot of us meant 'to fight').
The cannon failing.
Seeing Rainbow step forward to sacrifice herself to build the new world before Danik's stare made her change her mind.

Best OC
Seeing Lexy step forward to sacrifice herself made me so proud as a dad, and then relieved when she changed her mind(means I don't have to sort out a new costume :P ).
The last stand before the portal of those left behind.
Everything else was awesome sauce.

Worst OC
the miscommunication between the players at the end when so many died, up to then we worked so well together and didn't lose anyone.
Turning to stone and Rob forgetting about it and leaving me stood there for so long I got pins and needles in my feet, which then turned into daggers stabbing them :D

And a final THANK YOU to everyone who made it such a great event especially the Staff, Plot team, perma monster crew for the weekend and the players. We love you all and will see you next year(really looking forward to Bea accepting my death and going into the Mourning Frenzy we designed, I will be on the sidelines with a huge grin on my face!).

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Smileygoth » Tue Sep 10, 2013 10:32 am

Wow. I don't think I can do this as a best / worst because the good and the bad were so horribly and gloriously intertwined for Etain … all I can really do is go over it all at once.

Where to start? It's been 8 years since we started these characters, and so much has changed. When we started Utatane and Drysi (as we introduced ourselves then) we were trying to bring a bit of the older, more grown up faery stories to the Fae ('faery' as opposed to 'fairy'), and I think we managed it … stuff like True Names, the Manticore, the Mists, popping up in the larger game have been very gratifying in that respect. But at first, we were quite lighthearted characters, explorers in a new world, curious to see what these strange, heavy, loud, clumsy creatures were. How times change …

This event was the culmination of a few months of horrible creeping realisation for Etain. She has watched her beloved become colder, more distant and more powerful, suspecting for a while now what was happening but not quite able to believe it. And when her wishes, her pleading and begging with Tuathal and even the odd prayer didn't work, she was left with, as she saw it, only one way to save Tuathal from The Dragon. And what made it even worse was that she knew that nobody would really understand why she had done it. The roleplay running up to the events of Saturday night, with Daitengu, Etsuko, Sorcha and Mendac, as they slowly dragged out of me my fears, was gut-wrenching, and the fact that things started happening almost immediately after that made it so much worse. There was no breathing room, no time to gather myself.

I have never felt more sick, more horrified, than I did watching The Dragon destroy the last of the gods, listening to the players' reactions, and knowing I was complicit in that. I have never felt more heartbroken than I did stepping into that circle and knowing what I was going to have to do. And when I had done it, I was honestly broken up inside. I didn't stop crying all night. I'd just killed the one thing Etain had ever lived for, broken the most fundamental of oaths, and I'd done it in front of an audience, in front of everyone, in front of the people she blamed for almost everything that had happened. And Tuathal's / The Dragon's dying words – 'All you can bring is death' – pretty much summed up what she blamed them for. She used to be a silly little tree sprite; she used to be a Queen; she had come here and become a Hound, a Huntress, a murderess and an oathbreaker. There was a lot of darkness in me that night … If her worst fears had been realised, if Tuathal had not responded to his True Name, if The Dragon had managed to consume him utterly … I don't know where things would have gone.

Last event, I thought I'd be letting Etain die. She would either die with Tuathal or die hunting down Marcus and Rayner. She would willingly go to the Summerlands to follow him, and that would be this chapter of their story over. However, some entirely unexpected complications in the form of a jingly bouncy fae in silver armour changed that, and brought back a bit of the old fun and lightheartedness that Etain used to have. Mendac has been doing his very best between this event and the one before to convince Etain that she had more to live for than just her beloved, and in the end he got through to her. His love and loyalty brought her back from the brink of a very dark place, and some very dark intentions, and I don't think the player base realise how much they might owe just to him. And in the very end, he saved her life. She left to return to Faerie because of him. And after everything that has happened to Tuathal and Etain, I'm very glad that she gets something approaching a happy ending. Tuathal is in the Summerlands, and she will either follow him in time, or he will come back and find her in his next life. And in the meantime, she has a dear friend and love to keep her company. She hoped, but never really believed, she would get off so lightly. I like to think that now she is in her glade with Mendac, playing stupid games, getting drunk on cobweb wine, healing her broken heart and doing her best to separate Tuathal from The Dragon in her mind, so that when they find each other again, she can love him like she used to, at the beginning.

