February Event 2018

Arrange lifts, confirm times etc before events, and share photos afterwards.

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February Event 2018

Post by Arun » Fri Jan 26, 2018 5:18 pm

It had been a rough couple of days for the postman, he was only supposed to work a few hours, delivering supplies to the usual locations on his route in Afacia City. Today was a bit different. An elegant lady had smiled sweetly, and slipped a few gold coins into his pouch, to deliver a bundle of messages to a band she called ‘those travelling heroes, they should be on the road between here and Afacia’. When he asked for more detail, she merely smiled, told him he’d know them when he saw them, and before he could respond she disappeared into the crowd. So with a sigh, he got onto his cart, and took off on the long journey. But finally, he found at first a few people, then a few more, until he felt he had honoured his profession enough. On the way back to Afacia, he sighed again, but more contentedly; the extra money was worth it.

The message reads:
“Welcome one and all, Humans, Elves and Fae, and all those in between! Welcome to the first annual masquerade ball! Now, I know it’s been a very rough year for you all, what with the averted end of the world, and the death of a God, but now you are finally rid of that Marakas malarkey, it’s time to celebrate! I invite you all to my party to just sit back, relax, drink, talk, and eat! I will have my best chefs on hand to create a feast that will surely satisfy you for days to come!
I have only two rules, and they couldn’t be easier! One, bring a mask! And two, no fighting in my abode! In fact, it would end badly if you did, I have some friends in the Red Mages who have given me their assurance that it will be very bad for your continued health. Otherwise, I will be inviting some of my own personal friends, and there will be some entertainment and perhaps a game or two to play during the evening!
With thanks, from all the people of the New World!
Lady Marius Susan Cortez.”
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