February - A time to celebrate?

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February - A time to celebrate?

Post by Nate » Thu Dec 07, 2017 4:04 pm

The new year is fast approaching, and the observant of you will have noticed a weekend booking for 17th-18th February. This is rarely used as a mainline weekend as the weather is variable to put it mildly, and it is with that in mind that I'm happy to announce the rough outline of what we have planned for you.

Saturday - A celebration
This will be an IC party/banquet/celebration starting early evening, where the heroes of the Heard of Lands can put their feet up and congratulate each other on a well fought victory against the Tor'keth and their god Marakas. Food is currently TBC, and that will affect the ticket price, but it should be around £15 a head. This will be a no combat, no calls event, leave your skills at the door and just enjoy the evening. This 'may' be limited by numbers, as I'm hoping to use the Scout Hut, which is obviously limited in capacity.

Sunday - Something a bit more... energetic
In the classic vein of olden Skullduggery, this will be a oneday-esque event, almost certainly a 50/50 split, the reason of which is to be decided by people far more nefarious than me. This will be akin to the Sunday of most weekend events, and expect there to be shouting and violence. This will also be around £15 a head, depending on numbers/costs. This shouldn't be limited in numbers.

What about Saturday daytime?
I'm glad you asked. I am hoping to get on site in the morning, and spend a day sorting/repairing/making kit, props and sundry. I would love to have a team of volunteers to help out with this. This isn't a game, and I will expect people to come and actually be helpful, it's not a social. Please do not message me asking about this yet, as I have some organising to do before this point, but I will definitely let you know what I am likely to need.

This is very much a 'heads up' post, and all subject to alteration based on a myriad of factors both in and out of my control. Do feel free to ask questions here, I will endeavour to answer them, but be prepared for 'we will see' or 'I don't know yet' as an answer.

Thanks for reading,
Nathan and the Skullduggery Team.
Nathan Hoyle - Event Organiser and Coordinator

admin (at) skullduggerylarp.co.uk

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