Announcement: February Event details

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Announcement: February Event details

Post by Nate » Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:38 pm

Hi all,

We are now able to release full details for the February game, thank you for bearing with us whilst we made all the arrangements with the site and catering. There will be a usual ‘who’s coming’ post with all relevant details posted just before the event as always, this is an overview to help you decide whether this slightly different event is something you’d like to book for.

There will be two distinct parts to this weekend, which will be loosely connected, but you will be able to jump in on Sunday without having attended Saturday.

The Saturday game will be a fully IC social game, for which we will be using the Scout Hut mainly, but the whole site is available for certain goings on. Time in will be at about 6pm, please do not arrive before 4:30pm however, you will not be allowed into the hut whilst it is being prepared anyway, and the car park is cold to stand around in. Food is included in your ticket, and will be a buffet style banquet provided by the Jester Inn. Please keep an eye out for further information from the Inn themselves. For OOC safety reasons the hut is a no combat zone, there will be an IC explanation, but this is not something to be solved as part of the game, and we ask that you bear this in mind. Your IC safety will not be guaranteed however, and you can always ‘take it outside’.

Sunday however, the gloves are off, and this will be a classic 50/50 day to start the new year off with a bang. Expect combat, expect risk, and expect a jolly good time. Time in will be at 10am, with players able to arrive from 8am. Time out will be about 4pm, with everyone off site by 5pm please.

Due to the nature of Saturday, we’ve had to take the decision to only sell tickets in advance, in limited supply. The size of the hall is an obvious limiting factor, and I’ve had to weigh up packing people in and creating an unpleasant environment against seeing as many of your faces as possible. After crew spaces (they need to breathe too), there will be 35 player tickets available. These go on sale at 8PM on MONDAY 22nd JANUARY (just over a week’s time). This is never an ideal way of selling tickets, but it is one of the fairest. Do not fret if you do not get one, for Sunday has no limit, and we encourage people who don’t manage to get a ticket to come along Sunday morning and pay on the gate.

The tickets on sale are all whole weekend tickets, covering both Saturday and Sunday, and will cost £35. This includes your food on Saturday evening. At this time there are no individual Saturday only tickets, as I’d like to give people who want to play a whole weekend the chance to do so. If there are tickets left after a few days there may be some evening only tickets available at £20, and Sunday will be £15 on the gate for everyone who isn’t able to come on Saturday.

Camping is absolutely allowed for this event, however the format is set up so as for this not to be a requirement. Noone likes drying out canvas, and if there is going to be a bad weather event, it’s this one. But it is entirely up to you, there will be ample space to camp. There will not be an outdoors IC area, so all camping will be OOC in camp one.

Details on plot will be coming nearer the time. This game is being masterminded by Arun Boyle, so expect shenanigans. There will be a single skill pick available for those who attend the Sunday, and there will be no opportunity to do foraging etc on Saturday at all. Sunday will depend on whether we are able to arrange this, but due to the shorter length of the event GC resources are lower than usual, and we cannot promise anything at this stage.

Please send any and all questions related to bookings, tickets etc to [email protected]. Any more general questions can be posted on our Facebook page or on the forums, I will be keeping a close eye on both and aim to respond as quickly as possible. Please don’t resend an email unless you haven’t heard back for a week, if your query requires a quick answer stick a post up on the Facebook page telling Nathan to check the email inbox, and I will get to it as soon as I can, work permiting.
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