February 2015, where do we go?

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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Where Are we goig next?

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To the North, towards the high mountains.
To the North East, towrds the great forest.
To the South East, to the City of Scholars.
To the South, towards the Endless Desert.
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Re: February 2015, where do we go?

Post by mrmike » Tue Sep 09, 2014 2:50 pm

I could see a lot of the refugees choosing to move on, those from Darkwood to the woods most likely, the Silurian travellers are likely to hear the call of the mountains, perhaps those from Affacia are most likely to stay in the city of scholars. However, we are not a postal service. We have hearsay it is relatively safe (that is all it really is) but that is the best we have to go on to my knowledge. If the refugees get to a place of safety and choose to move on that is their call, and good luck to them.

I think the city is a good place to go. I do worry about the circle though. Their names seem to be quite literal, and forbidden knowledge is rarely to do with fluffy bunnies (apart from that one time at Scorba's mountain).
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