I have so many people to thank for this amazing experience that has been the last 8 years of Skullduggery. First of all, Nic-Nic, for whispering in the dark with me while we were playing our beastkin, about how cool would it be to bring a real faerie court into the game? Then Dan and Tony, for putting up with our love story and all the IC hand-holding, hugging and so on that went with it. Tony again, for coming back to Skullduggery because I asked him to, and helping to make it awesome, and sharing the awesome with me, and never giving into me begging him to tell me plot stuff because he knew I would enjoy it more if it was a surprise. Love you!!! Nic again, for breaking my heart over and over the last few months, with his incredible roleplay – he would be an excellent actor himself. I only wish we'd had more time for all the things we never got to say to each other … Everyone who joined the Court, for any length of time, over the years; it was incredible to be leading such a big (at times) group, to have so many people following our vision of the Fae, and to have somehow inspired such devotion … I'm still in awe of you all. (Nick P, you broke me all over again on Saturday night when I heard you die in the circle …) Dan and Nic, for the stories. The entire Skully cast and crew for working so hard to make the game so amazing, for all of us, and for letting us run away with our mad ideas and schemes, and colour the world you built for us. And Alex, for utterly blindsiding me in the last weeks of Etain's story and turning it around so wonderfully, and Lori, for putting up with for the weekend the things Dan and Tony have been putting up with for 8 years! And Ellie and Amber and Emma and Sarah for the last moments before the portal – you were all heart-wrenching. And Nathan, for giving Etain that last meeting with Fyhl, and Rob and Tony and Dan for running that, and making me literally unable to speak for crying. The Hon who came back for this game to see the end of us, that was lovely. To everyone who ever spoke a kind word to Etain, or who ever spoke an unkind one; you shaped her as much as I did, and it's been a hell of a ride. Anyone I've forgotten right now, I haven't forgotten you really, forgive my failing brain!

I'm looking back at this and I'm amazed at how much I've written, but I can't take a single word back. Etain became more than just a character to me, and I always knew I'd be broken up when I lost her. I'm honestly mourning a little now, for Tuathal, and though Etain didn't die I'm mourning her a little too, because I know I'll probably never see her again. Along with all the other deaths, it's really tough to get my head around. A bit silly, I know, but there it is.

Thanks again, everyone. I cannot express how precious the last 8 years have been to me.

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by PhilD » Tue Sep 10, 2013 2:50 pm

Well had time to digest most of this epic event, first a massive thank you to Dan and the crew it was awesome :)

Best IC: Most of the event, I haven't felt so involved up until then, having my uses when it came to the rituals (taking ritual 1 as my opening skill when I rolled Skorm has came in handy) The chat with Lord Rotten about the safety of the Illinari and the follow up you chat with the Dragon.

Best OC: seeing everyone again, getting some kind of attention from Illinar (thank you Dan) even if only one person noticed my reaction. The brutal combat throughout the weekend, some really awesome fights and awesome moments, I was starting to feel at home in the thick of the fighting along side the rest of the order too, thank you to Dan and the monster refs for the epic end to Skorm.

Worst IC: When the Dragon had lied to us all about not killing the gods, the thought of his promise to find the Illinari a safe home shattered, and the ritual to close the circle failed that felt like the lowest moment for Skorm he had failed his duty and oath to protect Afacia, (but he got his chance to redeem himself though) those things kind of broke Skorm inside.

Worst OC: Dieing then finding out from Charlie and Roland that I should have gone through the portal to help keep the Order going or in Charlie's words 'Become the new Trask' (god forbid :P).
Taking the face shot on Saturday morning I really did think my glasses where smashed thank you to Tony for bending them back into enough of a shape so I could head back to GC and thank you to GC for cleaning and patching me up :)

New year new character was looking forward to being able to try out the new skills that I had got with Skorm now it'll be a whole new path to learn :)
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by mrmike » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:26 pm

Amazing. I got asked by someone on the way home on Sunday what the best parts had been and just could not process the question properly. So many things said already about how awesome different parts of the event were dont want to repeat what has already been said if I can avoid it, but:

-Love that I monstered on the sneaky linear. You guys were scary good.
-Every death was emotional and added to the story. Those who remain will be inspired and scarred.
-Loved getting to recruit a seed population... Even if I still don't understand it.
-Loved investigating the green key and seeing home. Getting emotional about it in front of people and trying to explain it to them.
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We picked the wrong world and Mori is not letting go of that any time soon. It is strange and interesting to feel philosophically at odds with every other survivor in the new world.
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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by Smileygoth » Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:30 pm

I would have picked Calaea. OC, anyway. Those Val'Rath were great fun ... to run away from :mrgreen:

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Re: Best and Better September 2013

Post by mickeyin » Thu Sep 12, 2013 9:53 pm

Well due to money issues, I was crewing weekend, so here I go!

Best Crewing

Simply the roleplay I had with a few people and the itneractions with the other crew members. When I play my character, I don't always know what to do or what to say, but with these NPCs, they kinda have to talk to everyone otherwise where would you guys get plot from? ;)

Also it was a nice break from being the same character, not saying I don't love him as I do, but it was refreshing.

Worst Crewing

Urm...there wasn't one?

Best OOC

Same as my best crewing, it was just everyone being awesome, the crew, the players, the food, everything!

Worst OOC

The fricking Dartford Tunnel...hopefully shall never have to repeat that again...

Getting rather drunk on saturday night, forgetting of course that I hadn't eaten so required more alcohol, obviously.

Hearing about all these seeds from people, never knowing about them or to ask about one so I have no clue if Illinar even exists at the moment...

As a small thing, I am not officially the only Lost in the system...well fun...
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